The End of the Dark Ages

1. Intro

Somewhere in time, somewhere in space,
For many, many centuries
The equilibrium between good and bad has reigned over the lands
Supervised by Alean, the planet Goddess.
Till one day, when demons managed to concentrate the bad side
On the top of the Hill Vorneas,
Now known as the Hill of Agony,
And gave birth to two entities,
The mighty and evil emperor Zul'Dahr
And Mogrod, the Rotting One...

This is where Mallek's crusade against evil will begin...

2. Zul Dahr

They are all in black,
Protected by armours and shields
Made of the Black Metal
With the fierce two-headed purple eagle.

They ride majestic black horses,
On their saddles, rotting human heads
At their side, furious giantic wolves
Out for the blood of the innocent

They come from a barren land
Dominated by a huge stronghold
On the Hill of Agony,
Black by the dried up blood
Of thousands and thousand of slaves
Who suffered and died,
Already long time ago
Building up this Fortress of Doom.

They ride majestic black horses,
On their saddles, rotting human heads
At their side, furious gigantic wolves
Out for the flesh of the innocent.

They come to steal all food and goods
To kill..
The young helpless children,
The weak, the elder
To take the women away
As pleasure slaves
And burning down the village
Only blood, ashes and death remain.

They are all the children of Zul'Dahr

For so many years
Zul'Dahr has brought terror and death
Further and further away
Around the Hill of Agony
By his loyal relatives,
His own blood, mingled with that of women,
Victim of his cruel lust.

He is the instrument of the demons,
For their morbid pleasure
And finally to rule this world.

Mallek was a tall and strong man,
Living in the extensive wood of Bordearon.
He lived in complete harmony
With the plants and the animals of the forest
Isolated from other people for so many Years.
Nature was his company and his ally.

The cruelty and evil brought by Zul'Dahr and his relatives
Was an attack on the integrity of Alean, the planet Goddess.
Since Zul'Dahr was under control of the demons,
Alean couldn't affect him in a direct way.
So, in order to try to stop Zul'Dahr's reign of terror
She needed a human being,
Loyal and strong enough to accomplish
His task, to kill the emperor, helped by Her powers.

3. The Revelation To Mallek

Deep into the dark forest of Bordearon,
There is a strong man: Mallek from the Woods
Who found in nature
His only trustful partner.
He was able to understand the tongue of
All living creatures of the woods
The whisperings of the trees
The screaming of wild animals.
As one day, dark clouds covered the forest
Thunder broke causing fear and distress
Even the fearless Mallek took fright
Feeling the power of the upcoming storm

Then suddenly, smelling the ozone in the air
As a spooky blue light surrounded him,
He got struck by the lightening
Broken through the protecting crowns of the trees...

"I am Alean,
I am the soil you are standing on,
I am the air you breathe,
I am the water you drink,
I am all the living creatures,
Which are surrounding you.
I've chosen you,
The one who knows from all humans
The best who I am,
How I think,
How I enjoy,
How I suffer,
To be my ally in my attempt
To undo the evil brought by
The Demons of this world.
And so to destroy their messenger Zul'Dahr
For this, I will assist you
By the power of the four elements,
The powers of Earth, Fire, Water and Life
Given to you by the lightening.
So go my son and do not fear,
Together we can bring back
Peace and life in and around
The lands of Vorneas.
Life there was before,
Before evil, cruelty and death arose at this place
The man from the wood
Woke up by the strong smell
Of burned wood and flesh.
Everything around black scorched,
Still smoldering except for him.
By miracle he survived.
Very vague, he could remember
The bright white light,
A woman's face in the emptiness,
A voice...
The sky almost cleared out
Living creatures turning back to life.
Only the black spot in the forest remained
With in the middle, on this knees
A confused man.

Mallek did not understand what happened
That day in the forest.
But after this, he continued living like he used to.
Often he has been thinking,
Trying to find an explanation
About what happened that day.
But very soon he would understand
When evil will appear in front of him
And forcing him to defy his destiny.

At the very same moment Mallek got hit by the lightening,
In his stronghold, Zul'Dahr could feel a threat.

4. The Cauldron Of Death

On the Hill of Agony,
Sitting on his throne,
Zul'Dahr could feel a force
Which make him shake.
For a moment fear tried to overtake him.
Willing to know the cause of this
He decided to visit
Mogrod, his brother,
The Rotting One.
The keeper of the Cauldron of Death,
The gate to the underworld
Reigned by Demons.

The Cauldron of Death!

Living in the deepest caves
Surviving of blood and flesh
Of human bodies
Lengthy tortured till death,
Giving the special flavor
Of fear and pain.

As the emperor opened the door,
With behind, the stairs leading to the deepest cave,
A strong and disgusting smell of rotting flesh
Embraced him, as to welcome him.
After just a moment of doubt
He walked down, on the moist and slippery stairs
By blood dripping from walls and ceiling,
To meet his rotting brother sitting
In the middle of half dispatched carcasses.

"O rotting brother of mine,
I come to you,
I felt a threat and I'm wondering
Look in your Cauldron and brighten my mind"

"There is a man,
In the forest of Bordearon,
Who can, somehow,
Mean the end
Of your reign of terror.
Mallek is his name."

After this gloomy omen,
An imperial horde left for Bordearon.
Terrifying warriors, leaded by Albator,
The Invincible One
In order to destroy the threat.

5. The Bulls Of Itaros

He saw and heard the signs.
First the howling of the wolves
Far away, who could smell the presence
Of the distant danger coming.
Then the small animals
Running and hiding,
Even the flowers, closing,
As if darkness came.

Coming home
His attention got caught by the metal glittering
Of of his huge double ax
Then he knew, it was time to take the weapons
To face the unknown enemy.

And they came, twelve men,
All clothed in majestic black
Bearing the malefic purple
Two-headed eagle.

At that moment
All became clear,
His mission charged by Alean.
No way to escape,
As the warriors slowly locked him in.

Suddenly, a trembling noise,
Like thunder, the ground trembling.
They came from depths of the forest,
The legendary Bulls of Itaros.

Thousands of tons of violent flesh.
Destroying everything on their way,
Mallek, himself remained untouched,
Could feel the power of nature

Suddenly, a trembling noise,
Like thunder, the ground trembling.
They came from depths of the forest,
The legendary Bulls of Itaros.

When they were gone,
The bodies of the enemy
Trampled down,
In a sea of blood.
Mallek started his journey,
Heading to the Hill of Agony
To face the enemy...

Having seen the defeat of his troops
In the Cauldron of Death,
Zul'Dahr understood, big powers protected the man from the forest.
He immediately ordered Mogrod to invoke
The demon Neflit, by use of the mighty powers of the Hades,
Coming from the Cauldron.
The emperor was now pretty sure to be able
To eliminate the threat.

6. Neflit, Demon From The Depths

"O great Demon,
Prince of Darkness,
Bringer of Evil,
Come to us.
Leave the depths of eternal suffering,
Take the gate, The Cauldron of Death,
To join us in our world
On the journey against the enemy,
To bring pain and misery,
Turning this place of beauty
In an empire of agony..."

A strange ominous fog,
The smell of sulphur, of rotting flesh,
Coming out of the Cauldron of Death
Suddenly he appeared!
The demon Neflit,
Demon from the Depths,
Bringer of sorrow,
Bringer of eminent death.

The demon Neflit,
Demon from the Depths.

Turning this place of beauty
In an empire of agony.

A strong hideous creature,
Half human, half dragon.
Black horns on his head,
Burning eyes and a greenish skin.
Membranous wings,
Enormous sharp claws.
A strong, hideous creature.

Heading to Bordearon
He took away
Every scrap of hope.
Absorbing the essence of life
Making him stronger
More and more evil.
As the demon met Mallek,
A fierce struggle began.
Huge claws against double ax.
As he hit the beast,
Green, stinking blood squirted out,
But the wounds healed very fast
And the monster remained undamaged

While the demon wacked the ax away,
Mallek remembered the words,
Use the Power of Fire.
Forming between his hands
A hot red blinding ball
And threw it, with all his force
To the dark eminent monster.

A sharp deafening howl,
An acid smell in the air,
A vanishing burning image,
Neflit returned to hell

Once again,
With the powers of the nature at his side,
The man from the wood
Won this battle
Against the evil Zul'Dahr.

After the fight with Neflit,
Mallek continued his journey to the Hill of agony.
Soon he arrived at the beginning of the plains of Vorneas,
With at the horizon, the castle on the hill.

Zul'Dahr in the meanwhile mobilized
His whole army around the hill,
In order to crush the attacking enemy at the gates of his palace...
Mallek, seeing how big this army was,
Began to doubt.

7. The Warriors Of The Ancient Battle Of Zuljinn

There he was,
The man from the wood
At the border of the plain of Vorneas,
In front, over a distance, the Hill of Agony,
With around, the legions of death,
The sons of Zul'Dahr and the monsters
Coming from the depths of earth.

In this barren land
The nature was not at his side.
As they were so many,
He needed an immense, fearless army.

Alean spoke to him,
A voice in his head,
In the Valley of Zuljin,
Use the Power of Water,
Use the Power of Earth.

Ancient chronicles
Long time ago
Thousands of soldiers died,
Faithful to their lords,
In a senseless battle
The Battle of Zuljin.
On the top of the hill
Invocation of powers
Dark clouds packed over his head.
Soon, rain and thunder came,
The ground in the valley,
Turned very fast into mud.

It was a frightening view,
When by the Power of Earth,
The soldiers, buried by dust
Got back to life.
Got back to life.

Skeletons, thousands of them,
Holding half corroded weapons,
Rider, on riding-animals of bone,
Rose up from the mud.
All of them, given a second chance
To fight, and die again,
This time in a significant battle
So afterwards, they could rest
In peace, for eternity.

They knew their mission,
And headed to the Hill of Agony,
And passing by, saluted by nodding
Their new lord, Mallek,
The man from the wood,
Instrument of their mother,
Alean, the planet goddess.

The strong man, the ax in his hands,
Feeling the powers so strong
Joined them, and leaded his army
To gain the final victory.

And the rain, the thunder
Didn't stop
Till the end...

8. The March Of The Dead


9. The Holy Battle Of Vorneas

It was a glorious day
An army of dead men walking
Thousands of them
Wearing helmets
And coats of mail
Holding weapons,
Swords, axes,
Clubs, bow and arrow.

Heading to the Hill of Agony
To destroy the center of evil.
And all those, protecting it,
On the plane of Vorneas.

Facing eachother
The sons and the monsters of Zul'Dahr
Against a horde of skeletons.
Fragile silhouettes of bone
Determined to go on till the end.

The black warriors with the purple eagle
Heavy, by their armor and weapons
Were slowed down by the mud.

It was raining, heavily,
Like it had never did before.
Stuck in the mud, they were an easy prey
For the light-weighting skeletons
Which were fast and agile.

In the middle of the battlefield,
A lot of spoiled blood.
And the smell, of burned out flesh
Of the men stroke by the lightning
Guided by the hand
Of the tall man from the wood.

The ground was shaking,
The nature let feel her anger,
The planet-goddess was determined
To erase this stronghold
Source of sorrow,
From the surface of the planet.

The castle is collapsing!
For the first time
The Black Warriors
With fear in their eyes
Tried to escape from this place.

They got outnumbered,
Their end was close.
The last survivor of this carnage.
The evil Emperor, full of anger,
Full of hate..
Facing Mallek, the man of the wood.
Resolved to put an end
To the reign of tyranny.
They were watching each other.
Waiting, for the first one to attack.
The mighty sword,
Versus the huge double ax.

At the same moment
Both launched the attack,
The sword running through
The heart of Mallek,
The double ax,
Through his cuirass of Zul'Dahr,
Ripping this trunk
In two halves.

And they fell both dead,
Next to each other.

At this moment
The magic was over.
It ceased raining
The earth calmed down.
The remaining skeletons turned to ashes,
Blown away, by a gentle breeze.

10. Epilogue

Not long later, In the plane of Vorneas,
Life took back it's place.
Flowers, trees, bushes grew,
Animals came, Making disappear
The last traces of the battle.
The plane, fertile,
Attracted people,
Who built their houses there
And lived in harmony with nature.
From Zul'Dahr's empire of evil,
By the sacrifice of Mallek,
No trace remained.
The past, covered by the dense forest of Vorneas.

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