Forest of Equilibrium

- Picture of beauty & innocence (intro)
comiserating the celebration 11:15
- Ebony tears 7:47
- Serpent eve 7:40
- Soul sacrifice 2:55
- A funeral request 9:16
- Equilibrium 6:09
- Reaching happiness, touching pain 9:08

Picture of Beauty and Innocence


Comiserating the Celebration

(Music - Jennings, Lyrics - Dorrian)

Our pleasures be joyless, doleful experiences
We seek not life's beauty, but cherish it's funeral aspects

We crave the (mis)fortunes rich in their non-entity
Rejoice in celebrating less severe tragedies
In our struggle to exist we excrete individuality
Whilst captivating internment in cloned identity

Real is the oration
Of stone possessed emotion
I yearn isolation
from this realisation

Reject the elation of blissful tranquility
Obsessions they lay with the bleak and sinister

A wealth of treasures be ours to take possession
Yet we break bones and gruel to savour simulations
Disciples of the drabness, devotees of worthlessness
Consent to endure the anguish and form only ashes

Real is the oration...

Oh yeah let me go...
Let me wander through buildings
Immense in their desolation.
At peace from your catastrophe
Here with gargoyles as my

Ebony Tears

(Music - Jennings, Lyrics - Dorrian)

Together we have discovered
The languid fatigue of love
Interrogated all our beauty
We've turned each other inside out.

Drowning in Ebony Tears.

The long face of cheerlessness
The only bonding we share
Enlightened by degradation
The only pleasure is pain.

Drowning in Ebony Tears.

Embedded in our resentment
Lay the keys to disengage
But still we burn in persecution
For the punishment of possessiveness

Drowning in...Ebony Tears.

Serpent Eve

(Music - Jennings/Lehan, Lyrics - Griff)

The serpent, she writhes in knowledge
For rebellion and heresy
The serpent she thrives on knowledge
For beauty and ecstacy

The night contains me, exults me,
promises me the tender touch
of the serpents dreams.

O' to dark foundations
Grey deliverance
Mesmerised by descent
Shrouded in calm

Fabled curses plunge
To depths untold
I conjure bind and charge thee
To heavens unknown

Fabled curses plunge
To depths untold
I conjure bind and charge thee
To heavens entombed

O' yea, serpent eve

Gather to the lords of facade
Beneath the cross of fault
Crawl to the figure speared
Wither within it's name.

Raise the current
Clear the stream,
Herald the sound
Of the serpent dreams

Into the night for serpent eve
Psalms for the spirit
Charms for the calling
We're neophytes for serpent eve.

Soul Sacrifice

(Music - Jennings, Lyrics - Griff)

Tortured self worth
Abstracts of wrath
Released from attachment
A human reaction

Muted, unable to realise
Images of your designs
Soul sacrifice a blessing to me
Carve me from your memories

Deep impressions my depths
Worthless as each breath
Worlds within words of half truth
My fears of losing you

I'll pour scorn from the lowest place
Color fades from your face
Annihilation acceptance
Paradox of self existence

A Funeral Request (Ethereal Architect)

(Music - Lehan, Lyrics - Griff/D.P. Barnitz [R.I.P.

White rose perfume
Go with thee on thy way
Unto thy shaded tomb
Low music doth fall
Lightly as autumn leaves
About thy solemn pall
Fain incense rises.

O' you, you fell away from me, my love
Like all earthly things
Vanished into death's cold mysteries

Serpents marked with with azure rings
Cathedrals where rich shadows fall
Things strange curious solemn saviour

O' you, you fell away from me, my love
Like all earthly things
Vanished into death's cold mysteries

You promised me laughter in autumn days
Now I can't awake from this lucid haze
I can't awake to laugh with you
I'm so weary

Claws upon my flesh and
Statues of lost souls dominate this house
Angels have no pity
Their wings have turned to stone

Come travel naked lovers
Beyond all dimensions of heaven
And lie enchanted forever in the lucid garden of dreams

In all animate sources
And creation of belief
We travel seas of illusions that begin at our dreams

Ethereal architects, masters of all faith.


(Music - Jennings, Lyrics - Dorrian)

Lost in the battlefield of opposite extremes.
I ponder on the embankment that stands in between
The monochrome and color entirety
I see the beauty and chaos of fate and destiny

Stand in the balance of forest equilibrium
Absorb every aspect of forest equilibrium

The fatality of optimism shall we not embrace
But evolve into the actual with grace.
Outweigh the balance through excessive choice
I return to the wisdom of this equalateral place.

Rebuild thy strength here in forest equilibrium
Through irreligious choice in forest equilibrium

Come walk with me through violet smokescreens
Where both feet tread upon joys and agonies
Calm in all we see
Masters of destiny.

Reaching Happiness, Touching Pain

(Music - Jennings, Lyrics - Dorrian)

Dark oceans we cry,
Writhing in the misery,
Cast spit on the love that lay at our feet,
The intrigue of pain we crave it's mystery
Neglect to explore the depths to sanctity.

We reach happiness,
Divine in providence,
Our lamented desires.
Lose scent of the essence,
Shunned is the prosperity,
We feel the anxiety,
Self inserting the knives in our heart.

Luring to degrade with bribes of affection,
Can't abide divinity over our imperfection.
All love is broken, sombre in devotion,
The hearse of selfishness has drove it all away.

Shunned is the prosperity,
We feel the anxiety,
Self inserting the knives in our heart.

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