Satanic Warmaster / Behexen

1. Behexen - Mouth of Leviathan

Now, open wide the mouth of Leviathan
and free Your wrathful shadows the formless beasts
of Your flame.

Like a fog they rise from the face of the earth
as your cold and freezing hand
Faithfully haunting the souls.

The disciples of your path prepared for your magnificent coming
momumental era of chaos the inverted dawn of creation
Hungry God of the depths...Release the death.

2. Behexen - Where the Devil Spoke

The towers of the palace are rising to the sky
And disappear into the dark fog
Demonic and heavy atmosphere
Is resting above this place

The stone floor of the lowest chamber
And a heavy altar of sacrifice
Once intoxicated by blood
When offered the purest sacrifice

Young child dressed in white
Takes the body and blood of Christ
"be one with your Lord
for soon your blood will flow..."

Ritualdagger meets the flesh
Weak heart beats for the last time
Severed head on a silver plate
The Devil's mass may begin

Black wafers in the name of Satan
Cup of blood risen high
Come forth master of darkness
And talk to me through the mouth of the dead
Bloody and sadistic mass
In the dark times of the middle ages
The night wind still remembers that mass
Where the Devil spoke

3. Satanic Warmaster - Where Eternity Awaits

The northern winds carried the vision of a time yet to be
when the cold breath of evil once ascends from it's throne
To join me as one with the night, in the light of moon
to let me inhale the mist of my sorrows
Let them flow through my veins and awaken the malice
the convulsion to be reborn like Fenris unbound from its chains
So that I could forever wander in search for his morbid heart
and leave behind just the footsteps in the snow.

Towards a gate between life and oneness with darkness
on a path made of crushed joyless frozen flowers
I will never look behind me, the desolate dark awaits
only once reaching out to crush the memory of life
Wandering into the endless depths of the dying horizon
to disappear in the raging funeral snowfall
In obscurity, encircled by the coiling shapes in ice
with eyes staring into the silent infinity where eternity awaits...

4. Satanic Warmaster - The Burning Eyes of the Werewolf

Funeral darkness, clouds shadow the pale surface of the moon
Amid peals of possessed chants out from the darkness and the fog
The demon with black fur and claws as dirks is unbound
Skulks the woods in monstrous craving for blood

The burning eyes of the werewolf
The runes written in the stone
Forbidden wisdom hidden within
The signs of spells long forgotten

When the moon shines the cursed black soul is awoken
Bestial howls approach with terror in the dusk
Slowly in the silent woods the predator lurks
Old tales that forsee the beast have revived

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