Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel

1. Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel

I saw the virgin's cunt spawning forth the snake
I witnessed tribes ov Judah reduced to ruin
I watched disciples twelve dissolved by flame
Looked down on son ov god snuffed in vain

Blow your trumpets Gabriel!
As I beheld the bewilderment ov Eden
Break the bread...and crumb by crumb into the Leviathan's den...
Nations fall prey
Hail my return

Hosanna Hosanna
Tribe ov Judah decimate
Hosanna Hosanna
Root ov David eradicate

Hosanna Hosanna
Let wine ov Sodom fill our mouths
Hosanna Hosanna
May Sin ov Gommorah grace our hearts

2. If I Were Cain

Ascending in sectarian rapture
We are an oracle ov locust
Sanguine as yet anointed
We rave the pearly gates

Walk with me, Kaiafhat
Pilate, lead the way
I call upon Cains ov this world
We are marching to the funeral ov God

Adoration ov murder,
Raise up the rusty knife
To pierce the heart ov your brother

Cast your stones
Lapidate me
Cursed be the Paraclete
Pour salt into my wounds
So doth Lord speaks through thy deeds

I shall redeem my spirit
Just grace my crux with sin
If you give me the nails
I'll hammer them in

Exploration ov darkness
I raise the rusty dagger
To pierce the eye ov JHWH

3. Ludzie Wschodu

[originally by Siekiera]Czy tu się głowy ścina?
Czy zjedli tu Murzyna?
Czy leży tu Madonna?
Czy tu jest jazda konna?

Czy w nocy dobrze śpicie?
Czy śmierci się boicie?
Czy zabił ktoś tokarza?
Czy często się to zdarza?

Nergal – Guitars, Vocals
Inferno – Drums
Orion – Bass
Seth – Guitars

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