Echoes from the Stone Keeper

1. Subterranean Corridor

Following the crackling path of the torch
Glowing bard and his scalding tune
A shadow glides on the stones
Like a protecting fur
The prudent wanderer is hiding
From the greedy breath of the depths
Winding along the wood's teeth
Defending the threatening mouth...
Of the subterranean corridor

2. Under the Sign of Arcanum

A precious gift of crude metals
Stands in the depths of the earth
Materia prima
From cosmos to the world

Rushing the evolution
Men think about the transmutation
The initiated used
To the discipline of arcanum

Lapis philosophicae
From impure metal to gold secrecy

Altar of divine fire, mercury
Life essence, spiritus mundi

Under the sign of saturn... Negrido
Under the sign of the moon... Albedo
Under the sign of the sun... Rubedo
Alchemical processes

Transmutation of base metals
In noble metals
This projection is the inner quest
Of perfection
Production of Panacea
And way to immortality
The source of power
Philosopher' stone... be ours

Under the sign of arcanum
The initiated drapes himself
In a mystical awakening
Beyond his success
And inflamed philosophy is crystallizing

3. Wyvern Solitude Chant

When the monarch with his hairs of flames tempers his ardour
When the cerulean ocean blazes up in a twilight verse
Here comes the time when the veil of limbo is deployed
Extending its black waves upon the gleaming foam
In your den, you're waiting for the crowned moonlight
Wyvern, arise, and dazzle the night

Haloed by the alabaster goddess and her sparkling kind
Your wings are fluttering like the instruments of the wild
In the theatre of the nocturnal arts, threatening creator
You're howling with rage about the depths of your gaol

From the mountain cave to the sky orb
Your carbuncle is a reckless wandering warrior
The cold darkness where you call your solitude
Hold astral twin reigning on earth, seas and woods

Underground guardian of some wonders offending the celestial sirens
In your chasm by day, the night hides you from the eyes of the sun
And the roaming which hammers the rythm of your heart
Becomes the fanatic conductor of your solitary scars

4. Echoes from the Stone Keeper

Unrelenting strength of a flood
The shadows which raise these ornaments
Silently tumble down the castle

Sinking into the depths of the
Old monument
The sigh of a sovereign night
Are leading to her splendour

There where fades the sky
Beyond the dim light of the corridor an ancient door stands
Demanding the silence in its might
The stone sculptures this guardian

Here, no key could impose
Its authority
The door of the underground passage
Is a decree

It is a stony mouth which reveals the throat
Sinister chant winding among the fangs of walls

A song of mysteries fills the underground passage
Every blast provokes... the secrets... which reign... there

Ancient wild creatures and their mephitic souls
Seducing strange flora
Swirling work of claws far off a shape stands out
It's the other stone keeper
Sentinel staying up a forgotten world
Spreading under the towers

5. March of the Sylvan Beasts

Grazing the murmur of shadows
Muscles adorned with old stones
A dishvelled mane is reflecting the moon flame

On his face, the greatness of the vast forest
Only kissed by the solitude's breath
The creature's leader hatching destiny

Through the palace of ageless trees
In company of restless beasts
His limbs are made of rock bones
The trunks erect the temple's columns

Enchantments of the nocturnal call
Tempest in the souls stuffed with blood
Rush of the deep forest fauna
Fierce escort of an endless walk

Scourge of hairs and fangs
Gust of rumbles and claws
Fire crackling of glowing orbs
Fantastic paint of this secret world

Speaking an ancient tongue
Pacing up and down the kingdom
His steps strock the humus skin
Weaving the gratitude of the sylvan beasts

6. Interlude

7. Mesnie Hellequin

At nightfall... when the autumnal chant is fooming
The fever of the summer... a reign slowly dying
The early ciy winds
Blow on the frost twinkling
And the nocturnal vault gathers the stones of its throne
For the turbulent arrival of the wild hunt

Fanning the stormy waves building up in the night
The shadow seasons is spreading an atmosphere of chimera

And the sinister crack of the lightnings rips the sky apart
Discharging the rumbling clamour of rain under the stars

The bitter whip of the wind is mauling the world
Merciless devastation of a phantasmagorical storm
Mesnie helequin
Army of unchained spirits, perched on rapid steeds
Hordes of animals and their tempestuous melodies
A cacophony dedicated to the fury
A procession of terror and howlings

8. Chasm of Asylake

Defended by the rock
Protected by the closeness of shadows
A viscous secret
Beating in the underground world

On every face
Vindictive appetites rushes
Eternal nightmare
Obsession summoning the madness

In this painfull place
Covered in resentment and anger
The fear sealed its pledge
Frozen flame of murder

The abyss...
The rejected ones are tumbling down
A facustrine sanctuary
Covers the murderous ground

The souls muzzled by the fall
Strike the void and the surface
A water trench is waiting for them
Swallowing their trace

Alerted by the spatters
The walls are covering of sparkling eyes
Sentinels are watching over
The hordes spitted by the chasm

The shadows release the secrets
Of a cavern welcoming the ostracized
Asylum bathed in the music of the lake
For the orphans of the surface

9. Nightfall and the Fire Doom

The setting sun blowing at the horizon
The scorching fire... is shooting its last arrows
It's striking the houses of wood and stone
According them weapons... against the nightfall

Isolated from the village, licking the forest
A shack plotting the shadows
The woman living here rouses the dread

Some people speak about celebrations
Under the moon...

In this land where the legends grow
The oddness has... a diabolical pact value
The amber coloured eyes of the woman
Torment the souls... with a sulphur truth

Sometimes when the goddess is well
A few bystander ventures in the night
Behind the murmurs soak the hearts
In the gloom...

The snow white velvet
Welcome unreal tracks
Among the tree of the forest
A coat creeps, so dark
With the time... bloody murders appear
Evening of candles
Frameworks vibrating of stories
They have seen a fanfastic wolf
Roaming around the house of the witch

And in the cold of mountains... some perish of unpunished fangs
Graveyard bristling with fatal tombstone
The tears of rage piercing the snow
A revolt cry accuses the taciturn woman
Of being the perverse beast leader

A night of hatred, a gathering of mortals
Entrust this den to the purifying fire
Jaws of flames devour this temple
A concert of impious odours

Wood sabbath with red wings
Books of magic spells flying
And suddenly, a beautiful howling

A black silhouette arising
In the forest, disappearing
Witch or she-wolf, nobody's knowing

10. Castle Ruins Anthem

Memorial roots of conquests
Withstanding the siege of time
Majestuous and proud fortifications

Armour forged in the stone
Reigning over the vast forests
Honouring the colossal mountains

Overhanging the swallow holes
Watching over lakes, seas and oceans
Fascinating breath of the ancestors

Haunting the glorious corridors
Guardians of the old chants
Boundless source of legends

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