When All Became None

1. Blood Born Doom

Path ingrained fall face first into nothingnessAll roads lead me to self-destructVeins are maps paving way to the abyssUp is down and from this there is no escapeDrown down and outGates without keys eyes without holesLife without answers a corpse with no soulBorn under the worst sign Revelations of an innocence lostFrom the cubicle to the casket life is a mere lottery of lossThis code of damnation ineffable to in it's beauty My race to the grave is my birth given dutyMy race to the grave is my birthrightMy inborn malignance manifests failure completeI know I'll never leave this shitball aliveMy insurrection versus resurrection let's me knowThis name dies with meThis depravity this futilityIt's synonymous with familyFuck you forever and fuck meI deny both idols and hopeI reject this holy hoaxAt the end of my nooseFuck the son long live the beastThere's an itch in my throat only a gun can scratch

2. Start Saving For Your Funeral

Enraptured by the glow of armageddon of which you already knowThe black void twists and turns and calls me homeA vendetta for revenge and bloodlust to dieTo watch it all come to an end preaching sermons of sleazeMy advice? Start saving for your funeralIt's the only true betThe only handout ever is the reaper's handOutstretched in deathWho would call this shitball home?Who wouldn't be best servedBy feasting at the funeral knell?Who hungers not for decay?My advice? Start saving for your funeralIt's the only true betThe only handout ever is the reaper's handOutstretched in deathThe preaching of psalms deniedExtinguish the light it shines no moreOf servitude and supplicationBring on nuclear winterFeastDrown in silence and servitudeRequiems for the lifelessDamnation and downfallThe two gifts of lifeFeastExtinguish the light it shines no moreWho hungers not for decay? Bring on nuclear winterBring an end to this curse

3. Strip Nude For Your Killer

Torrents of blood cover the eyes of the lost in a discordian blanketTo bury the illusions of those not silenced from slit throatsStrip nude for your killerThe best place to hide is in plain sightNo guilt for the consumedThe power of mercy is now extinctBlack-gloved hands knives to throatsThese are the new messiahsStrip nude for your killerThe best place to hide is in plain sightNo guilt for the consumedPutrid breath of life how I hate youYou burn all you touch with gifts dualOf misery and awakeningA rotting sentence that walks and kneelsAll that prays kneels and diesArms outstretched on bended kneeAll that walks kneels prays and diesTongues of ice tongues of fireAll shall burn in the funeral pyreArms outstretched pray and dieWe exhaltAnnihilation we are your guides let us be your eyesLet us hold hands united in the great uncomingOf that which is perfectWe bow great bringer of night

4. Spitting In Infinity's Asshole

Choronzon's dawn we embrace youOffer forth the benevolentTentacle of futilityWhispers of obliteration echoing nighBring down the summer of finalityWe huff your rot now come forthAnd carry us homeBear benevolent gifts of decimationOur congregation of the endWelcomes youForever and never of waysAnd impossibleGreat breaker of worldsTo thee great kingLet us be your vesselsFor the great uncomingAlways and impossibleGreat destroyer of lifeWe huff your rotThe tragedy of the excommunicatedForever and ever always impossibleSoliloquies written in bloodAs we were all born so shallwe die alone

5. High On The Reek Of Your Burning Remains

Baptised in scars crowned in agonyConceived with the futile notion of the selfcould ever ascendA swine existence for this plague of mortals most foulRip the skies asunder to draw them downEnd this curse of flesh and bloodShower mortals with the remains of their kinThere is nothing left worth savingAnd even less worth dying forThe ultimate blessing is silent sleepForever as it was once foretoldRip the skies asunder and draw them downEnd this curse of flesh and bloodDog eats dog eats man eats selfThe packing order of the leprousFundaments of failure embodied in manBegotten signs of faith drop lifelessUnder the velvet of no promised tomorrowA swine existence for his plague of mortals most foulRip the skies asunder draw them downEnd this curse of flesh and bloodO great lord shower us with shit and pissO great lord give meaning to this outrageO great lord bear the vestige of the atomO great lord in glory AnnihilusO great lord let me consume your sufferingO great lord let me waft the fumes of your corpseO great lord I inhale your pestilenceO great lord shower us with your deathO great lord

6. The Sadistic Rites Of Count Tabernacula

We are all but blood on Satan's clawsRain down plague to wash down famineBathe us in the waters of deathShower us with fire eternalThe cleansing when all became noneCongregate flagellateWe the downtroden beg youCorrect this most grave of mistakes creationWe who exhalt in the end worship itWe beg for baptism in blood in sinewSnuff us outBurden us not with the disease of tomorrowWrap us instead with black wings of sorrowNo prayers sent up to an empty skySink for fangs deeper into our necksWe who exhalt in the end worship itBaptise us all with bloodBaptise us with humanity's eulogyThe end when all became noneIf the streets are sewers the churches are abbatoirsIn case of rapture the car might be unmannedBut the gun tower won't beSend us back to the vapor of the etherRain down plagueWhen all became none

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