Nothing Ever Was

1. Shadows

A soul soaked withn sombreness
I burn with the setting sun
And watch the tides sober-eyed
...for as shadows we may walk the earth

2. Barbarism Rises

Black were the seas as we gathered
On abandoned shores at night
The horizon drew near as we summoned

The whispering of the waves
Echoes from troubled graves

We came from the marshlands of the sunset
Drunk by the jewels glare
Slaves were led to the coast

Where Dagon of the sea
Might emerge from the drakest deep
Barbarism rises
Again from weak men's hearts

...When the sun is about to set

Where the night licks the seashore
We have dreamed of death
And to its darkest heart we sank
Lost in the depths of this sombre sea
We were echoes in the deep


Dark was the star that shone solemn
As the maelström took us away
And washed us away into the sunset

Oh Dagon of the sea
Deep within me
Barabrism rises
In the temples in the deep

3. The Coffin Rust


The skull's shattered
Separate the heart
Torches gleam

Intoned ghastly chants
Resound from the ruins walls

Black stone stands silent
The mossground drinks the blood
Infant innards sold to the coffin host

Sudden fright as torches die
While locked inside that dreadful trance

Who dares to break silence's seal
Is cursed eternally
Who dares to return my gaze
...As the coffin lid opens


4. The Sad King of Mankind

In wolfskin clad
Sinks the night
Unto the ashes
Of mankind

The graves have been opened
From inside
This vow so eerie
This mouth so cold

Meet me at the graves
Empty after midnight


I wear the crown of the mortals
Sad is the king
I live forevermore
In the heart of the earth


May the dead visit the bereaved
At night
May they look inside through milky glass
Blind from inside


...And darker days follow

5. Heir of the Black Flame

So it seems on this sacred night
As thirteen shapes
Stand in circles around the grave

Something else is among us this night

The ghosts of despair rise again
At the edge of twilight the silent guardians
And when the wind blows from hollow graves
I watch the sun set in my soul

...The sun set in my soul


And dusk hunted the day
In circles around the globe
My soul grew old beneath the snow
The voice : "You are doomed eternally"
The minions : " and your kind"

The raven flew to this sombre mount
Where the chapel threats
And works the grasp of time

And this autumn seems eternally to me
And this flame like a rustle in the trees

..Will burn eternally for me

6. The Voice

Shadows gleam
Upon the hill at night
The willow whispers
Heightens the mind
That goes astray in a moor of clouds

Horror lingers
Where contorted bodies were found
Wateful nights
Sinking into the dream
To the voice that steadily resounds

It is the voice from the womb
The child that wishes it was it's tomb


It is the voice from the womb
The child that wishes it was it's tomb


7. Azure Doom

Mine is the sky and the land below
A spectral kingdom of the old
Among these ruins there's an entrance
A well to drown in, a delusive board

The passage I shall follow
Into the caverns azure
A spell lit up the dark
The treasure is cursed !

Bleak is the sky and the land below
A horrid maze of dismal cold
Those who speak of fate, speak in fear
For there is neither hope nor light in here


8. Harbringer of the Night

I arise by nightfall
from that distant sombre sea
The solemn tune of a setting sun
The cock crow for my soul

I wander groves of birches
In with flowery scent soaked nights
To where shadows came to tell me
To slay the sons of mine

Distant pyres light the sky
Dim by starlight the weary heart of mine

When I pass your houses
Inside the clocks stand still
And like in fevered trance
My shadow walks the walls

9. The Janus Face

I. Life And Glory


II. Doom

III. The Ritual Burial

There's something weird in the face of the dead
That made the candles flicker restlessly
The ritual burial of baron of Eybes
The magnum opus of his life

The mass was held on the easter vigil
his final will of heresy

Bloom crept in through the rose windows
The chorales sounded strangely dull
The wicked knocked at the eastern door
During the tract the priest ran pale

Though the lay dead
They felt him near
And shivered waiting for the dawn
The priest : "It will burn his soul"
The baron : "...If not by break of dawn I eat yours"

IV. Adversity

V. The Rise Of Dawn


VI. Slaughter Of The Meek


VII. Baphomet Rises

A vulture on carrion the dawn sat
On the horizon of endless time
The Janus fate rises


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