Sanctus Satanas

Death is Saviour

Coffin is open for you
And it will be closed too
Death will be your saviour
By it you'll get out from this world

Life... is... hell... but death is saviour

Torture, pain and suffering
Death is the gate out from the hell
Live no like those fucking slaves
Slaves of nothing else but hell

Ave satanas, Luciferi
Inside... of me... is burning great flame...
Belial, Leviathan
Give me fury... strength and the power...


Running through the fire
Taking a breath, praising the air
Standing on the hill of this earth
Standing in the rain

Dark blood of mine
I am four but one
Four names, four princes

I deny three I praise two
Devilish thoughts of my mind
Including four mighties

Satan - Lord of south and fire
Lucifer - Lord of east and air
Belial - Lord of north and earth
Leviathan - Lord of west and

Land of Tears

Great eye like a vision in the sky
Folk dies and grieves and reviles
Reviles each other for more grief
Grief for each other in the land of tears
Rains of tears from the vision eye
Vision eye in the weirdest sky
Folk of land of tears dies
Land of tears, fears, sorrow and grief

Moloch - the prince of land of tears
Grand cross of the Order

Land of tears
Land of fears
Land of sorrow and grief

Moloch - the prince of land of tears
Grand cross of the Order

The Force of Evil

In most of processes
In the grimoires
Demons are subordinate
To the magician
Or can be
But there is another
Group of rituals
In which the force of evil
Is Master and worshipped
Those connected
With the pact
With the Devil
The witches' sabbat
And black mass.

Black Goat

Black goat with silver horns
Sick and perverted smile on it's face
Virgin lies naked on the altar
Before an inverted crucifix

Goat above
Goat below

Goat above
Goat below

Chalice placed between her breasts
Some of wine spilled on her body
Wine of feast is human urine
The perverse excitements of acts of blasphemy

(I see horny Lady copulating whit black goat)

I see horny Lady copulating whit black goat
I see goat above, I see goat below
The perverse excitement of acts of blasphemy
The eerie art of jetblack cosmetics

Devilish Sign

Deny three
Affirm two
Deny three
Affirm two
Devilish sign
Fingers of mine

Three closed
Two open
Three closed
Two open

"Better to reign in Hell
than serve in heaven"

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