Dawn Of Disease
Crypts of the Unrotten

1. Descent into Another World (Intro)

2. Alone with the Dead

Devouring their lifeless bodies
Determine life
Of the one who chose the fate
To stay alive
Among the legions of the decayed
Prepared to die
To join the godforsaken

Searching for sense in a life that's in vain
Finding the sense in a life with the slain
Cursing the blood running out of his head
Salting the wounds he cuts into flesh

Living a life alone with the dead

Crushing the lies
The promise of eternal life
Inverted to
Infernal life - a dead without end
Time runs out
Reality becomes illusion
As the forgotten soul
Starts to eat its own foul body

Living a life alone with the dead
Their pale bodies lie and wait
Living a life alone with the dead
Until his gods will forget

3. Knife vs Flesh

Hungry for the taste of humans
Serving the dead

The holy pleasure
Archaic bloodshed

Slaves to the blade
Remnants of flesh
Rusted and stump
From hundred sacrifices

Negation of human life
Long live the dead
It's time to feed the lifeless
Once again

Knife vs. flesh
Humans turned to meat
Knife vs. flesh
The dead I want to feed
Knife vs. flesh
I separate the skine
Knife vs. flesh
To eat the flesh within

Slaughter of mankind
Butcher of forsaken souls

Cutting the flesh to the bones
Ecstasy in the sound of dying
Never ending hunger
The killing goes on
Searching the next victim
Chosen to die

Watching how the own
Body is cut and thewed
Dividing what used to
Hold the flesh together

Blood runs out
Bathing in the bowels
Feasting on the flesh
Of the perishing

Never ending hunger
The killing goes on
Searching the next victim
Chosen to die

Watching how the own
Body is cut and thewed
Dividing what used to
Hold the flesh together

Blood runs out
Bathing in the bowels
Feasting on the flesh
Of the perishing

4. The Unrotten

Shreds of ancient clothes covering
Disfigured by the hands of time
The absence of life is omnipresent
Moaning they are reaching for the light

The Unrotten

I come back to life
And what do I see
Dead eyes of the unrotten
Staring down at me

Obscure faces
Mirror the final moment
Suffering preserved
For eternity

Dried out
Conserved in the crpyts
Masses in the darkness
Lasting 'til judgement day

No more blood flowing through the veins
The coldness of the grave is possessing
Silent screams banish in the abyss of the deep
Never to rest in peace

The Unrotten

I come back to life
And what do I see
Dead cries of the unrotten
Will always be haunting me

5. Skinless and Impaled

Watch them
Hundreds of thousands
On the way to their grave
Not a single one knows
What will await them

Dawn of day
Let the massacre begin
Each and everyone
Is forced to loose the skin
Chains and swords
Manipulating them
Still they are
Alive and breathing

Helpless are without a will
They come to the final kill

Skinless and Impaled
Drowned in their remains
Swimming in a sea of corpses
The massacre is insane

Die, die, die
They're not dead enough
The deep fall
Will break their spine
For those
Who are still alive
The drilling stakes
Will do the rest

Thrown into a pit of spikes
None of them will be sparred

Tortured and condemned
They come to an end

6. Enter the Gates

Bloodstained ground filled with corpses
Shattered bodies lay down to rot
Stench of death fills the air
A bestial carnage now finds an end

Still alive - with bleeding wounds
I realize - the end is near
Flesh is cold - dead inside
Beneath the skin - parasites

Enter the gates
To the other side

Enter the light
Which shines so bright

The pain I suffer makes me insane
I start to crawl without an aim
Forced will to live, no hope is left
I close my eyes and start to pass away

Infected flesh turning gray
I lose my face the skin fades

A slow decay of hundred corpses
Stench of death fills the air
An open graveyard, no final rest
To manifest - the bestial carnage

7. Calcined Bones

Once alive
Fade away
In a sea of flames

I feel rapture
In the sight
As you all are drowned in


Burn the skin
Burn the flesh
Burn the bones
They turn to ash

Burn the thoughts
Burn the soul
What is left are only

Calcined bones
On the fields of death
Carcasses scattered
Fire in the last breath

Coming to take your life
No mercy

Fed to the flames
Vanish in the storm of fire
Fed to the flames
Nothing for the parasites

Crushed existence
Of the skeleton

To the final reign of


8. Catacombs

Silence underneath the ground
The catacombs they swallow you
Trying not to suffocate
In the presence of the dead

Face the fate of darkness - catacombs
Smell th stench of demise - catacombs
No one's there to guide you - catacombs
You become a part of the - catacombs

Godless left to perish in the deep
Memories into oblivion
Your senses are now fading
Panic starts to grow

Screaming for the help of a divinity
To release you from this dark infinity
The catacombs they don't know god
Their only confession is your demise

Running the corridors of despair
Feeling the end is coming near

No escape from this doom
Fear is the last thing you feel
Maggots crawling beneath skin
You realize your death

Your death

9. Final Resurrection

The final breath
'Til the end of torture
One final war
Our last day to return

The final will
To the exhumation
The end of days
Be the final resurrection

Shattered by the forces
Of the army of the dead
Leaving their graves
To strike down the living

Revenge of the undead race
Of what used to dwell on earth

Apocalypse is here

From the bottom
Of the darkest place

Lusting for the last extermination

Instinctively hunting
Every being has an end
Exposed to the never ending hunger
And the anger of the damned

Dead is hunting

The Final Resurrection

10. Devouring Obscurity

11. But Death Goes On

Termination of humankind

Virus set upon the earth
A disease called death
Kneeling down to beg,
For the grace of god

Come to enter paradise
Salvation from the burden of life
Answer the call
Of your false prophet

You can not hide
All seeing eyes
That's what you've been praying for
All the time

Not yet you bastard hypocrites
Even realized
What time has come
The dying has begun

The era of the most high
Nothing down into the dirt
Of a future
Far away from imagination

Gathered for the last sacrifice
Begging for absolution
Trying to stop the killing divine
But death goes on

No immediate demise
A slow and painful act
Of rotting
While the eyes are still on fire

Senseless rituals
Release from all the sins
Answer the call
That's what you've been praying for
All the time

12. Soulless Shape

Down in the crypt
Where darkness reigns
The craving for anguish
Controls the deeds

On this final stage
Being will have an end

There is no turning back
Expiration after all

Precious life
Redemption of worthless existence
Precious life
Reduction to soulless shape

The essence of life is gone
A figure in despair remains
The eyes just stare
No more words to say

In your cave
The blood starts to flow
Liquid death
A lake of blood and excrements

No more juice is left
A body well prepared

The hands of time
Uncover all the bones

Slowly losing the skin
Mouldered to the core

The exhibition of death
A view you don't forget

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