Augur Nox

1. Black Rumination

Sparse beneath the crest in savage, graceful throws subjugates of the gallery parade.
Burnished by the lunar scope / secrets steps of quiet art / churn about a poison isle
whose patron waits and watches / from a cruel claw of basalt, /a ponderous funeral stone

And in the blackened breach before / it thunders around the the throne

Cast his presence, His essence a Winter repose / Fronds extending, a whisper in the folds
Of eyes in the dark / Shoals vast and brooding / They study his thoughts / They mimic his motion
Dread forms from echoes in blood / Shapes call the night to align them
In one, a stranger to light / Black rumination / Dark mouths in perishing prayer / Surround a spire of dissention
Arcane - the withering throne / Black rumination / Tides to his coronet / A surf that teems with sly creation
Apparitions lithe and pacing / The brow is furrowed deep / A nature searing in the humours
Honing furies from the edges / Dead minds feed this aberration / Swathed in tears / In ocean tinctures
Never sated for horror, for decay / His sculptures adoring / The channel of their rage

Dread forms - His thoughts are cold and still / A solemn vision in the water / A soured confidence and
They work about the throne / In fervent circles, stern and ceaseless / A wilderness dilating

2. Becoming Host

(Their wings block out the sunlight from my sky)

In shifting I watch the flies gather over this picture like a sheath / Wrap their lips around its secret and deceit
Suck the light from my eyes and burrow beneath my skin / And when it called I let it in
Swallow your soul and cut a hole right into you / They shudder and shake and cut a road
A body that lay like a stone stargazing now / shivers with life of its own
Make me a host / Make me a palace, parasite / Pull out the walls of my world
And build me anew / Build me from your antipathy / Shameless, complete and unfurled
A most becoming host / There's no pain here - a strange salvation to find
All confusion is simply traffic on these wires / Only hunger like a furnace
Only longing in the chaos / Gaps that burn with contemplation
Blister and split with a new infectious greed / A most becoming host
*Swallow your soul / and cut a hole right into you / They shudder and shake and cut a road
A body that lay like a stone stargazing now / shivers with life of its own
Make me a host / Make me a palace parasite / Pull out the walls of my world
And build me anew / Build me from your antipathy / Shameless, complete and unfurled

(*Their wings block out the sunlight from my sky)

3. Ecdysis

Slave / Awake in the tumult / Bray / Bold for a lost sun / Here / In the gut of the tempest
Chains / Wither away / And in this incarnation / The storm has sent it forth a / Slave
To boil back with a dark love / Rage / In ceaseless cycle / A mantra / To bide into curses
And break open / On the caustic current / And in its deconstruction / The storm has fashioned it
A son - Quake, stoop / Such things hang about his shoulders / Shimmers of Perdition

caught between brush strokes and the oil / Shake, Grow / Feed upon your burdens
For, beneath that fragile colour / A pearl in the friction slows

Wave - you vapours / You refracted, wandering lights / mere tears in a canvas of saturating blight

His core, this Caliban, of barren rooms sewn up / And stare afflicted by / some greatness in decay
And I would be burned / (I would be burned) / By the flails behind / (flails behind)
Those boiling windows / Where a ravenous spawn (ravenous spawn) / forsakes its skin
(forsakes its skin)
in silent struggle / And where all light tapers out / and a dark horizon is spread / Fevers of his fierce design
in sable tremors tread / In blasted cacophony / In will out of agony wrought / He thrives in the torment
His inimical whispers like birds / Raise in the eye / Ravenous spawn / Forsakes its skin

4. Glimlight Tourist

Ciphers unleashing throngs from a blazing throat
Swallows of sulphur, Swallows of Sanctuary's hope

In misted trains arranged
Spores in suspended rain
Course under spells
On predator wings

Blank invocations, Hollow and mute control
Binding the ruptures, Wringing the features strange
How will I mould you? How will I fill your eyes?
Slithers in silver or chiseled from pyrite and lime?

In misted trains arranged
Spores in suspended rain
Course under spells
On predator wings

Paradigm sweepers, Obsidian minds
Scanning the starlight for signs
Hues of dementia blur at their sides
And the boundaries of energy fray and decline
Their strange eyes shine
Fused to another
Palms raised to goad
Wisdom from ether

They form holes between worlds
That I follow with an eagerness
Down the dark slides and passages
Into gloom
Where wide, white pools of reflection
embrocate and charge their bones

Bleach out my memories back to the core
Where knowledge is energy
And magick is a cannibal, animal fire
Reign in the spores
Spoils of my soul
Adhered to worlds below

They form holes between worlds...

Conjure my others under my features
Doused in the river, pure and in pieces
Seek out my brothers, snuff out the candles
All of your emptiness I shall dismantle

5. V Δ


6. Garden Chancery

Forced into the stagelight / A weak, wan and marbled hide / Disgorged up to jugdement / Sharp cracks of the gavel
Great caps in a row / Their fine mystery certain / And the balcony heaves with old familiarts, lechers and treason
The prisoner's stance / A calm acceptance in the stifling scowl of the hanging judge / The defendant speaks...
Where am I now that you could deliver me? / I have lived over clouds and beneath the deepest sea
I sang from the caverns as the rocks peeled and broke with trees / I was origin, everything. Who could deliver me?
For I was a blaze in your shallow dusk / The winding berth of stars / Where lonely gavels pound the earth
To work it dark with scars / But I tire of the chase, the harvest monopoly / How you bore with your delicate graces and
charity / I'll soothe quiet desires and the ache of the evergreen / And then how shall I wait - for judgement or clarity?
For I am your ache and your reverie / Your wild desire and colour / And in my flaws adorn the court / The pivot of my garden
Deliver your judgement / My chancery, pause to decide
Deliver your judgement / My garden, my flowers of light

7. The Lazarus Cord

Wading gapers lash & mow / And in flicking pitch / They call from the bottom / Restless arms / Stretching-out
Blindly bat at the scent of the surface / Where a nodding forest draws / Sweet airs from the sky / To weep down upon them
Beneath the crust / Skin like chalk / Features eroded & cracked hulls breaking-up / A sigh / That flies straight like an arrow
To bury itself beyond these halls of mould / Reprieve / Rise a bolt from the strong will / Another clambers onto / The Lazarus Cord
A line like dried skin, pearl & taught / Hangs through the barbs and lips of the shadow / Pressed by wide / Thirsty eyes
Wet with failure and wild with devotion / At its base a brawl of souls / Scrambled structures, flapping and broken
Fallen high / from the cord / Dashed apart on the shards of their fathers / Alone upon that ivory line / A figure climbs the rope
from the rotten heap / Back to life / Out of death / Watched by ancient, toothless and open mouths / Bawling out their crimes to the shadow
Elemental, hoarse and forgotten / Beneath the crust / Skin like chalk / Features eroded and cracked hulls breaking-up / A sigh...

- And the rope reclaims a soul / - To its weave of sinews / Enervating, the dust on their dry fingers / In a slow-formed intimated cascade
Curling smokres step across and, embracing, / Like hunting nerves they scavenge for reason / On the Lazarus Cord
- And the rope reclaims a soul / - To its weave of sinews / Blind husks cling to the cord / leveled, their gaze at the / roots and the damp soil,
lined soft with light gossamer / Beheld from the catacomb / by piercing black diamonds / A glazed and gelid ether
As waters over / Waxen features / Their eyes a glass / In granite seizure / But it's all that matters / It's all that matters now
On the Lazarus Cord

8. The Shrike Screw

Briars you sip / You siphon beaty / Speak softly through licks of carmine / Wet your tongues with finite sorrows / Closing horrors
bound into you / Wake / Awake with fascination / living tower / writhing temple / Speak only in hymns of passion
Power, ardor degradation / / Above you / Above you old observances / A murder of admirers / My dust to / flutter into the flow
On breezes, warm breezes / / Ah, the Shrike Screw / / Flakes / Like burrs / With beggar's faces / Bow from horns with pricking fingers
Cast, conducted by the totem / By your bleeding gulping centre / Lights and lures / and breaching bindweed / Wind the opened loam
about you Speak to me your hymns of waning / succor, cruelty / desecration / / Above you / Above you clouds are changing
their faces for you, adoring / I clothe you / I, in dust and clay and the wake enthralled and / Before you / Ah the Shrike Screw

9. Rx.


10. Trace Of God

Impatient ghost / In your wide smile I open / Pale as bone, / Incandescent and starved / A poem up from a field of corrosion
In folds of gold / To burst like a star / Abandon the light / Abandon the skin / Abandon the search for these troubles
I watched for a world that would let it fall in / An order ablaze in the rubble
(Trace of God, Trace of gold) / Imbued with / a reflected light and prose that wound over and over / and / struck out
rain a gilded cage / / Linger ghost / Claw that space with hunger
Cities twist to ash in your hand / I catch fire in a whirl of your verses / Elements unbound / / Abandon the ligh... / Crawl in type
shape / Scratch your song into sound / Burn / Breathe / Ignite the pyres / / Turn your back on the surface you own / Face the sky
Accuser / I will fall on your dreams / Your hand in my world

11. Harmonies In Cloud

Slide / Pale harmonies in drifts / Veils drawn over and / Sleep slunk in slow / Bite / Smile your bridal grief for / The more you weep
The more that seed can grow / / Ash is falling, just like snowflakes floating down / Shells and masks on gentle dreamers under cloud
Peace / Illuminate the faces by the road / I just know / I just know they keep quiet count / -misdemeanors, malice manifold
I just know / Sullen souls / Slumber now, slumber so / Slip away from the fold / From the toll, from the toll
Covered-up in the drift / Covered thunder's murmured roll / Thick with hunger / Distant and lowe / / Unending / The ash is alighting
to gnaw at their seeds under stone / An energy dark and voracious , a summoning under the Moon / I feel them, their focus and sorrow
A study of horror in flight / To worry my wounds with their wisdom / And draw out infusions for night / (Slide comas slow)
Upon the scaffold and the deaf beasts / (Harmonies in cloud) / Over the harrowed and the grime / (Suffering below)
By breaths - a barrow high with harmonies / (Dreamers under shroud) / For the grazing hive / Ash is falling, coma's winter
Cankers' feast of fitful thinkers / Alive, the curtain extends a slip of warning / Of sulphurs brave and intent, / Of sorrows homing
As if the faces can turn out of their moorings / Harmonies in cloud... / Slide comas slow

12. White Tryptych


Night limbs lean out to trace those long roots
The many arteries of this forest
And somewhere in its web I can find rest
Feeling entirely all the fractures of this space.

It shines out on hunters in stasis
Frozen in the membrane of night
Rapt under the Moon's cool skin on earth
And charged with purpose

I trap a fragment
An echo strapped in amber
Moth-like and held from home.

You, then, are my reluctant tutor
And through you I interpret the stark lunar stare
The mad visitation


Savour – fasting guardians of night
A black watch on the heath stilled by low currents
Grace – trickles of scent and heat
Fissures affixed as petrified twine

Bask – vain sepulchral hairs
Whose blossom aches and huddles close
Course – milk-light over hushed hearts
And breath's crystal hung celestial

For you the bellicose thorns wind
Like secret serpents from light
For you the players sway on a stage of alabaster
Clasping their hands
Clasping their hands


Bold in rich cobalts
From a bottomless well
An amour of ivories
Sutures of spell
Don't fade in my prism
I shall empty your book
And deliver to midnight
The majesty took

Flood the fields deranged
Silver-white stain
It seeps to draw the wonder through the web
To teeter at the edge

For your gaze turns the cold stone
And bears a monument out of waste
For your dead walk ingrains Life with Death
And makes marvels of the gradients

Aort – Guitars
Andras – Guitars
Syhr – Bass
Lordt – Drums
Wacian – Vocals

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