Denial Of God
Advance Demo

1. Resurrection of the Damned

The Cemetery Gates are clanging
Dogs howl in the Wind so cold
I hide in the Shadows of the Trees
Awaiting a kindred Spirit so old

Then I see her Cape fly by
And a wrinkled Face aged by Time
Her fragile Voice is calling my Name
Awaiting by the Church Bell's Chime
Her Eyes are glowing with Mystery
I raise my hand and do the Sign
We mix my Blood with the Soil
Chant aloud the ancient Rhyme

Resurrection of the Living Dead

"Rise, my Friends, rise"
The Witch chants while sitting
"Leave your earthy Tombs,
You shall do his Bidding"

The Ground starts to move
And the Dead begin to moan
Pestilent Creatures appear
All rotting Flesh and Bones

"He is your Master this Night,
Follow his Token"

(Solo: The Dead stalk the Land)

My victims suffer a horrible Death
Corpses in gruesome Delight
Laughing at what I have done
As the Dead vanish into the Night

Cloaked in the moonlit Night
I ring the Bell of Darkness

Resurrection of the Living Dead

2. Feel the Wrath (of the Nocturnal Slayer)


Darkness fills the Sky - no single Shadow cast
Slowly I am prowling through the Streets so vast
A cold, sadistic Creature living in the Dark
Incarnation of all Evil - I bear the Devil's Mark


Walk the streets at Night - prepare to fucking die
I rip and slice your Throat whilst I hear you cry
Your Eyes stare open wide, Blood spots on the Earth
Mangled beyond the grotesque - never no Rebirth

Feel the Wrath!!!

Your Body's growing pale on the Ground, dead, cold and slain
Only the slaughtered Remains remind of a Killer insane
My Hate will never cease, my Eyes will always burn
When Darkness falls again - be sure that I'll return!

Cry out in Pain - only your Corpse will remain
Say a fucking Prayer - no Escape from the nocturnal Slayer
Feel the Wrath - my Axe to Crush your Skull!!!


3. Incubus

When all is still you go to sleep
And you turn out the light
This is the time when I will creep
Bring terror in the night
Inside the walls of this haunted house
Lurks something you don't know
But as the night proceeds to fall
Disastrous lust will show

I am your nightmare come real
Your worthless fate I will seal
I will bring terror in the night
I will make you blind

Incubus - curaged with lust
Incubus - submit you must
Incubus - you can't defy
Incubus - you will die

So far away in neverland
Your dreams become all wet
I touch your body with my hand
You are writhing in your bed
You wake up and you wonder
It was not all a dream
But there is none to be seen
Terrified you start to scream

I am your nightmare come real
Your worthless fate I will seal
I will bring terror in the night
I will make you blind

Incubus - curaged with lust
Incubus - submit you must
Incubus - you can't defy
Incubus - you will die

You wish you could escape from me
The worst is yet to come
You feel me deep inside of you
A pain that makes you numb
Sedated by my macabre smell
Like a freshly opened tomb
I poison you you with demon seed
That soon will reach your womb

I disappear as fast as I came
You are left alone with all your shame
Molested by a demonic entity
Nothing will ever be the same
Your bleeding cunt is all there is
To remind you that I was here
And the crowing thing inside of you
The demonic child you bear

4. The Red Terror

"Some Day People will say I gave Birth to the 20th Century"

A Shadow flees from Broadmoor
Sadistic Lunatic of the Night
The Curse of Whitechapel is coming
This Town will bathe in Blood tonight
The Night has glowing Eyes
The Stare of the unseen Evil
Lurking in the Darkness
Bringing ghoulish Upheaval

Hasty Steps on Cobblestone
The dank Fog chills your icy Bones
Run into my cold Embrace
The Gas Lamps won't reveal my Face
Unlit Labyrinths of Alleys and Courts
My Home, my place of Crime
Victim's Blood spiderwebs across Town
You're running out of Time

"My Knife is so nice and sharp"

Your Names immortalized by my Hands
I slash your Throats from left to right
Deeds to abominable to talk about
All become far too real in this Night
I find my Pleasure in the Horrors of Death
My crimson Blade reflects your trembling Fear
I love to feel Life crumbling in my Hands
Whenever it is Dark I will be near

Your Faint Screams slowly drown in Blood
The crimson Stains, the Pride on my Cape
Feel my cold Instruments of Hell
As you realise there is no Escape
No one can stop my abysmal Deeds
Violently unfolding in the Alleyways
Neither Grosses nor foolish Prayer Beads
Can stop my nocturnal Blood Spray

Surgical Instruments in my Hands
The Rush of Blood takes me high
I perform with utter Precision
I laugh while you squeal and die
With Glee I stab and stab again
Hacking through Organs and Nerves
Your Body's disposed in a Lane
And your Innards I preserve

(Solo: The Abomination of the Unlit Alleys)

"Catch me when you can"

I hate what you portray
I am ending your Disgrace
I cure East End's Decay
For I am the Terror without Face

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