Black Brick (digital)

1. Black Brick

imagining curving letters in a
languid psalm
in abstract time, full levity,
rolling through
intangible phantom mystery
the furnace of gentle dreams
a caustic womb
champagne light
the sacred deep blue majesty of dawn
and cordial and virgin
patience and poise
twin ribbons bare
and make vivid
a dark shallow vein
disguise and shame
of all light downward
a gaunt fashion
pulled tightly over peaking bone
a small scene
from in the smoking censer
a heart
the pulse of rotten roots
twining through soil
feasting on droplets
rest come again
rest crack puzzled, so urgent
freedom flutters down the drain again
one eye wide to the braille
of fireflies
I tunnel
pig headed,
and full of steam
into the damp comfort
of this lonely trench

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