Cromm Cruac
Meadows of Madness

1. Second Sight

My sight now is gone
It turned black
The stone so blue came
And it gave me one back

Some call it a gift
Of the second sight
I feel like I'm cursed
With this second sight

The visions so clear
In my head
The day I became a Seer
That, I'd like to forget! Fast

The future, for no-one, never to see
I question myself "is it worth to believe?"
My heart is still aching, of pain an relief
Now that they know I can never be free!

Dreaming of life as it treated me well
I feel like I'm cursed, cursed with this gift
Able to see the misfortune of men
But death just awaits me if I told of them

Fighting inside my head as I try
To decide who to tell or not to tell at all

And now I'm waiting to be freed
Of all dilemmas, as they breed
I know I never will be
The constant knowing burns my mind

To abnegate me as I try
Serving people who then want me
Persecuted and then to die

2. Swain Island

Take a look around you
I see it every day
People running and screaming
To have it their own way

It's time to stop this madness
Take one step back
Life is just a preparation
Of death to come

Just take one step back
And open your eyes
To see what really is going on

Don't make you lose yourself in this world
Try to see the importance
Of the unseeen

Status, money, and cars won't do you
Any good as you might
Learn at the end of this trip

Don't waste your energy on resolving
The things that really
Don't matter at all

We're drifting
From our means to
Be alive

We are
Loosing sight of
The big picture
Who we are

I cannot
Understand why
You don't see it
As I do

Realise this game you're plaing
Can't be played but once

Realise this life you're living
Is your only chance

3. Entwined Forever

I tried to wake up
And open my eyes
Get out of this dream

But no matter what I
Tried to do it did not
Alter my state of mind

My Anima Divina
Just fell apart
Not able to return to
Myself, oh god!
Free to travel beyond
Known barriers
All kinds of colours pass by
As I drift our oto the unknown

This astral travel seems to
Have no end
Seeing things not ever
Seen by any man
New dimensions
Crossing lines
This sense of freedom
Really frees my state of mind

Not able to take control
Laughter, hard, choking air
Drifting further inside

Finally light at the end
Closed my eyes as I fell
Deep down into the white

I will never let go
One day I will return
Make my soul once complete

'Till that day I remain
No dimensions, no time
Wait, again to entwine

4. Shade Of The Rowan Tree

As he sat there in the shade
He felt that nothing more could harm him
The branches like a mother's arm did
Protect him from this pain
Now creating his own private world and
Sinking deep away
A smile then appearing on him
Thinking, he was save

The he felt this sudden breeze
Which pulled him back into his reality
Heart stopped, he couldn't breathe
Eyes staring, nothing there
Running, just as fast as he could go
Not looking back
Wind crying, creaming out his name
And attacking all again

The Shade of the Rowan Tree was his way back
The branches of the old and sacred did protect him
The only door that made him live again

Looking back onto the trail
Seeing this was not a dream, experience
Silent screams
His tower of hope collapsed
Knowing this is the only way

He wants to be
A part of this world
Never go back
Just play this game again

He realises this is the last
Train that can bring him back
But then his urge to stay right here
Conquers fear, he closes his eyes

5. Meadows Of Madness

6. ...And Remember Nothing

As we sit by this fire
And reminisce good old times
I cannot stop laughing
As Oisin and his rhymes

We were feared by those who crossed our path

Felt like gods, brought death and devoured lives

Unprepaired and slaughtered in ways beyond disbelief

Didn't care, just one to achieve, just survive!!

As we sit by this fire
And reminisce good old times
I cannot stop thinking
Of the men we left behind

We were buried in the earth
Up to our waist, with just with a shield
Chased by men we then all feared
Just fought for what we were worth

The Twelve Books of Poetry
A way of life, became to me
We were anxious to become
A servant of the High King's Throne

As we sit by this fire
And reminisce good old times
I cannot stop feeling
All the pain I have inside

Oh yeas, I'm trying to believe
That there's a better way to be
Without the slaughtering of men
Without grief of what we ever lost

But everything, it seems so right
To ride with comrades and to fight
Past years have brought so much for me
Both victory and misery

There's not a single night I sleep
Without awakening from my dreams
Trying to ensure myself
And fall back into reality

No more memories I have
Of life as I knew it once before
Not shedding blood nor wasting men
No memories, no more

I can't wake up
From this dream, so it seems to me
I want to awake
And leave this terror all behind of me

All numb and blind
Barely able to retrieve myself
Not even now
I can't remember when I ever did

As we sit by this fire
And reminisce good old times
I cannot stop thinking
Of the men we left behind

7. Mirrorworld

Visions, dreams of drifting, soulless
In a dimension, without the loss of time
Just one step, and I'll be ready
To find out what I'm looking for

I have fear
Of what's

Immortal, obsessed with nature's anger
To overcome it, the goal of my intent
Nothing can stop me from achieving
There's no way back now, this is the end

I have fear
Of what's
The door

Fear takes over faith
Now it's too late!
Unknown destination
Twisted imagination

Looking, just to se reflections
Of a scared man, not sure of what to do
Just one way of ending my redemptions
Just one step, and I'll see if it's the truth
Shaking, hesitate to go now
Not knowing what's on the other side
Taking one last deep breath
Close my eyes, prepare to glide

The portal to this new dimension
Is right before me, just one big step away
To go through means leaving right behind me
The confident world as I have known

Not knowing what I might encounter
On my way through, but I will take that chance
Believing that making this decision
Will complete the quest for my true self

Fear takes over faith

8. Twist Of Fate

World of misery
Chaos all around
Men killing men
No solutions can be found

Bound to become
An unliveable place
No flora, fauna, nature
Or even our own human race

This tendency I think
Can't possibly be stopped
One way or another
This world is left to rot

The only safe place
On this planet to be
With harmony and peace
Is beneath the level of the sea

All kinds of fish, peacefully swimming by
Not in a way abusing nature's gift
No religion's going to divide them into groups
No hatred exists over colour of their skin

Just one way for mankind to survive this kell to be

An now my mind is set
I am going under
Or else I'm going insane

Constructing for over ten years
And now my plan's realised
A new world under the sea
No hatred, just peace, harmony

Instead of watching, doing nothing
Let this world decay
I will twist the fate

Follow me to the new paradise follow me

Last security measure
Are 12 atomic bombs
To stop them from destroying
My re-creation of paradise

9. Midsummer Night's Eve

As she was combing her long hair
The pale gray sky turned gold
She captured every ray of light that fell on my eyes
I felt like never before

So now I know
That sometimes dreams
Do come true
Just belive
There is a way
Of getting what you want
Dreams come true
Just believe

That one night
I took her skin
She was mine
Could not escape
Years went by
Nothing changed
The way I saw it
She belonged to me

The only way for her to return
To once again dwell in her domain
Our offspring needs to find her skin
So she can roam the sea once again

I know that one day I'll wake up
And find her not next to me
That day will come
But it doesn't matter much to me

The shifting of their shape, so powerful
To trick us fulfilling their dreams
Powerless unless they once transform
One weakness I than used, she was forlorn

The only way for her to roam her world
Is safely by me, her skin

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