1. Sympathectomy

The cosmic paradox that binds us all
Converging only in beginning and end
The noose's shadow steady hangs over our heads

Watching life unfold in reverse
It's like dying in the womb: an unexpected gift
As the four walls of a glass casket grant
Our collective existence a tomb with a view

Dragon-slaying is its own reward
In this bingo parlor for the dying
the tree of life sways to the opposite
And circle reunites with circle

Working hard at being unacceptable
So throw the bodies on top of the pyre
But please be mindful and recycle their beliefs
Because 3 out of 4 horsemen aren't jobless

Envision your worst nightmare...
We call it a day in the life
You despise what you once held so tight
So near, unclear, unfeared...
Please turn up buried or missing

Exhaled in every breath

Lumber forth

Downfall manifest
Lumber forth night
Lumber forth... eternal night

Your deception fetish is not only appalling,
It reeks like a limbless prostitute's breath
As list of disorders as follows in this exact order:
Enlightenment, salavation, forever, hope, faith, death




As we pay our final disrespects
Gathered in the church of the atom
Let us exalt in finality
At oblivion's altar

Mushroom clouds

Snort these putrid fumes

2. Instant Death Syndrome

Unwashed kingdom of failures, resplendent with filth
and incalculable cruelty:
Arise from unlight to destroy the divine!
Profane sacred intent.
Reclamation of our doomed domain
From the gutter to the grave.
Bastards seeds of damnation...tonight we strike!

That which we pray for is that which we'll die for.

Our tyranny of pain...beneath the cloak of sin.
Mainline the Holy blood!
Feral denizens of nihility...we strike!

All that we've lived for is that which we now die for.

Feed Us!

Feed us...eternal night, feed us...majestic decay.
Our ravenous hunger for the end, let us touch the great nothing!

Assembly line of womb to tomb, in the embrace of ruin.
Principled lust for ruin.
Unbridled lust for ruin.

Thrust into the web of perdition.

3. Black Tears

As lava lies molten so doth bullshit stink
This ethereal reek of a postmortem existence

Fuck yes I flirt with disaster
But wouldn't be caught undead licking its ass after

Spectral claws
Astral blowjobs

Like tetanus for chocolate,
I've embraced the principle of unsanity
Organized chaos
Found only in the mind of the unwound

I'll be the sniper at your funeral
And use your headstone as a urinal

Spectral claws
Astral blowjobs

Despondent we live in splendor we perish
Claw first from the aether
Each loss we cherish

When none became all signaled the funeral procession
An eternal void became infernal regression
Swallowed alive while dying to live
A subtractive equation of all that must end

We've come to view happiness
As an antithetical equation

Despondent we live, in splendor we perish
Claw first from the aether, each loss we cherish

These are my parting words
For a world I've always fucking hated
Watching it burn to a cinder
Is the sole reason I've waited
To blow my laptop off and say goodbye
To each loss I've cherished

Despondent we've lived

4. Lust vs. Vengeance

Jaws of Satan open wide

The maw of chaos swallows us alive
Forced to breathe yet we beg to die
Derelicts and deviance no surprise
Mary's slit with no immaculate incision

Peel away the flesh of this rotten carcass on display
Of scofflawery and decay

Fly away, run away
Broken wings and broken haloes
Broken lives and broken dreams

Turn away, run from the light
Because neither of us know how this tale ends

The endtimes that you forecast
Are now being aired live

A three plate discourse on disaster,
Now serving six

Let's see what tomorrow reaps

Operator dead, post abandoned
Left alone stranded,
Left for dead

I'd kill you, if I could eat you, but since not
Fuck you

I can't manage nor contain myself, and I no longer try
Spewing rancid ejaculate on humanity's face
And aiming for its eyes

I'll live my life to ensure I'm front row
At the funeral of everything that matters

Run away, look away, flee the scene
Perhaps we should dig another grave?

What you cherish I destroy

5. Of Eating Disorders And Restraining Orders

The euphoria of vomit coats my teeth
And again I dream of chewing
Away the umbilicus
To a universe I've never felt an attachment to

Thoughts drift to a world
Steeped in carcass char and napalm tar

Miasmal reek of a world worth living in

Time immemorial my only ally
In a world draped in deceit

When that time arrives
It will commemorate this world
Being facefucked

And left to rot in the ashes
Of the fetus hope left on the table
The afterbirth left behind from this postmenstrual abortion

"I am not lost. I know exactly where I am, I am in some shitty fucking Hell which is exactly what I deserve. But YOU, YOU are lost. All my life I thought I needed you, that I couldn't survive without you... fuck, FUCK. It was the other fucking way around. It was the other way around."

It's what makes me lose sleep at night
Not the morally incongruent concepts

Of wrong and right
For they both lie at odds
And that disparity is a chasm

As it came together it shall also fall apart

Burned temples of diseased fleshly dominion
Irradiated with the flames of desire

Shooting syringes made of filed-down bones
Injecting the filth left from our subconscious minds
Stemming from our previous lives

All that encompasses you is all that distresses me

6. A Death Sentence Called Life

The seeds of malice indeed bear bitter fruit
We are all too familiar with the taste
Lying lifeless, dying nameless, disintegrated

The genesis of irrefutable magick

The dawn of imminent defeat
And the gnosis of their disparity

I witnessed that graceful tumble:
The only thing harder than watching
Was looking away, united only in the end
End and good times synonymous
In the mind of the unwound

The kiss of nothingness cries itself to sleep at night
While we live out this emptiness
Beholden to the concept of potential bliss
This disease plagues us all, as we embrace... downfall

[-Jacob's verse, his words-]

Empty words, faint echoes of nothingness
Patience drained into darkness I possess
Life of despair, leaving nothing for you
Death in the air, stench of reality breathing
Through smashed face, eternally crushed
Beneath the flood, I wait and rot for all to see
Taste of blood within a noose that's conquering
Chained throat, ripping my skin with broken glass
Black as pitch

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