Bury Me In Fire

1. Introduction


2. Bury Me in Fire

If you are real just let us see
two thousand years, where have you been
You liar shame for what you did

And how long we have waited
For our saviours return here
We have died for you in vain

So let the flames draw higher
And brother bury me in fire
It's better than eternity with a liar

The blood that was spilled just for your name
Messiah you fooled us yet again
The nailes that impaled you was your end.

And we'll wait no longer
You serpent, deceiver
Nine rings embrace you...DIE


3. Bastard Sons of Man

Our mother has fallen ill
We've been poisoning her
We've tried to break her will
The bastard sons of man

Blessed are the dead
For we've been here too long
So cast down this plague on humanity

Our mother is dying fast
We've been murdering her
We've gone and broke her will
The bastard sons of man

Blessed are the dead
For we've been here too long
So cast down this plague of humanity
Blessed are the dead
For we've been here too long
Hang our heads at the gates in an effigy

4. Losing Feeling

Dead amongst the spirits, beating void of a heart
Mine eyes have seen the glory of destruction from a human touch
Sacrifice, and give myself over to these ghosts
Sad, broken scarecrow, my lifes' safeguard, hanging off a cross

It's as if my eyes have gone blind, but I still watch it die
It's as if my ears have gone deaf, but I still hear it cry '
It's as if my body's gone numb, but I still feel it burn
It's as if I've lost all feeling, but I still fucking hurt

As if a thousand knives, finding home in my aura
Cracks are shown, and I glow with the loss of grace
Down deep and dark, where light and love can never reach
My senses crushed, but I still taste defeat


And I am dead amongst the spirits
I am the one who should've died in the fall
The thief of life had left me hanging
And I am left with nothing at all

And such a place I'm condemned to endure
Such a place, anywhere is home
For I am lost, it is my burden
Cold blood of man, that's who I know

Please take away this loneliness
Take away this need to feel
Now leave me as you found me
An empty shallow shell

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