1. Cold Guiding Light

If I couldn't tell you all that I have done
To reach this higher ground
If I wasn't there to hold you
And if I couldn't run to be your guiding light
There in the darkness, there you were lost
Without a guiding light
Eyes staring wide
Shadows calling from the corners of the soul
Endless mourning, fighting the odds
Who would've thought, who would've led to see my soul?
I will repent, I will forsake any divinity daring to ask for more
I kneeled and I found
Another way to answer to it all, my eternity
Fade out, leave me here
Take my soul and never come back
Leave your ways of tears and grief
I will walk, we'll breathe the air
Break my way, death in the sky
Woe was me ..woe...

2. Empty Hearts

Empty hearts
Drained of all emotions
Lying bare and naked and still
Crushed within these iron fists
Faded moments
Brought the hour
Brought the light to die
Swarms of raindrops falling
Bring the world to a cleanse
Time has stopped
And curses the night
One by one the shadows appear
And they mourn
Break the chains
So left me waiting
On my soles
Grieving is no way to live
My heart breaking in thousands of shards
Here rasping, lit on light
I’ve lost my faith
I’ve lost my strength to carry on
To leave all this world behind
Yes I know
It’s my own fault
Maybe one day I will know
Rest my heart when it’s burning down
See the flames devouring
Maybe one day I’ll find my peace
Maybe once I will be free

3. Images and Memories

We're the only ones who see
The only ones
Withered skies and empty hearts
A lifetime in a dream
A life I once had
Withered away, faded outm once with time
So I empty all thoughts
Carrying images and memories
I've lost so long ago
Never to return
At last we lost the sky
We lost the will to live
We crossed the stream
And drowned ourselves in our dreams
The gates are folding in reverse
We will know it all the same again
We will fall always
We close our eyes and drift away
No matter how or where or when
We are the same clouds in the sky

4. Above the Sea

Countless times stranded in this dream
Countless memories are all I have
Will it be the same time after time?
Would you keep your hopes when they die?
Pour inside more over a flame
Keep colder now
Here I fall again in fear, me
Above the sea ever remain
Forgotten lives destroy my heart
In grief
Would it all keep me now
Lead in turned waves of forbidden prayers?
I walk the face of hope
Once more my dreams are torn
I look in the shadows
I whisper: I need to go

5. The Sailor Waves Goodbye

Waking hour fading once with the wind
I see the way it has to be
I see it all within
And what I see and what I feel
Suffering and pain
One moment and life is gone
One tear and we're fallen down
One life we had to choose
One soul we had to lose
Another day is gone
Another fallen down
Another way to choose
Another way to lose
Another waking hour
Nobody left to blame
My ghost is burning nowhere
And trees all bow in shame
Breaking hearts
Folding all the pain now in your soul
My mind is getting colder
Memories will turn to dust
Not much time to save the hour
It's devoured once and for all
This will gone forever
My hands are getting colder and my mind slips away
As the night gets sweeped under
More and more I fade
Left us he who once belonged
And he who loved
To be one with the wind, be one with the Earth
All inside will burn with dark
We will mourn the past forever
Soon this door will break
With dawn
My heart returned here all alone

6. A Father's Death

Rows of light glimmer and the end is calling
We cannot defend
One last breath and it's over
One last look at the sky
It won't back, forever
One last grasp of life
Burry our hearts, bury our souls forever
A father's death will be coming closer
Closer to death, closer to mourning silence
No remorse, no regrets
Yet my time has come
For the life that kept me in captivity,
I cannot defend
You my father, the one who always knew
A father's death will show his child
His mortality
Take my hand. Leave

7. The End of Hope

Faces white ever walk alone
In the end I want it all
In the shadows lurks a light
Fighting for its life
Remniscents of hope and dust
Every thorn in my eye
Pushes deep inside
Every pain will be gone
Every pain in my heart
Will bow down to stay alive
Every thorn in my eye
Pushes deep, deep inside to stay alive
At heart will stand alone
At the end of hope
My body will gone
One by one the stars will fade
And all of the infinity
Will be dead long
This is the end of sorrow
A trip to no man's land
Say farewell, raise your hands and fly away

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