@ALBUM: Bathory
by Bathory, 1984

Music & Lyrics by Quorthon

[NOTE: Some of spelling and printing errors corrected. Things within
[]s not printed on the lyric sheet, I hope I got them right.
- The one who fought and bled]

@SONG: "Storm Of Damnation"
(Intro piece, no words)

@SONG: "Hades"

Beyond the mountains
where the wind cries out its pain
Deserted valleys
where the darkness always reigned

Where the sunlight never ever
touched the poisoned ground
Where the laugh of undead children
never ever sound

Forever wrapped in darkness
the forgotten valleys of Hades

Forgotten damned domains
where curse and hate collide
Where the cold and darkness meet
and the truth have turned to lie

Where the flame of love growls cold
and its powers never rise
And hand of death has grasped
every form of light

Forever wrapped in darkness
the forgotten valleys of Hades

@SONG: "Reaper"

I close your eyes
and send you into vainly dreams
I reign your soul
the night engulf your painful screams

I watch you cry and
twist your soul in agony
No prayers can save you now
from hell in eternity

I devastate your soul
and lacerate your mind
In sin I sanctify my
sword to crush your spine

[I'm the] Reaper

You're too confused
you can't elude my misty eyes
No need to hang on
to your faith in love and life

Whatever I command
your soul obeys my needs
You're like a zombie now
with a soul that burns and bleeds

There's not much left of you
your soul belongs to me
Nothing can save you now
or set your spirit free

[I'm the] Reaper

[Coming to take you]

I love the sight of having you
down and open wide
The smell of a dead woman's flesh
just drives me fucking wild

I have to got you in my grasp now
there is no need to escape
I'll penetrate you
every virgin needs a rape

Just when you think you have
gone through all that gives you pain
I'm coming back to you
to penetrate again

[I'm the Reaper]

@SONG: "Necromansy" [sic]

Heil satanic majesty
tonight we sacrifice
We drink our own blood
and blasphemy while
the moon is our only light

We whisper our sorcery
the acid takes us high
We sing the songs of Mayhem
Wingless angel
in soundless flight

Our bodies completes the circle
with blood we draw the signs of hell
Chant the force of Pandemonium
and recite the words of spell


I gather up the force of darkness
to bring damnation lust and war
Demand all heaven's virgins
to bend before our horny lord

Tonight nothing is too sacred
we desecrate and live in sin
Inhaling the stench of rotten flesh
and of burning winds

Descend from blackened skies
on soundless magic wings
To spread the words of Satan
and live in eternal sin

@SONG: "Sacrifice"

I summoned up the living dead
and demons in the skies
I drank from chalice warm and red
and watched the virgin die

Present at ungodly births in holy paradise
I spread eternal dark on earth
And raped mother of Christ
[Oh, mother of Christ]

C'mon baby raise your knife
Welcome darling to my sacrifice
[Oh, sacrifice]

Tie the angel to the altar
Sacrifice to Lord of hell
Let the warm blood torrent, baby
While the moonlight sets the night on spell

I saw the lightning strike in the skies
And heard you roar of pain
Oh, lift the knife and strike once more
Your blood is mixed with the rain

C'mon baby raise your knife
Welcome darling to my sacrifice
[Oh, sacrifice]

[repeat verse 1]

[repeat verse 2]

[repeat chorus]

@SONG: "In Conspiracy With Satan"

The lies of Christ will lose
the ways of hell I chose
I drink the floating blood
defy the fury of God

I have turned my back on Christ
to hell I have sacrificed
I have made love to the Pagan Queen
the gates of hell I have seen

I heard the angels cry
I watched the witches fly
I saw the clouds of death
Slowly blackening the sky

I read the book of spell
I chimed death's ancient bell
and when I die I have a place
reserved in hell

In conspiracy with Satan

I ride the bloodstained goat
I let the brewage float
I have seen the reaper's face
and walked through eternal haze

I have kissed my master's hand
I have seen the children of the damned
I heard the demons call
and seen a thousand virgins fall

[repeat verse 3]

[repeat verse 4]

[repeat chorus]

@SONG: "Armageddon"

I swear the oath of blood
and tear the virgin's flesh
I gash the wounds of heaven
and rides the wings of death

Tonight the cauldrons are filled
with brewage madeEof hate
Tonight we blasphemy
possessed we desecrate

Tonight we raise our cups
and toast in an angels blood
Salute hell's victory
despise the words of God


Eternal battlefields
no prisoners we take
We rape your sacred souls
behind the seven gates

Tonight you all will hear
the angels cry of pain
and in the sky you will see
the all eternal flame

On earth you mortal fools
obey the christian ways
but there is no mighty God
to hear your final prayers


Forks of lightning strikes in the sky
the sound of thunder rolls
Satan, chimes the bell of death
and beckon all your souls

Heaven's angels realizes
there is no place they can hide
Tonight the furnace gates of hell
stands open wide

Black witch of beauty
hovers around and cast her spells
Tonight a virgin's womb
shall breed a son of hell


@SONG: "Raise The Dead"

"Dust to dust"...
I gasp for air
I scream for sight
and fight against
torment and dread
Calling the vengeance
I tear at the lid
and promise to raise
from the dead


Black witch of beauty
all hell's necromancers
give me the powers of hell
Mistress of curse
reapers and vultures
Demons stand up
and chime the bell


[*** from *** ***
we shall rise]

Suddenly powers comes
from within
Muscles and mind are
filled with wrath
I burst out in frenzy
powers of hell
and break up the
tomb and the dark


@SONG: "War"

The bells of war doth chime tonight
and the heavens shake with fear
The earth commot the sky is in flames
the battle is ever near

[Troops of Hell tonight they storm
The walls they so despise
Heaven's gates are closing in
The night is filled with cries]


A crack of thunder, a smell of death
the wind of mayhem blows
Heaven in its final breath
and God lose all control

Prayers for mercy cries for help
won't stop the blasphemy
Our troops emerge the sacred throne
and the victory is complete


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