1. Deep From The Depths
2. In Darkness I Fly
3. Pure Flame Crown
4. Highest Beast
5. Lord Of South And Fire
6. Spears Of Sodom
7. Marks On My Skin
8. Winter Of The Black Snow
9. Battlecry
10. Gate To Jetblack Desires
11. Hailstorm Trilogy

1. Deep From The Depths

I hear evil voices Is this true ?
Whispers, roars,
cries and growls
Voices deep from the depths

I fly
through the endless space
and I feel the wind
of nocturnal darkness

I hear the voice of flames
so strong and so burning
I feel so great by
these gloomy visions

Deep from the depths
voices so evil
listening to these voices
on my way down

2. In Darkness I Fly

In darkness I fly
I won't remember this journey
but pain
it will be part of my memories

Bursting inferno
it blows fire
it burns
it burns oh so sweltering heat

Truely strong survive
false burns
even inside myself
I'll survive
by the power of my black mind

Claws of darkness
Darkness of evil
swoop on prey
my claws... my claws

In darkness I fly

Rise of the power
inside myself
Rise of my brother
and friend
Bloodred and
jetblack blessings
upon my head
upon my mind

Black of my heart
Black of my blood
Black of my mind
Pure black from the pit

I have been so lonely
lonely in darkness
Darkness which tortures
Darkness which delights

In darkness I fly
I won't remember this journey
but pain
that be part of my memories

3. Pure Flame Crown

Keep your mind burning
and let the smoke burst out
'till the last of the christians
is suffocated
by our pure smoke
from our pure flame
which burns in our heads
Pure flame crown

4. Highest Beast

The highest plateau
of human development
is awareness of the flesh !

I know...
I'm highest beast !

Evil, evil...
Antichrist, Sathanas
I was jetblack seed
Antichrist, Sathanas
My birth in the name of evil
Antichrist, Sathanas
I was baptized in false way
Antichrist, Sathanas
I baptized myself

Evil - I am evil
Evil - I am Antichrist
Evil - I am Demonos
Evil - In the name of...
Antichrist, Sathanas...

5. Lord Of South And Fire

Lord of south
Lord of fire
Lord of south and fire

Crown prince
full of strength
mighty one in the south
royal crown of golden fire
on the head of the lord of south

Mighty Satan
Hail to thee
Hail Satan
Lord of fire
Hail Satan
Lord of south
Hail to royal majesty !

6. Spears Of Sodom

Omen of evil strikes
Hell and demons prevail
Sodom as religion rules
Antichrist is on the Earth

Pit of the black demons
Dark religion and black arts
We just perform black rites
-- the magikal arts

In my determination
Holy mass cremation
destination is now here
cos Sodom as religion rules

I was guest in Bethlehem's whorehouse
There was a whore called Mary
I penetrated by my Spear of Sodom
into her body
Nine month later
there was born
Jesus - bastard son

Spears of Sodom -- in the sky
Spears of Sodom -- in the night
Spears of Sodom -- Spears of boundless fright
Spears of Sodom

Bow to me -- I am your God
Your masses were done for me
I was father of that "Christ"
I just fucked with Mary
I am your God -- bow to me
Your masses were done for me
I am your God

7. Marks On My Skin

Pain on my body
Pain on my flesh
Needles of steel
Penetrate my skin

Needles they sink in my skin
Needles they spit black ink

Skull, Death, flying creature
Figures on my mortal corpse
Scythe, Seal, Pentagram
Marks on my skin

8. Winter Of The Black Snow

Winds whistle
frosty trees
gloomy darkness
it drains the light
world of chaos
corpses of carnage
it is snowing
black snow from the sky

Rites of blood
weltering in gore
and spilling blood
crowd of creatures
evil laugh
human sacrifice
dies !

Ohhh, sky is dark
thy fears wake up
ohhh, nightmares
of the winter of the black snow

Thousands of corpses
all over the ground
Axe of executioner
is painted by blood
Blood of sacrifice
who have frozen tears
Frozen tears in the
frozen eyes...

9. Battlecry

Christian slaves
and their church
must be destroyed
raped and killed
This is the battlecry !

Their God is dead
they praise the corpse
now burn their churches
Kill them all
This is the Battlecry !

This means war against the christian belief
we'll win this war and we'll drink the toast of victory

Fight, rape and kill
Burn, cut, destroy

10. Gate To Jetblack Desires

Ceremony of darkness
Black magik sorcerer
Performs his ritual
to open the gate
His spells and rites
His jetblack mind
Power of darkness
in his hands

Beyond the gate - of unknown darkness
Beyond the gate - of eternal fire
Beyond the gate - of fornication
Beyond the gate - of pain of flesh
Beyond the gate - of unknown darkness
Beyond the gate - of eternal fire

Gate - painted by blood
Gate - sealed by human flesh
Gate - painted by blood
Gate - sealed by human flesh

Beyond the gate - of unknown darkness
Beyond the gate...
Beyond the gate - of no return

11. Hailstorm Trilogy

[Part I: Slavery And Delusion]

Chained into morality of nailed one
living by the prophecy of slavery and delusion

Heaven and Hell
Forgiven sins
Nailed one
Slave morality

Prophecy of the fall
Fall of the church
Church of slaves
Slavery and delusion

[Part II: Inferno Winds]

Can you hear the whistle
the whistle of those winds
Sinister messengers
they bring the storm
Can you hear the message
from the voice of the wind
be silent, just listen
Inferno winds

Message and prophecy - of destruction
Message and prophecy - of devastation
Message and prophecy - of burning fire
Message and prophecy - Inferno winds

Close your eyes and feel
touch of the wind
first softly, then harder
it comes with it's claws
Claws of coming thunder
the thunder and the storm
Introduction for storm
Inferno winds

This wind brings the storm
Infernal hailstorm
Sulphurous thunder
which reaps the crop
Crop of this globe
Harvest of slave crowd
now burning so grimly
Inferno winds

[Part III: Hailstorm]

Oh hailstorm...
I see words of chaos and death
written on your black wings
Deicide, Genocide
Black Metal fills the air
Destruction, devastation
Massacre and great death

Hailstorm, great death

Beasts of war
Riding on the wings
Wings of the storm
Great hailstorm

oh hailstorm...
I see words...

Demonos: Vocals, Bass & Guitar
Infernus: Bass
Pimea: Drums

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