A Passage to the Towers...

1. A Passage... (Overture)

2. Ghouls and the Tower

Speckled stone monument
Cleaving the wind's morn
Swelled sentinel tower
Digging the haunted ground
A sinister mantle draping impudent felon ghouls
Bristling up the rock
Haughtiness of winged ambassadors seducing
The oblivious lone prowler
The spiral staircase raises
Onwards the building crest
The mineral vortex spreads
Its dominion on the forest
In the sky… a spell stains… the pure light
Hanging jaws… hemed horizon… being slashed
Brighting eyes… languid torch… for the heart
Flesh of rock… seductive sand… dazing night
The hunger for the tenure
Glazing the stolen delight
The foam eroding
The hypnotized blood
Charges the prowler's cliff
Soul devouring
And the feverish cloak of the night
Blunts the majestic flaming of twilight
Orphans of life's essence
As you remain here like bystanders of existence
Silent ghouls
Welcome under the moon in this bewitching night
Another gem for the tower

3. Marble Bestiary

When the day breath declines
Twilight charcoal wrings its might
When the night descends
The light forsakes its chant
Storms of terror striking down the hearts
The celestial vault reverses its soul
Unquenchable sea where dreams waved
Growing greedy pit where anguish dwells
And in this den
A furious bestiary awakes
In this lair
A legion of monsters shakes
Cave without souls
Enclosing the spine of pearly stars
Gaping mouth
Shining kingdom of power
The jaws of creatures
Darting the glittering of legends
Release the dreads
Ancestral fears
Thatched roof of houses
Thin shelters for the poors
Castle towers and stones
Rich shield erected in vain
Lightnings crack the irascible sky
Furious rumbling of a haughty clash
The stellar forests masters
Propagate the clamour
Of a carnivorous horn
An exhortation launching the tempest
The announcement of night-terror
Reign of the nocturnal lords…
Ruling the marble hordes
And when the blind winds
Rush into the cold of these moats
Soar the choirs of stellar nightmare
Rash riders growling
They plough the sky of their despotic myths
And the night resounds with the men shouts

4. Citadel of Obsidian Slumber

On the throne of hidden land
Strengthened by the barks of the guardians
Gloves of stones
Iron marbled
The obsidian citadel raises its splendour
Proud colossus
Ivy snakes
Fortress casting its mantle upon the forest
Inlaid with minerals
The lunar charm embraces
This shimmering skin
In its heart springs the growling
Of a spiteful winged mutiny
Holding her inhabitants unfettering
She rues the score of silence and fury
The existence of this monument
Lies in the shadows of dangerous recess
Hostile to inquisitives
Vowed to muteness
The obsidian citadel should not be awaken
Granite eyelids
Lips sealed by the mist
Tamers of the buried sufferings
Reptilian staves
Serene melody
Lulling the savagery
A sinister and imperious sign
Slashs the silence of this place
Stronghold quivering
Of unamable breed
Rash shall be the one walking this path
Towards the grounds of this shadow's fortress
Ancient howls and trembling stones behold !
Shake the walls and unleash your creatures
A whirlwind rises like a stormy column
Bestial tower crowned with a crawling moon
Hate cyclops, it cries defaced
By the unspeakable
Those ravenous for such secrets
He will tear away your soul

5. Chains of the Wyvern Shelter

Perpetual night filling my cavern
Solitude chased all my constellations
In this den settled by my lone breath
A solitary jewel broods over my lair
Carbuncle, my only star
Taking shelter from the men's claws
Chest ascending my sky
Arousing envy, chase, obsession
Cursing vanities of the world
The curves of my shells
Mottle the hunter of ophidian sparks
The refuge of my eyes
Reclusion violated by the vile profane
Flight, price for my difference
Bathing of ebony the rivers of my veins
My majesty, call of reverence
But the envious follow my trail
Cursing vanities of the world
Defied by the infamy
Soiling my underground temple
The black of my eyes
Raise the fire of imperial furor
I'm forced to the rebellion
But I only wished oblivion
My fangs
Guardians of a merciless fortress
Your filth
Calling the sovereign of my hearse

6. In the Crystal Cavern (Interlude)

7. Cleaving the Ethereal Waves

8. Crimson Legions

9. Darkenhöld

Dawn over the castle crowning the horizon

Ancient creatures of the tower swallow the flaming fears of dusk

Reigning marble archers stricking the vault with their arrows of terror

Knowing where the obsidian citadel guardians slumber

Enter silent winds and set the crystals eyes ajar on the cavern ebony skin

Noble fire stone finding its shelter behind the hearse of the underground monarch

Honouring the volcano of desire emerge the moaning waves of navigators

On a crimson river these legions hammer the occult gates of vengeance

Lords of the black mysteries erecting the tower sorcery


10. Sorcery

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