Nightside Emanations

1. Intro

2. Wrathful Dragon Hau-Hra

Hau-Hra - breaker of lies
Serpent without beginning or end
Open your coil of death
And awake from the waters of Nun

Across the timeless aeon
Through the constituents of worlds
From the midst of the purple maelstrom
From the eye of chaos - rise now Apep!

Open the gates to your dimension
And let your sparkling sea flood
Clean this soulless world
And let it drown, eternally

Accept my bloody offering
That Fills the silver chalice
Let it be my humble donation
For you, beginning of chaos

I extend my arm to you
Adversary of Maat
Strike your poison into my flesh
And take me to your realm
Hear your newborn child
Serpent of darkness
destroyer of the sun
Make me now, your wrathful knife
Which carves out the heart of your enemy

All hail Apep Saatet-ta!
Praised be the devourer!

3. Death's Black Light

Ominous currents have begun to stir
And awaken the dormant senses in man
A shadow of the masters tree spreading
The Kliffotic jaws are open

Death's black light
Shine on me...

Can you hear it's heavy beat?
The pulse of the black dragon
Fulfilled with new obscure power
Stolen from the Sephirotic side

The abyss shows it's face
Feed the roots of the Tree of Death
It's branches crush the strings of lies
And reveal our terrifying God
The time of re-awakening is at hand
In your wisdom, Lord of the other side

Towards the new dawn we'll walk
Across the flaming path of Satan
With the love of Death
And hearts like a flaming pentagram

4. Circle Me...

Circle me - Samael
Circle me - Lilith
Circle me - Azazel
Circle me - the King

You who laid down your bloody hand on my shoulder
The feeling it left is deeply rooted
in the heart and riverbeds of the soul
From where it shall never disappear

Circle me - Samael
Circle me - Lilith
Circle me - Azazel
Circle me - the master

Open the path to the nightside thrones
Embody your spirit in me
The flaming triangle: Father, mother and son
My body is the flesh-temple
Of Zabulus the king!

Let me drink your crimson wine
From the cup of damnation
It is like death, the well of the netherworld
Boiling, full of grief and pain

But i have to walk to the end
Search for your lost wisdoms
Explore every cave
It will be joyless, it will be lightless...
And it will be a lonesome journey

Everything dies in your hands, as do I
I'll Vanish in your seas
From where i'll rise once more
So be it...
I'll walk with my body whipped
Along on your black sinister path
Carrying the cross of Saturn
On the withered leaves of life

Circle me - Samael
Circle me - Lilith
Circle me - Azazel
Circle me - in the void

5. We Burn With Serpent Fire

Lucifer - the divine level
The bright fire of perception
From the gaping vortex of darkness
Descend upon man...

Lord of ascending flames
Illuminate the hidden trail unto thee
Burn the obstacles with the sacred fire
Receive the servants of your blood

Lucifer - let thy black lantern shine
So we can see the truth beyond
O true Lord of Thaumiel
Let us burn with serpent fire

Let free the emanations of the black sun
The curtain of cosmos tears apart
Rebellious flames rising
And God's creation failed

Grand master of the magnum opus
Open the gate of your sacred eye
That we'd become wise in thee
The golden instruments of your words

With the power of the trident
Towards the pyrifying star
Shine to me O bright Wormwood
Open the pathways beyond
The seal of our true father
Forever marked upon our souls

Lucifer Daath...Illuminatio mea!
Lucifer Daath...Benedicimus te!

6. Luciferian Will

You who lurk behind the countless masks
And behind the mighty desert storms
You escaped from the caves of darkness
And descended down into the matter
Light my inner temple
With Luciferic fire that burns between your horns
Fill it with your magic, your spirit
Make it the sterile area of your holiness

The tree growing on it's square is like death
Up grown by your black light
The fruits ever dying on it's branches
From where the man can eat their wisdom

And their bread of the ones doomed to perdition
And the wine of those doomed to Hell
Everything it breeds in front of us
We shall enjoy without fear...

I step into Your dark tunnels
Where only instics guide me!

As for us getting lost is a victory
Univetiable part of the path of your gnosis
The prize is standing at the end
In the uttermost end of the labyrinth...

Reveal yourself to us, Azazel
Horned master of the dark witches
Forge the weapons of our own liberation
The Luciferian Will!

Ave Azazel!
Ave Azazel!
Ave Azazel!
Ave Azazel!

7. Awaken Tiamat

Vanity has wilted the world
Taken Man away from the gods
The fruit in their hands turn to sand
Our time has come to an end
The beginning of a new age
The keys of the second coming
Ready to be taken
Ready to open the ingrained locks

An ardorous light from the unknown
Like a lighthouse in the abyss of the night
The magical eye of the great dragon
Deep, deep in the soul of the lost one

Awaken Tiamat!

Rise, thou flaming one!
The first ocean and the mother
Death, chaos and liberator
Rise O Goddess of black blood
Dragon known by many names
Thy dark dream hath come to an end
Thy path out of the abyss lieth open
Serpent of The Black Fire

Set thy children on fire
Lead them on thy ominous path
Through thy womb, until the end
Towards the black star of Lucifer

8. Temple Of The Silent Curses

On this important night of the year
I speak again those obscure words
This thime, there is more rapture
More assertiveness in my voice

I step closer to the border
Approaching the kliphothic deep
And fortify my prayer
With full dedication on my lips

Wth my will i command
May the stone move aside
From the mouth of the tunnel
And let the venom of our God run free

Vibrations in the air
The burning breath of the demon
O reflection of the chaotic sea
Follow the command of my chants

In the temple of the silent curses
I spread the terror of darkness
Spitting the venom of our awesome God
In the face of Creation

" Veni Belsebuth, per Adonai Sathanas,
Adonai Lucifer, Adonai Azazel!
Veni Belsebuth, per Adonai Sathanas,
Adonai Lucifer, Adonai Azazel!"

In the temple of the silent curses
I spread the terror of darkness
Spitting the venom of our awesome God
In the face of Creation

9. Shining Death

There lies one pure truth in the world,
There was at the beginning
And shall be in the end
The all-reaping and ending force

"wherever you look, I am there
In the North, South, East and West
As above so below
Worsip me, for as I am... the Universe"

Why bow down to death, war and mayhem?
Because you shall not be offered lies
But only the truth
The absolute and unswerving

Life is only within this moment
But Satan the destroyer is eternal
And luminous abyss
Appear before us - Nimbus of death

"Come with me, sons of Saturn
Tear to pieces this ugly form called the world
make it as an image of me..."

There lies one pure truth in the world,
There was at the beginning
And shall be in the end
The all-reaping and ending force

In the age od Capricorn
I can see the world hanging from your horns
Upside down, leaking and dead
I kneel before you, Oh Satan
Make me your son of Death

10. Kiss Of Our Dark Mother

In the blackest dreams the Serpent was beheaded
It's head burned in the sun but the body escaped
It's tunnel under the ground was like a womb
Shining forth the divine golden light

In the blackest nightmares the creature appeared like a shadow
It circled around and stared with it's spidery eyes
I could hear it's heavy, fiery sulphurous breathing
And the silent invitation from it's bloody lips

The Dark mother, who guides from the gardens of the dreams
Everything that you put before us has a meaning
It's a formulae, the spell to be found
For those in whose voins the blood of Samael flows

I praise thee O Lilith the destroyer
Give me your blessings
Give me your dark blessings

Show me the vision of your darkest glory
The end of all...the end of all Flesh
Lilith the destroyer, yu are the end of all Flesh

The end of all... the end of all Flesh
Along your path saturated by blood
Upon your web occupied by thistles
Through your boody gates
You'll guide us to the end, Ama Lilith

Spread your wings - Ama Lilith
Reveal the black flames - Ama Lilith
Goddess of Sitra-Ahra - Ama Lilith
Protect us - Ama Lilith
Guide us - Ama Lilith
Towards the end - Ama Lilith
Until enlightment - Ama Lilith

In the end we shall see the Devil
His face without the darkened mask
And the nails which open the streams from our hands
To become channels of His Living sea...

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