Moth and the Moon

1. The Yonder

2. Moth and the Moon

Children’s hands shake my coffin
To dine on me
While I mould inside a pentagram
Drawn in a million minds
Then the diamond sorceress
Left her shell
Set a fire
Then locked the world

And then was silent night
The end of times arrived

To the cottage in the snow
Where I am the voices in the walls
"I am here for your despair”
Its cellar's sealed
I am its deep

And there was silent night
Forever for all time

I was lost in darkness
On moisty ground
And the air was thick with thieves

And the blossoms scent
Ceased on my tongue
As I rose towards a moon

That grew taller as I neared
I'll be no more when I'm there

I'd lay my fate
In cruel hands

3. Sultana

The orphans' garden's orchids wither
The lakeside reed bow down in awe
By the breeze of a silky gown
Passing swiftly by the grove

And heading for the cemetery
Where this stillborn child
That took its mother's zest for life
Lies in loose soil

Sultana's a ghoul
When midnight hails the graves
Empty by break of day

The orphans' garden is long since gone
And therefore rose the longing
For the evening and the silky gown
Stripped off casually

And I'll be gone eventually
Last witness of her kin
Buried in the family vault
Next to hers

Sultana's a ghoul
When midnight hails the graves
I will hail the rest of my days

4. The Lament of Gods

Dark hills at sunset
Glowing arms reach for the land
Those days of communion
Drenched in evening red

And the birds they rust
Feel silent at dusk
Till there is darkness
And waning lands

Cold is the tideway
Frail the hands
Since death knew the names
Of everything sane

And the gods yell it out
What every child knows

This is the lament of the gods
Wailing their existences loss

And there in the tremor
Of summerly tunes
Wails the forsaken
For Lemuria to rise

This is the lament of the gods
Life has passed thee by my lord

5. The Day

6. Oblivion

You have brought this darkness with you
That's longing for the touch of noon
That always herds the shadows calm
That's never to be seen again

Instead this dagger in the jesters chest
Steadily twisting with the course of day

The hand of fate mocks everything
Tears us into oblivion

Oblivion - oblige to be


Coldly eats the day into the entrails
An apparition at dusk sent from a past fantasy

Gently sets the monarchy
Rids me of my sanctuary
From reckless skies defiantly
AERA - the Sabbath calls

Coldly waits the world - Shakes at the door
A grotesquerie diminishing pride falls from the walls

Summer parches the land below
Guides me through the afterglow
A dreadful moon enticing me
AERA - my shivering soul

I beg thee patron leave the hold
Leave me in the shadows cold
I'm burning in the hearth I stoke
AERA - the Sabbath lord

8. The Herald

Why are you afraid of my lord?
Why are you afraid of my lord?
Why are you afraid of my lord?
Clad in corpses

9. Yondering Spirits

Dawn sheds its skin
An opening vault on the horizon
I love those winds
Tearing off my skin

Speak to me spectre
Since you have left
As strangers we met
Now I die on your breast

Yondering spirits
Wailing at my side

Mocking me this hauntingly - speak to me
Call to mind my ancestry - speak to me
Shake the coffin - Levante - shaking me
Oh lady drain the lakes of Cos' Spirits

Wailing at my side

Longing for the times

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