1. Dual Void Trident

sewed shut,
by substance,
without FORM

sewed shut,
by substance,
without FORM

206 keys to unfold,
THE passage,
to unfold THE passage,

206 keys to unfold,
THE passage,
to unfold THE passage,

206 embryos,
pass the ethereal,
the ethereal path

2. In the Locus of Bone

I stand on shattered mirrors,
Petrified, absorbing, reflecting, transmute,

...In dreams where ardent shapes cover the barren horizon, For a sudden moment i saw her,
Wearing no veils of illusion, hidden,
manifested but unseen

...To experience the inmost bloom,
One must pass the guardian of the threshold
And approach the locus of bone,
Are our dreams solely wandering
Between the abyss, earth and sky

3. Co-il-lusion

4. Ivory Artery

Before me opens an ivory path that has no name,
Is this the crossing of everything, nothing
The further i proceed the less i am,
To see without seeing (...revealed only to closed eyes), To do without doing (...backward-flowing / circulation),
To move without moving (...swallowed by the shrouded Passage),
To be without being (..the heart is the fire),
Without beginning, without end, without past,
Without future nothing to look at, nothing to hear, No-thing, only a vast space that has no limitations Thoughts without language guide my roaming,
The seeker must seek,

I follow the ivory artery,
To cross the spiritual wasteland,
...Gaze reversed i touch the ultimate emptiness ...Revealed only to closed eyes
...Backward-flowing, circulation
...Swallowed by the shrouded passage
...The heart is the fire, to follow the feather-covered path that has no name, finally, to overcome
The limitations of time and space
Is this vision of no-limitations
Just another limited vision, from orgy of visions
To flowing direct awareness
1 0 8 co-il-lusion,
Stellar-gleam, the further you go the less you will know - Existence is one

5. The Flow of Seething Visions

6. The One Whose Name Has No End

A pale figure, impale the space,
Split in two, double-coiled - enter, into the womb,
1000 arms reach out, ash-trees, ash-three,
1000 eyes gaze upon you,
Step forward and join the fog,
The silvery space, then,
Share a moment with the dark ones,
A black lotus, facing downwards -
The flow of seething visions, the chameleon from an abyss Which all things come,
The great one whose name has no end,
Impale the pale, impale the essence,
I shed off the chameleon skin and open the atlas of being, 1000 arms guide from chaos to clarity,
1000 piercing eyes now evade me, await me

7. The Absolute Halo Is Awakening

8. Epoch of Cyclosure

Behold, the skull-bearer -
The one who illuminates the sacred balance,
He has returned,
Black stars mark his way through the eons
Lie down and he will sever your ties,
His dance the movements that lack directional Orientation, in trance
The intensity of ecstatic stimulation,
Immersed in frenzy
Submerge and feel the pure, unrestricted force,
Feel the force vibrating through spirit,
Re-behold the black stars,
For they embody the essence of thunderbolt

Behold, the architects
The creators of passages
That connect all the spheres and worlds,
Like swirling hexagrams above the skull-bearer
The absolute halo is awakening, their dance
The diversity of movements that pierces all the Limitations, in ecstasy
Penetrate through the somnolent flames that form
The circle of bliss immersed in frenzy submerge and Feel the pure, unrestricted force, at last,
Touch the trident and feel yourself as a skeleton

9. The Fire Which Burns Not

10. Raja Naga Rising

Inhale, waken, exhale, escape,
Upwards, higher
follow the cosmic horns towards zenith,
Ascend, along the sacred centers,
The whirling discs of energy, follow the solar path,
The path of fire, penetrate and absorb,
Reach the fire which burns not
To hunger nothing, but the absolute, invoke the north, Invoke the heights, fire from above, falling fire,
Red as blood, heart, cosmic fire, coiled serpent, Purification, regeneration, downwards, deeper
Follow the roots towards Nadir, descent,
Along the sacred centers, the dynamic centers,
Follow the lunar path bath in silver, trail of bones Fluidity of forms, spirit-water water-wheel,
Breaking the barriers of the two-eyes

To hunger nothing but the absolute,
Invoke the south, invoke the depths,
Now encircled by all the awakened beings,
Enter, into a new circle of absolute being,
Eradicate and reform the internal Mandala,
To not journey is to decay,
Now here, now there, not there, not here,
Ascension towards the eternal,
Inhale, abase, exhale, exalt.

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