Celestial Season
Forever Scarlet Passion

Lucas van Slegtenhorst : Bass
Jason Kohnen : Drums
Robert Ruiters : Guitar
Stefan Ruiters : Vocals
Jeroen Haverkamp : Guitar

- Cherish my pain 6:37
- The merciful 6:33
- In sweet bitterness 4:58
- Ophelia 2:17
- Together in solitude 4:59
- Mother of all passions 4:39
- Flowerskin 1:10
- Afterglow 5:27
- For eternity 7:12

Cherish My Pain

Lyrics: Stefan

my unbalanced soul is unleashed
pliable desires become real
in my dreams
I try in vain
to sleep on hopes and conquer
the images of despair
oh...untouched beauty..
undo my anger
cherish my pain..painless one
once my precious...now...
be regretful with my frailty
give me shelter in the darkness
and protect me from innocence
helpless am I ..am I so helpless ?
I am restless...release me...
confusing thoughts
forsaken trust
losing the grasp
falling into insanity
...but don't ignore
your weakness for me...

The Merciful

Lyrics: Stefan

deliverance of souls
to the eternal woe for love
floating...drifting with fragility
and build a forest of innocence
awareness of painful dreams
suffocation of the hearts
castles of pain and agony
rivers of isolation and fear
sorrow's my feeling for your life
regret my emotion for my strife
destined by reality
blessings upon fatality
extinction of remembrance
opens the fatal chapter
trees of mourning
seek the evening sky
as begging hands...the merciful
the untouchable face of despair
will appear in blistering glory
hear the howling of my thoughts
...hear it...

In Sweet Bitterness

Lyrics: Jason

caress your breasts so gently
I sink into a paradise of my own
the scales of love tip rapidly
in serenity...I cry
I would carve my devotion
in stone
you disgust me
though you're part of my desire
bleak...this tragedy
I crave for affection
I carve my devotion in stone
two worlds they tear me
for thou my love to be ?
pulsating...my wounded heart
I stare at the aging mirror
to this I be assuaged
with hope as my enemy


Lyrics: Jason

bleak is this tragedy...Ophelia
my darling rose of May
drown...cruel misery
the curse of a broken heart

Together in Solitude

Lyrics: Stefan

together in solitude
there are no moments of
minds filled with sorrow
not one second of joy
dreams are out of mind
deep gloom has made you blind
dreams are out of sight
I cannot make that right
being alone with your emotions
your howling. who will hear it ?
the agony of love...
pain the ultimate pleasure
is that what he has promised ?
in darkness
you searched for light
paralysed by strangling fright

Mother of All Passions

Lyrics: Jason

oh...how I dream...dream of you
my past anguish
fills me with temptation
so clear the memories
of our days of youth
the days of comfort in April bloom
wandering with passion
in our hearts
the scent of spring we so adored
spring sun filling souls with anguish
...with tender ripeness
let me roam with the insects
with passion and kisses
this dying dream...it fades from me
between aging roses
this crimson tear scars me face
it fades from me...this dying dream
the days of scarlet passion
the days that stay forever
in my heart
forever scarlet passion
the days of sensual delight




Lyrics: Stefan

in the field of my soul
i lay down and awake ?
with the knowledge
of the once forgotten
seeking harmony within myself
an afterglow of a vague memory
softly veils my demise
excelling myself in my own
drowned in oceans of vice
virtue is lost
exiled into the barest part
of my own nature
another afterglow of the past
now softly veils my plight
disgracefully I am the beholder
of this tragedy
condemned to be my own...

For Eternity

Lyrics: Stefan

pictures of euphoria in a long forgotten memory
in the fields of eternity we were
a lifetime in heavenly spheres
utopia...we had it in our minds
the crimson sky is our guard to protect us from invading sins
living in immortality a life in love and peace
don't you turn away...all we need is
to stay together...forever and ever
times of joy is all we know
playing on grounds of imagery
dancing on graves to love the dead
laughing to fade our cries away...
our wings won't break cause we fly
through eternal skies where we can't grow weary
...our blood flows on...
...and on...we're chained...we're one
...one we are...
the truth is our weapon in a war of lies
we are the chosen ones to live in our human world

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