Cadaver Inc.

1. Primal

Revealing the secrets
Of my past-life subconsciousness

Entering, unfolding
What wasn't pleasant to be

Unborn fantasies
How life came to be
What they didn't see -
A guide by our destructive enemies

Obsessed by the negative
Of underestimating my grin
Beholders of lies

Pretending, defenders
Believing their own disguise
The others made that sin
I'll win I'll win
See me coming through

2. Deliverance

Extracting placidity
Absorbing the rage
The roads to obscurity
Are sordid from putrid taste

Exhuming iniquity
The eraser of grace
Mounting in purity
Like fountains of primal hate

A breath of satisfaction in the glory of pain
The corroding rain makes fractions
In the solvent ways of death

The laughter joins the vastness
...Ablaze the hurricane
Discordant strings repowered
... Refuels our primal faith...

3. Murderhead

With wings of mayhem

The urge to kill
Has paralysed my mind
Possessed by morbid lusts

Awaiting massive torment
Blades ripping through your eyes
The purest necro odour
Of satanic slaughter

Terrific the beating
My dreams of violence come true
I'm the insane tormentor - bestial fucking ritual

Assassinate the bitch
Her shrieks of pain
Crush her skull to pieces
Carve her flesh in blasphemy

4. Rupture

Geochemical massbalance and implications for reservoir properties beneath
Residual transport model in correlation with sedimentary dynamics
The temporal significance glossifungities assemblages
Implication for glacial termination
Pleistocene stratigraphy and paleoclimate records
Volcaniclastic paleosol interval
Inferring maximum geostrophic current velocities
Drainage evolution, holocene avulsion
Sediment surface samples
Volcaniclastic paleosol interval

Setting velocity measurements (of)
Hydraulic sorting heavy-mineral grains
Subaerial desiccation-crack piping

Implication for glacial termination
Firmness profiles associated with tidal-creek deposits
Subsidence structures associated (with)

5. Die Like This

Mortified on the killing fields
A slaughtered army rests
In their eyes - pathetic cries
The final bloodbath

Nuclear massacre
Death destruction
Global genocide

Fester - mankind
World - decompose
Oceans set afire

Elegance of ruins
Glory of silence
Concluded the war

Now raise the trident
Of humans and sunlight
Praised be the fall
And all of nature
This, the last genocide is music to death's ears

6. Point Zero

Hate the eyes of mercy
Hate the infants' cries
Hate the hordes of weakened minds
Hate the whores

Worship all destruction
Love to hate
Salute lack of emotion

Salute charred remains

Awaiting the wicked - the ancient ones
Stand proud and praise your chalice

Search your brain for reason
And find you're totally insane

Fill your soul with pure destruction
Then paint your smile with sheer decay

7. Killtech

Wrapped up in tubes naked
How will I survive?

This torment I'm living towards the day I die
Cold metal strapped around my body, legs and bones
Carving in my flesh, the more I try to get free

Kill tech death machine
The end is closing in

Existing only through the gruesome pain
I'm living beyond the edge of the insane
Nightmares are flaring through my endorphins
Pleasures of the pain, I no longer care

Kill tech death machine
I'm finally insane

8. Reptile Robots

Hole through the mirror
The fence of scattered time
Crude, relentless sinner
Let the murderhead rise

Torn and mangled carcass
Turns his frenzy to a sign
Greet the worms a welcome
Treat them with its cries

Heretic battering
Dissolves the wretched corpse
He's the scorn tormentor
morbid frenzied ritual

Bestial avenger, trapped in time
Bestial with anger, mortuary carnivore

9. Manic

10. Snapper Organs

All face the flashing lights
All face my pervert brain

This time I shall no more return
This time I shall go insane
This mind was not meant to see heaven
This very night I'll kill again

Kill to end the pounding
(Kill) to rave in hell

My earthly mask did never suit me
Fractured and grell is has become
Watch as I lower it into acid
And let my true face show

Blow, the winds of death

Take this, my wretched body
I hate its fucking face
Saluted by tarnished sculptures
I relocate my brain

Take this wretched body
I hate it's fuckin' face
Look to the sky and see
Apocalypse has just begun

11. Discipline

Horror is fading into the streaming lights of your everyday view
Perception from your side will never be real to no other than your eyes - and
only to them
Hunt down the hunters that haunt you like demons
Telling your brain that it's time to die

The unidentified fear that makes your surroundings your enemy is sending
Hallucination like real timelaps repeating the sicker you get - like fog you
can't grasp
Like dreams falling with burnt wings you cease to exist to no others than the
You rebel towards

The band was known before this album and will be known after this album as CADAVER.

Lyrics in plain text format

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