Crimson Moon

1. Gossamer of Arachne

Velut Luna
Semper Crescis
Aut Decrescis
Rota Volubilis
Velut Luna
Semper Crescis
Aut Decrescis
Et Velata
Mesmerized in Direction
As the victim lays into the web
Entwined within the Silk of the Shell
Drowned in Perception
The Vision is Born
The Twisting of the Serpent
The Chaos of 8 forms
A knot in all the Currents
A Force beyond Perception
We who Celebrate the Birth of Anunnaki
We who resurrect the light from Above
They shall find the fire in the Sky
The first step of the left hand Path
The Inner light is devoid
IA IA - The Blind Chaos
IA IA - The Lord of Lies
The Temple is a Cycle
Through Flesh and through Death
The 7 strands intertwined
The silver chord wraps as a noose around the neck
Oh weaver of the 7 planes
Dimensions entwined as a labyrinth
As an epitaph of a Fallen Star
The body is transformed into Being
That which once animated the flesh
Illuminates as the Aura of the Monadic Plane
Devachan - The Dwelling of the Gods
Is entered through transcendence
Rites of Initiation achieved
The wheel of Ouroboros
Turning perpetually

2. Molding of a Spell

Sculpting away at the flesh
A surgical apathy
towards the mortal shell
Sculpting away at what is not needed
Blood Returned to Sacred Temple
Spirit satiated
The Astral Cross
As Blending of Space, as twisting of Time
Vendetta is Gnosis
Vendetta is will
May the Nemesis find no air to breath
May their bones turn to Glass
May their flesh be punished with disease
May the sulphur form their fate
As they beg for Azrael's mercy
As sigil, as cuneiform, as a mark
as a reoccurring dream
In the form of salvation
far from the path out of reach
Unto clay, faith is carved
By the wind has molded to form
3 are the watchers, 1 comes, 1 goes and 1 still remains
Forever the clay shall be your stone

3. Seeker of the 7th Gate

The Blood of the Sacred
There is only one Spawn
Standing strong, vigilant, watchful
...To storm the gates
From the blood, of the sacred
There is one Spawn standing strong
Vigilant, Watchful
...To storm the gates, the depths of the seas
Fathomless, Infinite
Conqueror of the mind
or slave unto the flesh
worthy of apathy thrown into the depths
twisters of fate
we will dwell in KUR-NUGI
We who see Lapis Lazuli
The spirit ember shines
Up towards the planets as the divine
The absence of flesh
as we ascend the Ziggurat
And we approach the 7th Gate
and we march upon the veil of the Abyss
as we cross over into the depths
Below the seas
...And we shed our flesh
those who seek the Ziggurat
ascending through the 7 gates
worshipers of Tiamat. something, those who seek the Ziggurat, ascending through the 7 layers
Rise with the ancient smoke
into the senses of ascendance (through ancestry)
Evoke the Reptile of Chaos
Invoke the venom, from her veins

4. Weaver of the Web

Oh 3-Fold Goddess
Weaver of the Web
Bringer of the Crossroad Gate
To touch the world and the Spirit
A path wet with the tears
Of Magick and dissolution
The bitter sting, the venom of fate
Weaved within her Web of Wyrd
Transverses throughout the limbs of the Astral
A grand maze of perception (a labyrinthe of Dreams)
Infinite to those who shall seek their path
Light years beyond those who cannot seize time
Such as the daemon Star of Algol
Deceiver of true distance yet breathing down the neck
Infinitely giving signs of Light
It is written in constellations
And instinct, a map of the gates
Signs shown to the reptilian Eye
A Gate of transcendence
A key to the stars
It is then you witness the cosmos collide
And the wars within Pantheons
Ageless and formless like sand, sea and stone
And the time and light
Which once slipped through your fingers
Hekate! χαλάζι χαλάζι HEKATE! χαλάζι χαλάζι
Bringer of the crossroads
To cross the gates
And touch the spirits world
A path wet with tears
This is the first light of dissolution
This is baptism towards the second light
The shedding of the skin
Crossroads of the power of your magick touch

5. Urilian Worm

From distant stars descending
From heavens ripped wide open
Beneath the floating rock
The horned serpent rises
The watchers of the zonei tremble
As the liars in wait surround the 7 gates!
Those who once Protected the ARRA
And left behind a shell of DNA
Left to be covered by Sand and Dust
Forsaken between what was severed to be crushed
Within the conjoining bearer of the fangs
Colliding once again upon tail
The serpent which forged the cosmic blood
As the priests who read from the Magan text gather
When the great bear hangs lowest in the sky
Exalting the shattered vessel of the sages
They chant the words of hidden power
Spirit of the moon remember
Master of the IGIGI swing open the gate!
Spirit of Mercury Remember!
Spirit of Venus Remember!
Spirit of the Sun Remember!
Without darkness there is no illumination
Spirit of Mars remember!
Spirit of ARRA and AGGA
Spirit of the Great Planet Remember!
Son of Enki, Lord of Magick
Spirit of the wanderers of wastes
Remember! knower of the pathways of the dead
Veiled is the Night
The temple is quiet and dark
Father of the Fatherless Shammash
Has gone to his chamber of Sleep
Servent star of 7 powers
The abyss yawns wide open
Broken are the gates
The 7 elder Apkallu
Of shining swords now turn to rust

6. Oneironaut

Submerged in the depths of NAR-MATTARU
Where one may sleep death below the seas
Drowning in a cosmic whirpool
Bound by Gravity that pulls from the Ego
One must sacrifice to transcend
Metamorphic ascension
Through the current of the Serpent
That which becomes One within the Dream
The dreamer has awoken
Eyes of vigilance evoken
As a predator of a dream
Descending from offerings upon Morpheus
Split the soul from the body
Entwined is spirit from the flesh
All for the universe to absorb
The Oceanic experience, the fog of perception lifted
The sigil of Saturn
Metatron's Cube
Sands of time diminished
As time ceases to exist
The serpent of subconsious rises
To rejoin it's tail in the depths below the seas
A rising and descending cycle
As space is dissolved into light
The Sun, SHAMMASH, blinded by INANNA
The symbol of the shadow
Devourer of Daylight
The veil of the dreamer torn
A spell cast into the stars
As eyes in the shadows
As fangs of the serpent
Ascending the astral planes as the Oneironaut
The Dragon speaks
The gates are open
The Dreamer reaps
The spoils of Sleeping prey
As shadows descend
And Ruptures the light
The skin of sleep sheds to a cycle of death
Sleep shall drown you
In the river of death
Baptism in the Styx
Ego unto the underworld
The veil is broken
From spirit to flesh
The Eye is open
Of the Oneironaut
Serpent of Salt Waters
Predator of the Dream
Serpent of Awakening
Lay death to the ego
Oh Serpent of Vision
Sender of signs
Quench me with wisdom
Awake within the Dream
As life becomes Death
Mountains of enlightenment
The Threshold of Death
The Horned Serpent rises
The Winged Serpent descends
The Oneironaut is Awoken
As Lucidity is evoken
Quintessence of Alchemy
From Spirit upon the Flesh

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