Crimson Moon
Canticles of Dust

1. March of the Scythe

2. Serpent Beneath the Skin

A sea of Blood as Mark of Terror |The Infinite and Abominant Stature|The Serpent Beneath the Skin | TIAMAT - IA IA | KINGU - IA IA | AZAG-THOTH - IA IA | PAZUZU - IA IA| Coiled, Envenomed and Cold Blooded |One Strike to the Kill | Enamored with Hatred | That which wields the End of Life | Oh Pestilent Angel, Spread thy Wings | The Whirlpool of the Apzu, twists into a portal of 8 | The Salted Seas Cleanses thee of Order | Stars within the Veil of Night Brightly Shine | Melting are the Feathers of Angels | Descending with Utmost Grace, Fallen | The Alchemical process of Purity | Transformed into Transcendental Darkness | Through Serpentine Force, The will of Akasha | The Venom of Kundalini | As a Dagger doused in Poison | Reach Through thy flesh | Gaze into the Stars | See the Serpent's Stare | Be not Strong but Immune | Drink the Venom | Purge in the gate of GANZIR | Forgotten in Silence | Intervals of Eruption | Leave Shadows of Malevolence | As an Eclipse once marked Omen | A rarity of Darkness, now Prevails

3. Sender of Nocturnal Visions

Within my Cold dreams | I rise unto a dark moonless sky and through the dark | I see the distant flames | the torch-lit crossroads where the sender of nightly visions dwells the Ancient roads |I hail to thee, Hecate | I embrace your visions of the night | Weaver of the web that guides me through the astral planes | Accept the black slave I sacrifice | I hail to thee, night riding goddess | Upon the shrine beneath the light of the full moon | I place the offering before thee, deity of magick and prophecy | Oh, trinitarian goddess of witches | Whisper unto thee, the dark secrets of Sorcery |And through my dreams thou has sent me visions of the heavens, the Earth and the Underworld | Thou has opened the eye upon my brow, I gaze out with prophecy| I gaze through the eye of Draconis upon the cold and dismal nocturnal visions | to stars unseen by man | I cast forth thy fanged tendrils through thy serpent eye | And within the night's veil, I invoke the 3 fold goddess | With the face of a Serpent the face of a horse and the face of a dog | Hecate of the night appears before me | Let us commune with the secrets of fire | under the dark some moonless night | Hecate, she who sends visions of the night entrance me with your might | I invoke thee unto thine circle and sacrifice the black lamb | spilling the blood upon your altar | I cry forth your sacred names | guide me through the Web of Wyrd | unto the victims I haunt | I shall gather the life blood through the night from the slave race to sacrifice | Hail unto thee Nocturne Goddess I embrace your visions in blood |

4. Luminiferous Aether

Through Fire and flame | annointed in ashes | From Earth and Water | The Spirit baptized into the Air |in aether and astral | the mortal shell entiwined in gossamer | conceived in the Abyss |Awoken in the torchlit crossroads | to find the Serpentine Path |A forest which shadows in confusion | yields the path, which leads the Adept... | lost in their senses | as the compass leads into the chaos star |

5. Under the Serpentine Spell

Entranced by the Magick that constricts thy soul | Empowered by the Force of Draconis | Under the dark sky whence Ursa Major drowns | into the depths of the horizon | I call forth the Serpent | Under her Mighty Spell! | SARRATUM TIAMAT, Hail to thee! | For it is written, She will arise| From Seas of Fire, Dreaming of vengeance | Leviathan arise!| Entranced under the Serpentine spell | I am guided by her flame | Entranced by the serpentine stare | I see visions arcane | Descending from red skies| Ugalla demons, minions of KINGU| Exalt the Sign of Chaos |"And TIAMAT ascends from the depths below the seas, | for blood she rises | As it is written, 7 Angels with 7 seals flew across the sky | and the first who broketh the first seal upon those who wear the mark of TIAMAT | failed in impotence. |For the angel's magick of God | could not break the Serpentine Spell." |Flames the Dragon spit forth | smoldering feathers of angels wings |7 Angels of revelations falling | charred from Dragon fire |...and drowning in her seas | The elders are not watchful! Attack! |Those of the awakened rise up | onwards to Armageddon |Claim the Throne of our fate and lead the venom legions... | to a bloody victory|Entranced by the Magick that constricts thy soul |Empowered by the Force of Draconis |Under the dark sky whence Ursa Major drowns |into the depths of the horizon | I call forth the Serpent |Under her Mighty Spell! |Into a storm lit night, facing the West altar | I chant the conjuration of the path of the Everlasting | the shadowed path of the Vampyre |Under the Serpentine Spell |

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