Ordinary Corrupt Human Love

1. You Without End

In a dark tunnel
New dawn approaching
With a sphere of light ever glowing
Let it go as it grows on forever
And we breathe it in

And then the world will grow
And then the world will know of you,
Of all things love, of all things true

2. Honeycomb

Shadows extend east
And cortazar stares at women shuffling by
Who blot their lips from violent men
and say “god bless you”
I sulk with pause
And loving mariachi soars against
The red and yellow tents of strangers
Gifting geese the ends of bread
8, 12, 13 hours and the people keep
Fighting for sleep, for rest…

I’m reluctant to stay sad
Life beyond is a field a flowers
My love is a nervous child
Lapping from the glowing lagoon
Of their presence
My love is a bulging, blue-faced fool
Hung from the throat
By sunflower stems

3. Canary Yellow

Staring out onto the earthly pottery of existence,
Climbing light vines to heaven
Clay ribbons descend,
Swirl downward against metallic swell
Go sail charmer, altruist
Who immersed in thickets,
Hugged in cloth,
Evolves into charcoal
Is worshipped by the drifting macaw,
The lady finch
They swoop and croon through the air,
Dip their feathers in the death paste of ash water

I have wondered about the language of flowers
And you, elaborate mosaic, greeting me
Gentle, the swamp takes my ankles
On and on we choke on an everlasting
Handsome night
My lover’s blood rushes right through me
Wild, fantastic

4. Near

Thought I saw you there
Wishing you were near
Can I rest for awhile?

5. Glint

Listening to muffled footsteps of those brushing,
Reaching grasses
Seeing the last letters of my name, faded and shy…
Imagining us clasping hands in holiday
Imagining you growing older,
Somehow more beautiful,
Surrounded by your children and children’s children
The midnight blue of your calmness like evening
Chamomile, peppermint.
Eyes as morning rosewater
I’m shrinking into your gown, tearing the pink linen
Of your belly, burying into your abdomen, and
Sewing the seam of your skin

6. Night People

Biblical sky speckled with flame,
Do you hold your mother’s eyes from
Wetting the earth?
From weeping for those
Who reward fame to absolutes of war?
Or for heroic myths provided to children
Married into ferocity?
They instead witness themselves

And the black sand of your body slipped through…

I found myself at your side

I spied along the concrete canvas, a woman
Her eyes brimming with vacancy
And bear hugging barbiturates,
Her head rolled from faint shoulders
And skipped three times
Each thud sprouting a fountain of splashing gold

7. Worthless Animal

With all life profane,
The ladles cradling streams of
Buttermilk current stretch out,
And alabaster lips unseal
So I may recall the soft timbre of whisper
In its stillness

When a fawn stumbles into the raid,
Honeydew high and deep in afterglow,
Mind swarming on purple sand verbena,
I forgive its delusion,
Caress its world view super bloom,
Shelter canary yellow eyes,
Then search to pin the legs of the stalking dog that
Lends its teeth to sticky, sad bedlam
War cries quake through lurching light
I bury a blade between its ribs,
Bear hug the soft canine frame,
Then smear ash on its brow
All who have forgotten remember now

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