Crimson Moon
Mors Vincit Omnia

1. Vanitas

Angel of wilted wings
That whom descends as death
Haker of the last living breath
Harvester of life

All powerless possessions
Flower the fruit of the reaping
Wealth, fame and ego
Shall be left af the shore
To those who embark the vessel
Of Charon
Leave not behind, the final will

Of passion to possession
The will to hold on
May the death grip of material
Become dust in your fist
Clench into the ashes
And reach unto the embers
No power that man can behold
Can grasp beyond the veil of death

Mors vincit omnia

In pereptuum, in reflection
As cycle of endless being
One must become nothing
To prepare for the end
As nothingness, as a void
Nestled in a chamber
Without ego
...without ego

All will be lost
And the lost memories
Shall too be faded
Into the dust which is covered
By death

2. Altars of Azrael

Wilted winged angel
Scented of carrion
Decrepit one of decay
Sulphur of the spirit
Harvester of those
Who have passed beyond

Without warning
Void of signal
Alpha Omega
As life is the beginning of the end

Bibire Venenum In Auro

To conquer fate
One must sacrifice
Unlock the gate to the afterlife
Stare into the void
The deep shall reflect
The bell toll
Rings its final chime
When the hourglass
Has dropped all its sand
To you he shall descend
And reap the life from man
The blood of life shall spill
Upon the altar of Azrael

The circle of vultures
Above the valley of death
What goes up, must come down
Down, down underground

Mors ultima ratio

Death becomes all
So soon but never late
As a sign that carves in stone
To seal one's fate
Of ego and mind
And body - to decompose

3. Godspeed, Angel of Death

Fading into the nightshade horizon
A path to glimpse into darkness

Uknown to the mountains
Which cannot reach above and below
The swift slice of the sickle
Persecution of blade

That which severs the mind from
The head and the body from the soul

Descending through darkness
With the speed of light
Oh angel of death, be comer of all
Oh angel of death, Azrael

He who rides upon the storm
And strikes as light
And leaves as cold
Sender of all to the wheels of fate

Tempus edax rerum

Deliverance unto the arms of death
From warm womb to cold soil
As all once known, fades away
As a light once running, now
dying in embers
He who is summoned qucikly
He who is beckoned slowly
He who with godspeed light
Will extinguish the mortal flame

A looming shadow
Forebodes to descend
With wings of darkness
Which veil the mortal shell
The angel who sits above your head
Sword drawn, and dripping with gall
Bringer of the final hour
As the soul escapes through the mouth

Bibere venenum - in auro

Tempus edax rerum!
The devourer of all things
Which shall fray the silver cord
As offerings to the angel of death
In mortem aut gloriam vamus

The white track
Which left the trail
To the path of the pale horse
Godspeed - the quickening of death

Angel of the sign, Omega
Who turns the hourglass upside down
Fragile to be brocken
Or lasting until the final grain of sand

Godspeed is the blade
Of the angel of death
Which cutteth the cord
And ends all life
Known as the 4th horseman
The destroying angel
Mal'ak Ha-Mashshit
12 winged, full of eyes

Omnes vulnerant ultima necat

Between the earth and the heaven,
with a drawn sword in his hand
Stretched out against Jerusalem
As a blade unto the soldiers of
Sennacherib all conquered by time
Between the devil and the deep blue sea
With trident aimed towards the spirit

4. Upon the Pale Horse

Scythe wielder, upon the pale horse
Harbringer in an aura of doom
Whom severs the mortal coil
And inhales the dying breath

Abstinent from mercy
Often summoned by fear
Though his presence may be dinstant
His arrival is imminent

Mors tua - vita mea

In sihlouette of Saturn's ring
A shadow, dimmed and devoid
Eclipse of the dimnished flame
Into smoke and ashes
Into the arms of Azrael

Bringer of fate
Reaper of the spirit
Descending from a darkened sky
Upon the pale horse

The lunar sickle
Alignment into the harvest
The curved blade of life and beyond
Forged not linear
But twisted into form
Who wields the scythe
Upon the pale horse

Abstient from mercy
Often summoned by fear
Though his presence may be distant
His arrival is imminent
The pale horseman descends
Bearer of the scythe
Harvester at the veil
Ender of all life

In silhouettes of shadows
Which the aura eclipses the light
Equestrian of damnation
The taker, of life

Risen above the fallen grains of sand
Which have sunk into the hourglass
The body once a temple, now empty
And all that once held life, no longer remains

Fate bringer - reaper of the spirit
Death dealer - from upon his pale horse
Descending from a darkened sky
Upon the pale horse he rides
Cloven hooves of the fiercest storm
Which beat to the pulse of tempests
To release the living energy
Which never dies
And always changing form

5. Parcae - Trinity of Fates

Neuna fata. Neuna dono. Parca maurita dono

Invoked under the 9th moon
As her spindle has filled to a swell
On the ninth moon she is summoned
From the silk which has cast her spell
A a woven gossamer strand
Unbreakable only by one
As a grain of hourglass sand
Once fallen, cannot be undone

The thread of life
Woven by the 1st
Forms into strife
Woven by the second
To equate the balance
Thrice is the weaver
Whose mother is night
And father is darkness

Median of the 3 parcae
Bringer of fates offered
As paths in the prime
The apex of ego and health
Bearer of the second flame
Cusp bearing balance of fate
Weaver of the strongest silk
Whom only one may shall sever

Only one, can sever
And sever all she will
As present as the horizon
As distant as the hidden fangs

3rd parcae of the underworld
3rd weaver of the web
End of the golden cord
She who decides when you are dead
The end of a trinity
Beginning of a cycle
The final touch
Which your spirit shall feel

Neuna fata. Neuna dono. Parca maurita dono

6. Mors Vincit Omnia

The scythe of Saturn
Gripped within the clenches of death
Mors vincit omina
For all must follow the path to the 7th gate

Mors vincit omnia

Dust into the void
Breath into the wind
Ashes in the water
And blood into the soil

The light shall raise us
The darkness shall tear all down
Silent as the mortal curtain
As death makes not a sound

Azrael, help of god
The angel of certain death
4th of the horsemen

Mors vincit omnia

Sickle bladed steel
Reminiscent of the crescent moon
Cleaver of the sinews
That cling the flesh to the soul
As gallows in the forest
Carried on distant winds
The imminent approaches
Forever gaining on your back

Hark the angel of death
Beneath shadows of his wings
He who holds the hourglass
Taker into the underworld

The scythe of Saturn
Gripped within the fists of death
Mors vincit omnia
For all must follow the path to the 7th gate

7. Funeral Begotten

The final communion
As the obol of Charion is placed
In the mouth
Viaticum mortis
As sustenance
As survival into the afterlife
As a funeral begotten

A mournful procession
To gather upon the passing
From what death has ripped from the world
To those who've touched the essence
And those who know only loss
For the arms of death
Taketh and giveth away

Pulvis et umbra sumus

Time is the teacher of mourning
Experience of loss brings us closer to death
To fight death is to live
Existence beyond is planted in memories
Which transfer into legacy

Eram quod es
Eris quod sum

The mark which the spirit has made while in flesh
May be written upon the earth
And whence the spirit leaves the body
Its mark can remain
As a scar or a monument
Or forgotten as an eulogy
Written in sand

Against the winds of time
Woe to the spirit, whose funeral was in vain
Divinity is in the fallen, whose influences remain
Catharsis of being, from a life once flesh
A funeral begotten, to honor the life of your death

The journey here can begin
But here is where the journey may end
Under the pale blue light of Azrael
Radiant as the light of the moon
In the cold night's fog
Fathomless as the abyss
Whose seas we all may drown
Between the devil and the deep blue sea
One must find, one must lose
Between the earth and the underworld
One must transcend

Serpent encircling the god of the sun
Guiding the journey of death into night
Of infinite scales
Which adorn patterns in stars
And coil around the constellations

Sic transit gloria mundi
Omnia mors aequat

Symbol of Ophidian Helix
As sculptures of the cosmos
In duality and in balance
Forged is essence and DNA
Death will come for all
Until the god of the cult of the sun returns

8. Tempus Fugit

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