De Arma
Lost, Alien & Forlorn

1. The Tower

I saw your fragile body lie shattered amongst the rocks
The sea lapped gently at your dead flesh
In the shadow of The Tower

I should have seen this coming
The storm aswirl on a blackened horizon
Never could I have anticipated such contenement
Now the freezing rains that would lash me with loss

Bleed for me [x4]

So cold these waters that consume
Blood turns to ice in my veins
Glazed eyes staring back at me
There's nothing more to say

Flowers bloomed and streams once flowed
Now turned to dust
I've watched it again and again in my head
The moment when it changed

Bleed for me, wait for me
I'll do it all so differently
Bleed for me, embrace me
Don't let things rot so finally

2. Left to Hide

Lays down upon my soul
Fray the edges of this insanity

I've seen the end
And it's covered in flies

Scars like rivers run so deep
And well upon the surface of my skin
Pale and trembling half asleep
So weary and cold within

Sorrow cuts like a blade
As blue lips part
Rendered as a shade
Humanity thus unmade

Each thought a barb
Each promise a vow
Each scream a prayer
That shreds away another layer

Close the door on your way out
I'm drowning in a miasma
Of your own making
I've smelled the sorow

I have no strength left to hide
I have nothing left to hide

Huddled in rags
Stopped, this pale corpse
Shuns the sun is left to burn

3. Watching the Walls Come Down

One step at a time
One small piece of me departs
One whisper is all it takes
One sound to bring me round

I've gagged on the dust of failure
Been blinded by the fog of ruin
The broken teeth of a shattered skyline
Drips black into the city's maw

Watching the walls come down [x4]

These alleyways twist and turn
Lost in a monochrome labyrinth
I'm begging for a sign of warmth or love or life
As cracks spider at the corners of my vision

Watching the walls come down [x4]

The place we sat in silence and stared
And chewed on the fetid air
Lies rotten and empty and alien and forlorn
I barely recognize this place

They're crumbling... crumbing
Crushing down around me

This place is broken, forever left to the wolves
There is nothing left in this world save ash and dust and loss

4. Fires of Hope

In the twilight of the now
I can still smell yesterday
The steady grind of the rusted clockhands
Sends terror through me

Nausea plays it's sorry tune again
Piece by piece, I'm collapsing
This shadow flesh, so familiar
Curling in upon itself

The ashes of the present
Stain the tapestry of what once was
This body, this essence
Winding down to nothing

Sweet yet sickly the tang of decay
Sights and sounds dulled
With no desire to see nor hear
Winter draws so close

Cold fingers brush dead wood
And the coarse, unyielding cloth
The fires of hope burned here once

5. Behind These Filthy Panes

Yellow and fulled and poisoned
The light that spills
Flowing like pus
Bearing a thousand stinking ills

Will it clean these blackened wounds?
And carry this filth away?
Will it heal a rotting mind?
And bring light back to the day?

Suffocationg tides of grey crush my world
Causing my flesh to shiver
I don't want to inhale their reek
Spew burns my gorge as in enters
The dirt pours into me
Through my eyes, my ears, my skin
Limbs to dead sticks
Meat turns to cancer

What form of malaise lurks
Behind a veil of glass so stained?
Besmirched by the shades
Of a thousand desecrations
Tainted and degraded
By the whims of the malnourished
Twitched fingers carry the contagion
That burns the souls of those who remain

6. Wretch

Pluck out my eyes
And place them on a pedestal
Wash the dirt away
Was this how you wanted it to be?

Every beathbrings a new story
Each word a new start
With each dream I fall further
And further from the truth

The night plays tricks
Shapes move in the sickly streetlights
I can feel your soul upon my skin
Drape me in your shame
In will never be the same

Never could I have seen
What any of this would become
Lips twitch without sound
Tears fall without meaning

The pain in my head grows
The sickness gnaws within
The tearing of my throat
The ripping screams pour forth

Bloody strips dangle
The shreds of my dignity hanging in tatters
A festering shroud of sundered humanity
Curled up under a blanket of filth
It's impossible to shut out this world

And as I choke on my own stink
I hear footsteps fade away again
The cold returns, sudden and sharp
I'll hide in my own mind

7. Dislocated

I drift

Tracing the dust motes in this stagnant air
Sunlight spears the darkness
Through the gaps of the curtains

I watch them swirl
Around my trembling hands
By eddies of dead matter

And I would be left like this
You would leave me like this

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