Cryptic Forest

1. Heralding Bleakness

2. Winterstorms

Blizzards from the split sky,
Cause the rising sun to die,
Winter darkness trapped the World,
Blackening the crystal land.

Crevasses scarred world´s face,
A make up of glacial carapace,
A frozen mien of shivered fear,
Caught emotion at the blizzard´s burst.

All is reigned by stinging cold,
All is glassy and glazed,
Wolves are howling at the moon,
It seems death is coming soon.

The berserk raging winterstorms,
Takes nature´s breath away,
All is smashed and bowed,
A Nightmare, ice cold.

Winterstorms of might and greed,
Extend their supernal realm
Mereiless they conquer all
Leaving the World black and white.

3. Throne of Fire

Once reached the mountains of lava
You get a burning desire
To convert ash to ash
And set the World on fire

Once reached the lake of flames
You feel their insatiable hunger
To devour with their split tongues
The charred hearts and souls

Once reached the throne of fire
You loose your free will !
Now there is no return
Kneel ! Kneel or burn

Veiled in a fireball is the bones chair
Built of millions dead apostates
The sceptre of glow ignites the world
Bathing the land in a red light !
The horizon gets blurry
The air lies in schlieren
The world dissolves itself
Evaporated as a purple haze

Raging fire over the öand
Leaving no place to rest
All life exhales pathetic whimpering
While the throne recruits
Angels from hell
The reigning of fire damnation
Begins at the throne
And ends at the mountain of Ystyr
Wich stem the flames

Worship the throne of fire !

Kneel, Kneel or burn
it´s the beginning of the apocalypse
Kneel ! Kneel or burn
It´s the dawn of the eclipse

Where is this throne in front of
Which even kings kneel ?
At an unreachable place !
Where is this sceptre
Which melts even steel ?
Hidden in a blaze
Brighter than million suns !

Dark halls and hollow dungeons
Flake the pillars of the world
Full of worms an serpents
Which burn now in the fire burst

Kneel ! Kneel or Burn
Which thousands upon thousands

Once reached the mountains of lava
Once reached the lake of flames
Once reached the throne of fire
You have to kneel of burn
With thousands upon thousands
Angels from hell
You have to kneel and worship
The throne of fire

Kneel ! Kneel or burn!

4. Ystyr

Dark the land with mustered warriors
Subjects of the black Flag
Ready to conquer the whole world
Ready to sistribute darkness
Awesomely and irresistible
A shore of cliffs smashing every wave of tide
The darkest night soaking every light

All was buried in fire
All was hidden in dust
Thousands of red eyes emerged
Thirsting for blood and souls

Forsaken hope captured the world
Forgotten seemed all the tales
But the heart of nature beats forever
The legend is true

Covert beauty out of nowhere
Warm-hearted withstand the evil
Ystyr! Ystyr!

Ice-covered mountains reigning over deep green valleys
A never--captured stronghold of frost and granite
Thunderstorms from the highest peaks
Crushed steel and forced back the invasion
Darkness will conquer all
But Ystyr will never fall

5. Call to War

A call to the weapons
A call for blood
A call of wrath
Warriors euphoria arise

Louder than thunder we ride
Through sun drenched fields
Following our inner desire
Following the call to war

The horses´ nostrils are swelled
While their hooves raise dust
Our banner rattles in the wind
Which bears the sounds of war

United we are strong
Ready to face death
Resolved and brave is our heart
Hear the call to war

Time will tell whether dead or alive we return
Time will tell either a glorious or mournful legend
Time has come for us to rise
Time has come for us to fight

With weapons raised we are prepared
Never to forsake
Death or glory
Kill or curse

May our names be honored by our descendants
May our names make history and become eternal

Rivers of blood and
Rivers of tears
Will wash away the past
It´s the dawn of a new age
A call to the weapons
A call for blood
A call of wrath
Hear the call to war

6. Crown of Ice

Coldness and hate - Malice, it´s all inside them
Only frozen hearts and frozen tears are left

Once hearts were burning bright
Nurtured by love and fondness
Fervent blood melts the ice
Leading to purple lachrymal streams
Time flows from the dark side - Demons arise
Infiltrating the weak souls
A world unkind is what you find

Greed, egoism, factiousness and envy
Vultures of feelings, hyenas of the hears
Devour the world from inside
Bring coldness, malice and hate

Cold ice freezes the world
Opening up the abysses of humanity

Coldness has no limits
Incessantly it spreads
Congealing everything in the way
Leaving an inner desert of ice

Disruptive forces take possession
Poisoning oneself to death
From inside this venoms etch the veins
Perforating the soul like a sieve
Opening a way for the ice-cold storms
Freezing blood and freezing tears
A swath of destruction bearing witness
Of human races souls deranged

Emotions and feelings are frozen
Forever lost in the abysses of humanity

7. King of Cryptic Forest

Forest, green moss and high dark firs
A mystic place of tales
Mysterious composition of nature
Rugged Beauty I call mine

I am the sovereign of the wandering black spirits
Lord of the dark souls
King of Cryptic Forest!

Shadows ascending at sunset
Alive, breathing the scent of gloom
My army of fear and loathing
Concealed in the darkness

I am the lord of the dark souls
I am the king of Cryptic Forest

The water is closing in
The sky is veiled in clouds
Wind is foreboding a storm
Now is the time
MY hand is clutching at the world

Bravery in the field I await
Honour to my throne i expect

The roots inflame the underworld
The trees trust the firmament
My realm expands irresistible
And zoo all is reigned by ma dark heart

8. Smoldering

9. Creatures of the Dark

When sunlight turns to red
And the moon begins to rise
Hidden in the creeping fog
The creatures of the dark awake
Barung their sharp fangs
They starve for new victims

They seem to be saviours
But have split tongues
They seem to be of flesh and blood
But are mirages of lost souls
Full of wrath and fury
They look for revenge

Running from the day
And waiting for the darkness
They are damned to a restless life
Damned to be creatures of the dark

Fear the creatures of the dark

Beware of the calling voices
Singing the anthem of full moon
Beware of the rising shadows
Bringer of fear and terror
Beware of the scent of blood
Marking the trace of dead
Beware of the sons of falling darkness

Fear the creatures of the dark

All the past is forgotten
All the future makes no sense
Being a shapeless blurry image
An intangible appearance
from the dark side

When sunlight turns to red
And the moon begins to rise
The creatures of the dark awake
Calling for revenge

Forever blurry images
Forever damned to the dark
Forever lost souls
Forever until the day of doom

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