Dark The Suns
In Darkness Comes Beauty

1. Reflections

Those nightly whispers...
I hear the rain again,
this world is sleeping
From darkness comes forever beauty

Awake all alone...
memories are lost
like tears in the rain
My shattered soul has fallen down

When night is turning to the dawn
I don't want to be alone
my blackened faith is broken
I watch reflections of my life

Like a ghost I am...
I stare into the darkess
my thoughts are fateful
they break me down and make me see the dark

Waiting for a dream...
Those ghosts come again
in darkness and the rain
my shattered soul has fallen down again

2. The Sleeping Beauty

I cannot close my eyes
I', watching sleeping beauty
the world without the fear,
the world without the pain

Tonight there are no tears, no cry
tonight there are no painted smiles

There is a ghost on the sun
when night has fallen on the ground
angels are dancing on the sky
I'm watching sleeping beauty

Tonight your voice is calling again
Everything is so perfect, you are here tonight
I buried you deep in my heart
and now our fate becomes one

3. Black Sun

I take a step towards dead end
my life is black when Sun descends
This darkness leads me for tonight
place where's silent, where there's no cry

I don't want to lose this all
all for one and one for life
Where angels take a restless soul
and give life for the final time

In darkness and the Sun
restless soul has found a place
where it will belong

Don't you see you have crushed this all
I do not want to take the forever fall
Why can't you see what I want
you can not lead my way

Watching through a mirror my life
I can not find myself tonight
the black Sun is on the ground
it leads me place where darkness kills the light

4. Alone

They told me lies:
there'll be no Eden nights
and thousand stars
will sleep in emptiness

I once believed
in words of human world
but they can not guide me,
not anymore

When life is gone and all is dead
you can not see me one last time
Where light will fade and time has come
this darkness takes the place of life

When time has come
this light will fade away
My thoughts are dark,
my dreams will die away

There is no light
in my shattered life
I leave this ground
in silence...

5. A Darkness To Drown In

Into the night we drown with Sun
The blaze of light is dying down
There are no birds to sing our songs

Sleep with me, see a dream
In this darkness we may stay
far away from this world
These are silent goodbyes

Into the night I drown with Sun
Deep in the shades, fallen from light
I close my eyes to see you near...

6. Angel Soul

Under the starlight skies
I watch her snow white face
On sleeping leaves my angel's tears
shine light that's quiet and cold

In beautiful darkness
birds of death sing in the end

All these memories will be lost
all these dreams forever gone
Shadows dance in the quiet mist
What lies beyond the darkness...

In beautiful darkness
birds of death sing in the end
Beneath the starry skies
forever sleeps the angel soul

You drowned with Sun
You broke my heart

7. Drama For Gods

Betraying one without the Sun
is searching life where all is dead

Don't throw away your life
even angels have drown in night
This world is falling down
There is drama for the gods

Burning bridges all behind
taking a step towards new life
walking those streets all alone
and waiting for the dawn

8. Ghost Bridges

Those bridges lay in the quiet mist
above the river between two worlds
Stream of memories and dying hopes
flows through the dark

Black towers are killing all the light
and hollow souls roam in the shades
In silence they will dwell
without faith

I buried pain into my heart
In silence I dwell
I'm one of them

I'd never say it's not a dream
timeless moment of everlasting grief
In silence they will dwell
buried by autumn leaves

Tears keep falling like rain
falling like rain to the leaves,
like frozen leaves to the ground,
and darkness into these hearts

9. Like Angels And Demons

I was watching the night of Eden
and thought everything is turning in my life
So many times I have lost my way
and had misfortune with me

Shadows were passing by
and made my eyes to see the grief
I remember beautiful moments
among the darkness of the night

Everytime I stare to darkness
everytime my tears will disappear
Everytime I feel the passion,
everytime I set my demons free

All flowers have withered
away from this life
I see how world has changed
turned the page

Everywhere I can see pain and violence,
tearful eyes and grief
and I see everywhere the angels
are crying for the world

10. Away

All away the distant dreams will fade
and every spoken word becomes unsaid

My Sun is falling down
and world will disappear

See the shadows slowly floating
In darkness comes beauty

Mikko Ojala - Vocals & Guitar
Toni Tuomioja - Guitar
Juha Kokkonen - Keyboards
Inka Tuomaala - Bass
Markus Lehtinen - Drums

Produced by Dark the Suns & Arttu Sarvanne.
Guitars, bass, & keyboards recorded by Kuha Kokkonen / Nightmare Workshop.
Vocals & drums recorded by Arttu Sarvanne / Studio Watercastle.
Mixed by Arttu Sarvanne / Studio Wastercastle.
Mastered by Mika Jussila / Finnvox.
Guest vocals in "Ghost Bridges" by Harri Kauppinen.
Band Photography by Jari Kuskelin.
Graphic design & cover art by Inka Tuomaala.

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