Dark The Suns
All Ends in Silence

1. Unbroken Silence

Dead sun shines upon the world
Through the darkest veil of sorrow
Black rays of light kill the hope
That once was here in our hearts
I stay here, so you may escape
From this darkened world

These chains won't set me free
These chains keep me here

In this world darkness blooms with grief
Kills me once again
Night by night black flames of light
Break me inside

Black crows soar upon the ground
They are silent like a sleeping night
In black landscape fragile

As my world within
When this silence unbroken
Is tearing me apart

2. Everlasting

In the starless night the everlasting song of grief
Is haunting my soul, is haunting me in echoes
In the end all is cold like november sun
In the end all is cold with everlasting grief

In the sleepless night the neverending sight of loss
Is breaking my soul, is haunting me in echoes
In this world, dead inside
I'm still here all alone

3. The Dead End

In this world silent rain falls
All is cold, you can't save me

The black wings of grief
Are carrying me
Walk with me through the dark
Towards the morning sun

No way out
Nowhere to hide
I drown in fear
You can't save me

The black wings of grief
In darkness so deep
Walk with me through the dark
Towards the morning sun

In the end, morning came
And hid these tears
In the end, morning came
And broke these chains

4. All Ends In Silence

In starless night crowned with black
There are no words to make all undone
We're the dreamers in frozen rain
Forever lost when love grew cold

I grieve in darkness
All ends in silence

The silent farewell with silent cry
We saw the dreams in sleepless night
Till the white light of final dawn
Our lives are fading from this world

5. Sleepless Angels

All is so quiet when darkness will fall
In this beauty the world seems to sleep

The sleepless angels, they sing their songs
The songs of sorrow, like birds in the end

In the sleepless nights
Everything's forever lost
Beneath the thousands stars
I don't want to be alone

I'm still awake, listening the night
Don't want to be, no more alone
The sleepless angels, I hear them sing
The songs of grief, the songs of the end

6. Cold Dawn

In morning shades I'm all alone
This loneliness is all you left
I saw you in my dream
Your eyes were darkened with grief
I tried to hold you
Your hand was cold as snow

Among the chaos
You are an angel behind the stars
Among the chaos
You are a fragile ghost in my arms

The grey light in quiet dawn
Won't brighten for me anymore
I saw you in my dream
The ground was covered by leaves
I tried to reach you
You were like an angel in the rain

7. Rimed With Frost

In silence we dwell
Beneath the veil of winter
On this freezing ground
Buried by waves of snow

In cold lifeless light, in northern night
We'll lay down and sleep under the wings

We are still here, rimed with frost
There won't be dawn, no dawn for us

You were my angel
In this quiet world
Now we are buried down
By the snow that keeps on falling

8. The Rain

In this death scenes within my thoughts
Black dawn is breaking so deadly cold
I roam alone these empty streets
In silent rain, frozen inside

This mourning rain can't wash away these tears
Beneath the dead cold sun
This silent rain can't hide away these tears
Beneath the dead cold sun

In these death scenes within my heart
My world has turned to shades of grey
You draw these black marks, you made these scars
My memories are stained with grief

9. Guardians

You, you were here for me
You were for me

Guardian angels
Save me from this world

Do you see these tears now?
Do you see me?

10. Gone

Winter came and roses died
Faded away before my eyes
Like a lovely child
I'm still here, all alone

You saw an angel in this dying universe
Searching for solace in her dreams
When everything is gone
You saw an angel in this dying universe
Crying for hope forever lost
When everything is gone

With your broken wings
You will cover me
In the ice cold embrace
I'll lay down and sleep

When this pain exists no more
And silent night hides these scars
Let the wind sing to rest
The lonely soul with fading dreams

Mikko Ojala - Vocals & Guitars
Inka TUomaala - Bass & Vocals
Juha Kokkonen - Guitars
Pinja Haikala - Synths
Eino Kauppila - Drums

All music written by Mikko and Inka except "Unbroken Silence" by Mikko, "Cold Dawn" by Juha, "Rimed with Frost|" by Inka.

All lyrics by Inka & Mikko

Lyrics in plain text format

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