Denial Of God
The Horrors of Satan

1. The Coming

We have come to kill the living.
Sacrifice your children in the name of the Devil
and trample the cross.
We will haunt your minds
and distort your reality.

2. The Curse of the Witch

A Day in August Mina Rice was
Picking Belladonnas as she
Heard the Cries of a Crowd coming
Then she knew her Time had come
She didn’t even try to run
‘Cause she knew it was too late
No matter what they would do
The Dark was sure to make them pay

Soon they found her and stopped shouting
A new Victim for their Trials
Was it her Fault that the Clayton
Family’s Child died of Fever?
Yes, it was, but nobody knew
Nor did anybody care
But they surely found their Scapegoat
Mina Rice was dragged away in Chains

You could not see on her Face that
Her Life had come to an End
She wept no Tears, what a strange Girl
Covered in Beauty yet so mysterious
From her Cell you soon could hear her
Sing her lonely Songs of Twilight
A Fire should light up the Landscape
And so she was dragged to the Stake to burn…

Dragged to the Stake there to burn in the Moonlight
Satan’s Disciple to die on this Night
A Crowd of (Frightened) Cowards screaming out against her
“Let the Devil burn your Soul in Hell for all Eternity!…
Eternity… Eternity… Eternity…”

The Stake caught Fire and lit up the dark Night
And knowing that someone saw it from the other Side
Her once purple Eyes turned as black as a Raven
She screamed out a Curse that should haunt them in all Eternity…
Eternity… Eternity… Eternally!

(And the Witch spoke:)
“Oh, who are you – Mere Mortals and Disciples of God!
Is it not known to you who my Father is?
I shall come back bringing with me the Legions of Hell
And haunt each and everyone of you till there is no one left!”

And so she did

(Music: Azter. Lyrics: Ustumallagam & Azter)

3. The Witch - Now a Restless Spirit

Outside the Village all is still now
The Villagers have all gone home to their Beds
And are sound asleep
Resting safely and righteous behind their locked Doors painted with Crosses
now that another Witch is burned

Everything is silent and nothing remains of the Witch
Except for the Ashes and the Embers now dying
But the Wind has started to blow and if you listen carefully
You will hear the Laughter of the Witch resound in the Wind
For there is her Spirit now, revengeful and restless…
Waiting to return...

4. The Book of Oiufael

“Hic documento esse: Non quom res sic librum legere, quoniam is inhumanitam requiererit. Animo delicatus ipsum prohibendus longius progredi.”

Written in ancient France
Open only if you dare
Reading ends up in a Trance
Beyond all Nightmares

The Book of Armageddon
Was written by human Hand
It summons ferocious Demons
Who will torture and enchant

Yellow Letters capture your Eyes
Open up for the Demon’s Flight

Oiufael – Diabole Natus!
Lord of the Dark and the Evil
Oiufael – The King of Demons
Soon you will greet his Arrival

Dusty Pages hypnotize you
Your Mind goes out of Control
Demonic Dolls of human Flesh
Have come to fetch your Soul

Floating Demons with lustful Eyes
Stare at you when you look
Oiufael, the one who waits
His Face stares out of the Book

Tonight you set his Servants free
To haunt us for Eternity

Oiufael – Diabole Natus!
Lord of the Dark and the Evil
Oiufael – The King of Demons
Tonight you greet his Arrival

Read on…
Armageddon will come

“Assecutus sum quod volui!”

(Music: Azter. Lyrics: Ustumallagam)

5. Cycle of the Wolf

Twilight Hour, my Time has come
The Sun chased away by the Moon
There is a Curse upon my Soul
And the Night is coming soon

The Fullmoon Light reflects in the Mirror
Where my pale Face does change
A Transformation from Man to Beast
So grotesque and strange…
But Real…!

The Fullmoon is cursing me above my Head
With it’s cold silvery Eye
To cross my Path this Night is what you dread
By wolfen Claws you are gonna die

I prowl these Paths at Night again and again
As the gruesome Beast I have become
They all were harmless Victims of my Shame
But tonight you are my chosen one

Can’t you see me, an endless Nightmare
Cursing the white Moon above
Can’t you hear me, feel my cold Stare
Damned to kill the one I love
Can’t you hear me in the damned Glare
Of the Moon hiding the Truth
Can’t you see me, an endless Nightmare
The cursed Cycle of the Wolf

Adoring you since Childhood
Would never cause you Pain
But tonight I am out prowling
Out to rip your Veins
Haunting in these foggy Woods
Sensing your warm Breath
Want to hold you close to me
Still causing senseless Death

Slowly you are approaching me
I stare into your Eyes
Staring in your now pale Face
Don’t think you recognize
The one you loved, the one you cursed
The one you left behind
And this Night in the foggy Woods
No one hears your Cries

No one hears your fucking Cries…

(Music: Azter. Lyrics: Azter & Ustumallagam. April 2001)

6. The Iron Gibbet

Here I hang for you to see
You laugh but feared the living me
You spit at me as you pass by
Hear the Victims’ echoing Cries
I took their Lives and you took mine
Fair, one could say, I committed a Crime
But one Day I hope to return
To teach you Fear and you will learn

Will I roam at Night to find Revenge?
A Night that will be bloody drenched
Will it be filled with hundred Cries?
One for each Soul that dies
Will my bony Hand rule this Place?
Will Death rear it’s rotting Face?
The Village Streets be soaked in red
With bloody Sculptures of severed Heads?

My Eyes are gone yet still I stare
With empty Sockets so cold, beware
My Flesh it falls from my Bones
The iron Gibbet, my final Home

Mummified I hang alone
Crumbling skin and clanging Bones
My Laughter resounds in the Wind
Forgive me not for I have sinned
Gallow Hill, the Darkness surrounds
My Mouth it screams without a Sound
The Fools they stare, I feel their Fear
I will remain for many Years

My Eyes are gone yet still I stare
With empty Sockets so cold, beware
My Flesh it falls from my Bones
The iron Gibbet, my final Home

Can you hear me?
I am coming…

7. A Night in Transylvania

A Night in Transylvania became the Night for me
I ended my mortal Life to join the One
Now my Corpse lies there for all to see
They wait for the Night for the Rite that must be done

Countless are the Legends in this dark Land
A horrible Fate is said to await those who die by their own Hands
Infernal Torment, restless Souls in Hell’s Fire
My sacred Suicide, the Birth of a Vampyre

People full of Fright, wailing in the Night
Nocturnal Horror, there will be more…
Hear them mourn…

Carefully they bury me in a shallow Grave
My Gravestone has my Destiny engraved

It’s getting dark now… I rise from my Grave…
To haunt… And drink your Blood…
Tomorrow they will go to find my Grave… Disturbed…
But, they will never find my Corpse…
I will be dwelling in my carefully prepared Coffin…
Deep in the Mountains of Transylvania…


They would have severed my Head
To avoid me from joining The Great Undead
The one who all here fear
The one whose Corpse disappeared
Like mine… In a Night in Transylvania…

(Music & lyrics: Azter 07.94)

8. To the Devil

9. The Horrors of Satan

This foggy Night belongs to us...

See our Faces when the Lightning strikes
A gruesome Nightmare coming real tonight
The living Dead shall stalk this cursed Place
Black Coffins open, Blood is what we crave

The Undead hunger for your Soul
Vampires thirsting for your Blood
Grey is the Skin, so are the Bones
Our Graves were the Soil and the Mud

We are the Horrors of Satan
The Children of the Mighty Undead
We are the Horrors of Satan
Bloodthirsty Ghouls that find no Rest

Lycanthropic Shadows howl their Warning
Bewitched Souls, Pentagrams are forming
Corpses march towards the Living they are forced
To once again find the Life they lost
Thin Arms of the Trees try to catch your Soul
They come alive as Crosses fall, their Touch is cold
Their Eyes are glowing bloody red in this Night
On Souls they feed, damned in Pain, a fearsome Sight

We are the Horrors of Satan
The Children of the Mighty Undead
We are the Horrors of Satan
Bloodthirsty Ghouls that find no Rest

Grey Ghosts rise, eight Feet tall
Voices sing from bottomless Wells
We will never find our Rest
We are forever damned to Hell
Witches ride their Broomsticks
Gathering Goats and Bats
Mixing poisonous Elixir
Turning all Living into Rats

The Orchestra of the Undead will play
Their vicious Parts for the Dark
A Homage paid to the Lord of this World
Enchanting Tunes as black as Tar

But...A Grave defiled shall be your Home
Now sleep forever, in Pain you will dwell
Your Soul is consumed as the Torture ends
But...the Horrors of Satan will rise again...

There can’t be no Rest!...

(Music by Azter/Lyrics by Ustumallagam. Midnyte 23-24/07/98)

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