Dawn Of Disease
Worship the Grave

1. Worship the Grave

We are coming from the emptiness
abandoned by mankind
enlightened by darkness
digging our own graves
we are coming from the emptiness
following our spirits through the dusk

Serving the inversion of all human belief
negating life - affirming death
ascension into the soil - redemption is near
hail the divine blasphemy

Dwelling in the obscurity of nonentity
apotheosis - our gift to receive
turning graveyards into sanctuaries
when all is dead and gone
worship the grave

We are invoking the emptiness
to bring our sacred gnosis
a ritual in darkness
the vault shall be our church
we are invoking the emptiness
entombed for the ultimate insight

Worship the grave - communion beyond the edge of time
Worship the grave - adoration of the most high
Worship the grave - religion of demise and chaos
Worship the grave - until the last sight

Praising the encounter with our sepultural deity
bringing death for satisfaction
ascension into the soil - the gathering is complete
hail the divine blasphemy

2. The Saviour's Tomb

Divinity forced into human flesh
to purify the disbelievers
deliverance from life
now inhume the deformed incarnation

A prophet laid to rot
false ideals - mental perversion
profane this assumed god
salvation from indoctrination

Assassination of a higher being
fated to receive a mortal doom

The saviour’s tomb

Inhume the deformed incarnation

Iconoclastic wrath will reign
nothing to remember the undesired slain
unhallowed blood leaves the body right here
no return to the numinous sphere

Assassination of a higher being
facing the everlasting gloom
dragged into the filth of passing
fated to receive a mortal doom

3. Ashes

I am the eye uncovering your world
I am the essence – the entity of all
I once gave birth to you
just as I will entomb you again
into the cycle of fathomless creation
a symbiosis of life and death

Turn matter into dust
storm of dispersion
all that once was is lost
inversion of the god’s creation

Flames have formed my state
it was you who fed the hunger
of the starving fire
as sign of my gratitude
I dry your tears with my arid breath

Among the dead I wander
above the ruins of your world I sweep
uniting what is asunder
from the highest place down into the deep

Ashes remain, I stain the purification
swallowed by the rain, back into the initiation

I embrace ages of ambiguity
for I embody a terminal certainty
kings have crossed my path, empires kneeled before me
my strength is all-determining, I prevail at last

Ashes remain

Among the dead I wonder
I prevail at last

4. On Trails of Death

Maiming, desecrating
possession and lunacy
forwards, marching
the trails of no return

Endless procession of faceless corpses
further through the swamps and forests
sleepless journey – carnivorous obsession
for more to join the exhausted forces
abysmal legion without a leader
heading towards extinction

On trails of death

Paths paved with crushed skulls
and lined with broken bones
devastation – relentlessness
marching on the trails of no return
expiration – peremptoriness
gnawed off cadavers – let them burn

Scrunching the defleshed bodies
blooddust fills the air
necrotic dissolution of flesh
feasting in ecstasy

Marching on the trails of no return

The suffering rises to inhuman dimensions
ripping the skin – sucking the marrow
every step onwards heightens the delight
in this inexorable butchery
hear the pounding coming closer
the stench of decay asphyxiates

5. Prayer for the Dawn

6. Cult of the Fading Light

An all-embracing knowledge
causes sadness in your eyes
awareness of the final sunset
the terminal dark arises
everything has long been arranged
we are just few of the last of your kind
carrying the weight of a thousand
the rite of twilight starts

Watch the sunlight die
cult of the fading light
the evenfall arrives
cult of the fading light

A vanishing breath of hope
hovers above the scenery
where words are becoming obsolete
and silence swallows the thoughts
imagination reaches its threshold
time and space no longer exist
the end comes creeping
eternal night caresses the world

upon us all
nothing remains
from the downfall
diminishing tide
this is our final doom

of the incomprehensible
impossible to see through
no more reason
for finding the answers
when there is no remembrance

Crying out our destiny
the cult passed on to set us free
conclusion of our era

Watch the sunlight die
cult of the fading light
the evenfall arrived
cult of the fading light

7. Through Nameless Ages

Time is only what we invented
to count the years and days
until we vanish into haze
words are only what we created
to paraphrase the indescribable in vain

In vain we spend our lives for a moment of eternity
aligning with the end for the truth to bear

Reality is what we seem to comprehend
determined by ourselves, needless to understand
supremacy is what we always pretend
although we are incapable to disengage the end

When our thoughts have passed the gateway
to the unknown forlorn world
we will crawl through nameless ages
united without time

Time is only words, we are only haze
paraphrasing years and days, vanishing in vain
reality to understand, determined by supremacy
incapable to comprehend we disengage ourselves

In vain we spend our lives for the truth to bear

When our thoughts have passed the gateway by the ever flowing stream
we will crawl through nameless ages, united in our dream

Conjuring hypocrisy, purporting we are free
trapped in the narrowness of our minds
time, words, eictive reality
through nameless ages we will crawl
our thoughts have passed the gateway to the forlorn world
united without dreams

8. Outsourcing the Brain

The dying has begun – your world is just a shade
the lie of your truth – embodied misery
external death of mind – humanity shall fall
amnesia will rise – upon you all

Your eyes are pale, your skin is cold
all insanity is now unfold
outsourcing the brain
your free will has just been slain

The convenience of ignorance guides you through these days
while knowledge seems to hinder your weak soul
the surreal state of self-inflicted emptiness
reflects the lack of individuality

Progress in the aim of our world
regardless of irreversible changes
in the structures that keep you alive

It devours your thoughts
no sign of self-determination
you are free falling
as you march the dead end road

An omnipresent fear won’t let you find your way
just like a sweet drug in bitter condemnation
the walls are closing in – there is no way to escape
from the unseen demise of sanity

Outsourcing the brain
and everything you have been was just in vain

9. Enwrapped in Guts

Surrounded by those who you once trusted in
all of them were willing to give their blood for you
lying on the cold ground sedated for the surgery
for the removal of the entrails

Enwrapped in gust
you are suffocating

Consciousness is blurring as the blade divides your flesh
nausea overwhelms as you gaze upon the gaping wound

Slowly and dolorous the bowels are torn out
their warmth is scattered on your entire body
to drown


Lashing out at you
the mass is avenging
frantic carnage – ceaseless bludgeoning

The gust entwined around
your face, your throat, your chest
pulmonic moratorium – laid to rest

Gasping in aspiration

Desperation in suffocation

Enwrapped in gust

Surrounded by those who you once trusted in
all of them are now willing to witness
how you are miserably perishing

10. The Sky Is Empty

Seeking for the deities, praying for release
echoes without reply, screaming into the sky

The gods descended
from where they were thought to reside
to a subterranean void, to the other side
no augury, no disorder accompanied their disappearance
no horror, no misery resulted from the silent farewell

The sky is empty, the life is dead
all hopes and sorrows are forgotten in the end
the sky is empty, the day is black
all gods are gone and they are never coming back

Only those who retained allegiance
were requested to fulfill
the promises given in their prayers

Bound to the inner belief
of an unlasting physical existence

All devotions remain unheard
the realm of gods remain desert
rituals die away in the absence of all divinity

There never has been a time
when the sky was as clear as now
when emptiness brought wealth
and darkness caused illumination
the spiritual cage of divine suppression
has finally been opened
through the will of ourselves

The sky is empty

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