Shape of Despair / Before the Rain

1. Shape of Despair - Estrella (Lycia cover)

peach lips rose hips
wrapped around you
sonlight skintight
heaven bound
stars fly
birds sigh winds cry
beneath the ground
my love
angel grin blessed within
lost and found
climb into the skin cocoon
above our limbs... the harvest moon
into the night... we fight, consumed
with shouts of fire and hearts in bloom
dizzy kiss our bodies twist
void of sound
in my arms away from harm
above the clouds
with cotton candy lips like dew
your pretty face and eyes of blue
inside your heart is heaven true
forever and always am i with you

2. Before the Rain - Somewhere Not There

everything turns elemental,
particles of dust become...
from the uniform threads
opiate cognition weaves
fills the void, like a chorus/
and stranded nebulas
are consumed in a grasp for air
like a famine...
everything, devoured and renewed
in a wondrous concussion...
somewhere not there
the dissolving landscape
blends into obsidian shapes
to an absence of matter and light.
like one thousand suns
on the bring of self-consupption
only to ascent again
in igneous dioramas
a one time spectacle
for fragile mortal.
"i cast the stars unto the sky ornamenting the heavens in shimmering blue splendor
with promise they would forever burn, intertwined by the love of you and i.
i was rejected... rejected when she cast herself into the sea
it's black waves smothering and locking her throat forever.
cursed am i... a child of the calm divine
i scream to the heavens and cursed each fading star by name."

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