Soul Sacrifice

- Soul sacrifice 4:33
- Golden blood (flooding) 8:11
- Autumn twilight 5:50
- Frozen rapture 6:08

Soul Sacrifice

Music:Jennings, Lyrics:Griffiths

Tortured self-worth,
Abstracts of wrath,
Released from attachment
A Human reaction

Muted, unable to realise
Images of your designs
Soul sacrifice a blessing to me
Calve me from your memory ooh!

Deep impressions my depths,
Worthless, As each breath,
Worlds within half truths,
My fears of losing you

I'll pour scorn from the lowest place,
Colour fades from your face,
Paradox of self existence

Soul sacrifice
ooh the pain we've been through

Soul sacrifice
I've sacrified my soul for you

Autumn Twilight

(music:Griffiths/Jennings, lyrics:Griffiths)

I got those midnight circles
And I pray deceived
Ooh how I despise you (memories)

Tongue tasting moonlight
A tribute to my pain
We could last fornever (another game?)

Here in Autumn Twilight
Morphia cursed delight

I got those midnight circles
I drawn the hanged man
Movin towards Winter (yes I am)

Eyes seek inner spaces
Guardians of spheres
A touch of dementia's (fears)

Here in Autumn Twilight
Morphia cursed delight

And the sun shall never rise again
No more visions to be gained
Stricken mother of failings
Led into a shallow grave

Here I am now
So far away
Internal reflections
Another maze

Here I stay now
Caught between
Lives that you form
And the lives I've been

Golden Blood (Flooding)

(music:Jennings, lyrics:Dorrian)

Crystal towers I've yearned to explore
Shatter as I enter their doors,
Splinters sink into tender parts of me
Devouring my inmost quality

Floating through a whimsical breeze
To the pitfalls of discoveries

Assasin of visual fallacy
Dispel aspiration, uncover travesty,
Fading convictions losing clarity
Descending to depths of insobriety

Golden blood flooding from me
Into eternal cynical streams

Dismayed by the curse of analogy
In theatrical and reality

Charcoaled spirit the stranger in me
Dissolved in timeless obstinacy

Spectacle of severity
Chasing myself away from me
Blemished wings of vibrancy
Elevate this bane from me.

Frozen Rapture

(music:Lehan, lyrics:Dorrian)

You gave to me
Affection I couldn't see
It felt like a rope
Tightening on me

Frozen rapture
Your warmth I couldn't trace
Echoed laughter
Bring sadness to my face
Plagued by my own embrace

In my frailty
Your splendour did penetrate
Onto the cold
Floors of responsiveness

Frozen rapture
Your warmth I couldn't trace
Echoed laughter
Bring sadness to my face
Plagued by my own embrace

Buried within walls
Of ex-communication
Torchlight never shines
Upon my isolation

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