Diabolos Rising

Drums programming by Yiannis Nisidis and M.V.Daoloth
Guitar played by divad of necromantia, arranged by Diabolos

All music by Diabolos Rising
All lyrics by Magus Vampyr Daoloth

- Genocide - I am god 4:38
- Vinnum sabbati 5:45
- Give me blood or give me death 5:15
- Satanas lead us through 3:01
- Sorcery - scientia maxima 4:43
- 666 6:06
- X - ­ - őT' 5:17

Genocide - I Am God

The human herd has served me well,
Giving me thought, desires, dreams,
My dearest beings serve me once more,
Just kill yourselves and feed me more.

Look at your pathetic world,
You bless the weak and curse the strong,
(and) you're begging me for drops of hope,
yo ease your pain and heal your soul.

I give birth,
and I give death.
I give pleasure,
and dark pain.

Genocide, I'll now give thee,
I am a God, I'll always be.

So suffer now,
you worthless worm.
Inspire my dreams,
With seas of blood.

I'm your Buddha and Allah.
I'm Jehova and Christ.
I am Lucifer and Satan.
I am your demon-god.

Devour my truths,
and do my deed.
Do the biding,
of the chaos breed.

Dinnum Sabbati

White dust of black emotions,
Mixed with blood and wine,
Awakening the ancient worm,
The heathen Lord of Blackness.

Made by alchemical blends,
The lost forgotten science,
Tearing down illusions,
Revealing infernal wonders.

Drowned in a deep sweet trance,
Of an unholy union

The Beast and man are one,
The Serpent has now risen.

So take now this profane Grail
And taste the fluids of Abyss
Share with us a temptating dream,
Of Nuptiae Sabbat.

Give me blood or give me death

Give me blood or give me death.
(I must have blood)

As the burning sunlight withdraws,
And soft night wind embraces me,
Hunger upsets my heathen dreams.
(as) moonlight pierces my pale white skin.

Feeding upon the weak mankind,
Night-Predator, Son of the Blood,
My curse and bless are mixed in one,
Eternal life is mine to have.

So give me blood or give me death,
I hold no mercy for thyself,
Your boiling blood will give me life,
My soul will tremble from delight.

Come give me blood or give me death,
No holy signs can send me away,
No gods of love can block my way,
I breed Darkness and Night breeds me.

Give me blood or give me death !

Satanas lead us through

Satanas lead us through.

Through realms of crimson twilight,
Where the serpent race heeds thy cult.
Through the streams of Acheron,
Where necromancers cast their spells.
Through the eye of Black Chaos,
Where dimensions cross and power dwells.

Through the Hyperborean lands,
Where ice and fire become one.
Through the hidden caves of DR,
Where the Lords of Sorcery live

Through the blackened plains of hades,
Where life is death and death is life.
Satanas lead us through
Hail Satanas, Ave Satanas, Salve Satanas,
Angel Fuck !

Through the burning fields of hell,
Where the blood of angels flows free.
Through the forests of the elves,
Where the pagans gather to feast.
Through visions of future worlds,
Where vultures feed upon the dead.

Sorcery: Scienta Maxima

Wisdom survived through the years,
Of hidden things that dwell beyond.
Gathered from astral flights,
Whispered in abysmal depths.

Spells chants and magical bounds,
used by the lords of sorcey,
Rituals and incantations,
Destined to crush the bonds of time.

Higher mysteries revealed,
To those who practice the arts.
Those who delivered their souls,
To the undead gods of Night.

There are no secrets unknown,
No laws can bind their spirits.
For they posses the love,
Of the scientia maxima.

(Apocalypse opus 2)

Sufferring, the Serpent's eye.
Illusions crumbling down,
Revealing death and sorrow,
The sons of Cain shout.
"from chaos shall come order"
Oh, take away this cursed day light,
It burns my soul and eats my skin.

Pleasure, a blend of blood and sperm,
Misanthropy, humanity is pathetic.
A violent rape of miserable dreams,
Will activate the killing urge.
A drop of Venom in their hearts,
will make them pull the trigger.

Oh Night, mother of Gods and Demons,
embrace us in your healing arms.
for we belong in darkness,
and you belong to us.

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