Crimson Moon
To Embrace the Vampyric Blood

1. Intro: Dirge of the Apocalypse

2. Kingdom of Shadows

Into the wods of bewitchment, the whispering winds carry souls of the dead, Unto the throne I am summoned (and) once again I rule the sunless sky. In the kingdom of Shadows, where the blood is the life, and through the shadowed astral gates, I enter thy kingdom to rule once more.
I offer the very life from my veins, onto the altar of the Dragon. One thaousand voices of a race beyond are heard as I rise amongst the Spheres (stars).
Through the Shadowed woods of Torment, my soul aches for her touch, onto the West shores of water, I reach thy Kingdoms edge, to embrace the cold winds of the Nocturne as I gaze into the Abyss. The Eye of TIAMAT unleashes it’s freezing stare. The Dragon is awakened upon the kingdom denied by mortals - all hail for chaos is embraced!
Upon the shadowed kingdom of darkness, the Sun dares not to cast forth the light. All that once was hidden from the view of MALKUTH shall become the wisdom of the Vampir - who transverse thy Kingdom!
I rise through YESOD for from the blood I found life, I ascend into the glorious Moonlight. thy Kingdom is beauty, thy Kingdom is pain. In the Chaotic bliss of the shadows.
As my astral rises amongst the stars, I journey towards the mystery of the ages to gaze upon the throne, to ascend the pathways of wisdom.
I gaze into the birth of the Nigtsky, Lucifer, the Morning star gleems triumphantly.
Into the Woods of Bewitchment. The furious winds carries my thoughts (on) to the realms. Our kind, which is feared but respected shall reign (beyond) this Kingdom of Shadows. Our blood that is of KINGU shall boil with a hate so pure towards mankind. Chaos is one with our Kindred for TIAMAT’s blood has spawned our shadowed souls!

3. Praised Be the Blood of the Serpent

AVE CALIX SANGUINIS DOM TIAMAT - Praise be the blood of the Serpent of Chaos. Rise from the ABSU, serpent of the (salted) sea. Bless us with your kiss of Immortality.
Bring forth the blood of the almighty MUMMU TIAMAT. Serpent of Chaos, from the mountains of MASHU I invoke thee. Praise be the Blood of KINGU that lives on in these veins. Awaken Shadowed Dragon, Vengeance shall be yours!
I chant the words of Chaos, as my astral spills forth across the veil of the Abyss, unto the heavens I ascend, with thine sword drawn for battle... for blood must be shed, before the temple of the serpent.
For Blood she has risen and blood she shall have. I spill forth the crimson offering, I summon thee with thine own blood. I chant the ancient tongues.. AVE CALIX SANGUINIS DOM TIAMAT.
On through the depths of NAR-MATTARU the haunting calls resonate throughout the astral planes, for the call of the serpent runs deep within the shadows of the gate beyond the stars. I spill forth the blood unto the altar, I scry into the scarlet sacrament of wisdom. I gaze into he dragons eyes, I unleash the darkness of KINGU upon the throne of Light. Hail Draconis, towards the Moon spread your wings!

4. Carpe Noctem

Into the Darkness thy spirit wanders through the opaque skies I ride. Unto the Ancient moon I offer my blood before the graveside.
Carpe Noctem, spirits of the night, from the Veil of AZRAEL. I gaze upon the grave sght, through soil and withered leaves. The voices of evoken spirits (of the deceased) speaks to me. I hear the voices of deceased souls as chants of demons ring... vehemently.
From the Darkness I come. The cold and dissonant realms I am. I am the night the calls out. I am the red eyes that stare. I am the dark sorcerer of funeral Summonings. From the Nocturnal winds of Necrtomancy, I call forth the dead... may AZRAEL animate the corpse before me. I consecrate the golem with blood, I summon the powers of night. Within thine funerary circle of High Necromancy I commune with shadowed spirits. I view what once was, what is and what will come, through thine darkened circle I gaze through the all seeing eye.

5. The Stormbringer

I conjure thee O Ancestor of the Gods! I summon thee creature of Darkness by the works of Darkness. I summon thee creature of Hatred by the works of Hatred. I summon thee creature of the wastes by the Rites of the Wastes. I summon the creature of Pain by the words of Pain. I summon thee and call forth thee from thy abode in Darkness. I evoke thee from thy resting place in the bowels of the Earth - May the dead rise - may the dead rise and smell the inscense. I summon thee O stormbringer from the depths below the depths, may your chaos be set forth!
Come forth Stormbringer, ride the ancient winds, Rise up legions spawned from the Serpent of KUR. AZAG-THOTH, PAZUZU lead us unto war. TIAMAT, KINGU may thy children be reborn, fearless towards battle, fierce as the darkest storm unleashed from the bowels of the mountains of MASHU. Come forth to the Night, unto thine Chalice Bleed, Bleed upon the altar of Immortality.
INA ZUMRI YA LU TAPPARRASAMA! I manifest to astral spheres, before me layeth the sacred cup of the Draconis. I embrace the sweet wine and savor the metallic taste. For I have consumed the blood that lives forever more, the blood of the Draconis. I drink the blood, the hate of KINGU rages on. The furious tempest unleashes black storms and the chaos crawls beyond the stars, to uleash fury amongst the blackened earth.
Oh Dragon of the Apocalypse, come orth to reap the living, come forth to drink the blood, come forth to thine sphere of solitude, come forth to thine entrapment of chaos. Storm upon the heavans, cast out the light set forth the darkness upon Winter Skies.
Below the Heavenly skies, the storm clouds spill forth the Elder’s blood upon the Blackened and dying Earth. Crimson rivers run through the crumbled ruins all has been vanquished , all has been destroyed, all that remains is the eternal storm.

6. Sender of Nocturnal Visions

Within my Cold dreams, I rise unto a dark moonless sky and through the dark, I see the distant flames, the torch-lit crossroads where the sender of nightly visions dwells the Ancient roads.

I hail to thee, Hecate. I embrace your visions of the night. Weaver of the web that guides me through the astral planes. Accept the black slave I sacrifice. I hail to thee, night riding goddess. Upon the shrine beneath the light of the fullmoon, Iplace the offering before thee, diety of magick and prophecy. Oh, trinitarian goddess of witches. Whisper unto thee, the dark secrets of Sorcerey.
And through my dreams thou has sent me visions of the heavens, the Earth and the Underworld. Thou has opened the eye upon my brow, I gaze out with prophecy.
I gaze through the eye of Draconis upon the cold and dismal nocturnal visions, to stars unseen by man - I cast forth thy fanged tendrils through thy serpent eye - And within the night's veil, I invoke the 3 fold goddess. With the face of a Serpent the face of a horse and the face of a dog. Hecate of the night appears before me. - Let us commune with the secrets of fire, under the darksome moonless night. Hecate, she who sends visions of the night entrance me with your might. I invoke to thee unto thine circle and sacrifice the black lamb, spilling the blood upon your altar, I cry forth your sacred names - guide me through the Web of Wyrd, unto the victims I haunt - I shall gather the life blood through the night from the slave race to sacrifice. Hail unto thee Nocturne Goddess I embrace your visions in blood

7. To Offer Thy Crimson Sacrament

I call and Summon the winds of Sacrifice, under the Veil of Night, before the Crimson Moon.
For thou my soul bleeds forever, unto the altars of time.
I rasie thy Athame, before my own wrist, to spill my blood. Into the Dragon's chalice.
I offer my essence unto the immortal gods. Undead and dreaming, they lie beyond the depths, within the astral seas. With blood I invoke thee, let us commune, I offer thy Crimosn Sacrament, unto thee TIAMAT. Come forth in the night Oh ancient serpent, taketh the blood I shed for you. I chant the conjuration that cause the great gates to open wide. Let us commune in bloodlust, rapture and sin! Entwined within the bliss of Chaos I embrace the ancient spirits, I cast their darkness upon the earth.
From the darkness of the winter night's veil, in the hour when Ursa Major hangs lowest in the vast eternal sky, the sound which summons the ancients resonates, the sound of thy blood, dripping upon the altar stone.
A sound which calls beyond the veil of the abyss, and heard amongst the resless ones who lie beyond the gates. From dimesnions unknown the AKHKHARU descends to take the essence of blood. I place into the flame the sacred seal of the demon which is bonded by blond. Pulled into the astral plane my consciousness carries me on. I travel in the shape of a demon, who rapes the blood of man. From the bowels of Chaos, my soul is reborn with a hatred, pure towards mankind. I cast thy web of magick upon the night's dominion, I drift unto the sleepers side. - to open up thier veins wide.
I feed amongst the sleeping and offer thy Crimson essence unto the horned serpent that dwells in the night sky!

8. The Eye of the Draconis

Into the Light of Lucifer I gaze. The Morning star which shines amongst black sky, leads me towards astral gates... gates to the paths of the Draconis
Black wings carry me to flight, through elemental planes of time. Storming through Dark skies, I see through the all seeing eye. I transcend the prison of flesh, rising to my atrsal senses. I embrace the cold serpentine stare, the Eye of the Draconis. Ghastly visions of the netherplanes materialize before me within the cold abyssmal dominion. I awaken thine inmost self. I see through the eyes of the Dragon, from the cold planes of solitude, amongst the shadow lands.
I evoke thee Sabnack, through Martian ceremonial summonings. Ignited are the 5 flames of Geburah. I invoke thee Asmodeus, arch-demon of the 5th infernal habitation. Come unto thy scarlet chamber, channel your infernal majesty, unto thee! By sword and fire, I call unto thee to manifest, descend from the sphere of destruction, the red sphere of Maars. From the dark horse of battle, cloaked within the essence of Drakness, I chant the incantations of the 5th infernal demon, and unleash the curse of the evil eye. Asmodeus, manifest before thee, for I gaze from the serpent eye. The voice once faceless reveals it's essence unto me. The face of Asmodeus I behold before me. The face seen only through the Eyes of the Draconis

9. Outro: Embraced

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