The Secret Kingdom

1. Overture

I burn, I fly,
I drown in a blood red sky,
Never mourned,
Never Known,
So alone, so alone am I...

2. Solitude & Salvation

I am the silence that enshrouds thee
in moments of deep contemplation of loss,
And in sadness it is I who enfolds thee
in a mantle of darkness,
It is I who olds thee, who smother thy madness
It is I who lies in the tomb and dies with thee...

And when I descend into thy broken dreams thy vision to mend,
I hear thy silent screams,
Bring me thy broken dreams,
I hear thy silent screams,
I'll mend thy broken dreams.

3. Dark Angels' Ascension

When the fires of Hell have burned to the core,
And evil deads are done no more,
Then the Earth shall heave with a mighty roar,
As angles of death to Heaven shall soar.

Great shadows shall fall as one by one
Dark angels wings eclipse the sun.

Salvaging truth
from the wake of their lies,
Stealing their thunder
from the gods and the wise.

All hail! All hail!
As dark archangels rise.

4. Veritas

Wounded by pleasure in flower of youth,
Measure for measure, tortue for truth.

Passion is my highest good.
Flesh and blood am I, my lord.

Lost to plan now, lost to purpose,
Won for better or for worse,
Lady-in-waiting for you am I,
Watching moments of glory pass us by.

Passion is my highest good
Flesh and blood am I, my lord.

5. Qlipoth

Take thy pick and dig thy grave,
All sense dies in the life of a slave.
Nonsense thrives, they cannot save themselves
From the death wish.

At the point of no return,
Where flawless, frozen images burn,
Their tourtured souls still weep and yearn for release,
From the beast,
For everlasting peace.

Hell awaits thee in Heaven too late,
Locked out of time at the pearly gate.
With naught but a sliver of a twist of fate,
Thy fractured heart
And the death wish.

Past the point of no return,
Where flawless, forzen images burn,
Their tortued souls still weep and yearn for release
Form the beast,
For everlsating peace.
And the key,
And the key to paradise.

6. Desolate

[There are no words]

7. Flesh

Take these hooks from my flesh,
Cast across the ring of fate
By the fire in thine eyes.

This Temple is reduced to ash.

This Corss this thing of hate,
Desire never dies.
Burried deep beneath a shroud of sleep,
Desire never dies.

Lord have mercy.

Thake these tears and wipe the slate.

Fear not heresy!

Draw the line across this circle of my fate.

Take these hooks from my flesh,
The flesh of a sentient being.
This temple is reduced to ash,
by looking back and seeing thee in chains.

8. 'Til Death Do Us Unite

When darkness falls the dead shall rise
To resurrect thy reason,
Then they shall pray for one more day
To flower out-of-season.

O rasie me from my watry graves,
This vale of tears illusion,
With one more kiss,
O earthly bliss
Of thy sweet blood infusion!

So, sacred to the memory
Of hearts entwined in flight,
And true shall we forever be,
Till death do us unite.

9. Shade of My Heart

[There are no words]

10. The Grail

Should I follow my heart to the ends of the Earth,
Would I find, in time, what a life of truth is worth?
Embracing emptiness,
Embracing loneliness,
Forsaking the fortress in a quest for the Holy Grail.

In shadows deep I fold my wings,
And let my dreams decide my fate,
For all things come to those who wait,
Who wait in wings,
Who wait in faith,
Who let their dreams decide their fate,
Never fearing the departure of light,
Ever journeying on through the night,
Ever nearer,
Ever dearer,
The sacred mysteries.

So weary, so weary,
Then I find myself lost inside a maze,
And I ask, "Is this where I'll end my days?"
Just then the heavens open. . . .

Straight rains upon my way,
A thousand secrets glow
Like candles in the glistening snow
They guide me on to higher ground,
I spread my wings upon the sound
Of children's laughter; lifts my spirits
Beyond the realm of restless wraiths,
Of hungry ghosts, who test my faith,
Who paint their tinselled tombs,
By day and night with gilded gloom.

Sweet Mercy takes my hand, and
Leads me to the promised land, where
Sweet Fortune fills my cup to overflowing.

Skies of violet,
Eyes of love reflecting firelight.
I seize the day.
I seize the stars, the moon, the velvet night.

A moment lost, I now have found
In time with thee,
In rhyme with thee.

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