The Path of Sorrow

1. The Path of Sorrow

Light slowly fades before my eyes.
The same old fear crawls up my spine.
Lost in the twilight no colours emerge
I dream of the sunrise as I reach the verge
The night growing colder remains in my heart
Even not beating it's all I have.
In silence I've waited for this time to come
A moment expected all along.
Will I ever know rest

Was I the one
Who murdered the light?
I find myself lost
In the deepest of nights
I drift away
A fading halo
Torn to pieces
I've lost all my hope
On the path of sorrow
I slowly disappear

Where is the way to save my cursed soul?
You're the one to answer
How could I be so blind and so cold?
A dead heart was your only disaster

Buried alive
By my own fears
Feeding with tears and sorrow
Demon in my soul
Blessed are the ones
With opened hearts
Giving the place
For love and gods
Will I ever feel
Myself alive?

Hear my cry
Never let in more lies
Fear to die
Breathe till the last of life
Hope is alive
Fallen stars still can shine
Take me sky
Born again deep inside

This time I fall only to fly again
Leaden wings won't drag me down
For as I am above in
Is where I'd stay if it exists, like yester dreams
Is there a chance for me
To believe, to deserve any joy in life

Vehemently pulling me
Back into life
My apathy

Was I the one who murdered the light?
I find myself lost
In the deepest of nights
Yet there’s still hope alive

Hurt me more, for as I can't feel this waste of suffering

Illimitable heights
Where the winds
Thrash me deep
In which I fall
Once again
To a place
Where no thing gleams
Where time will cease
Yet there’s still hope alive

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