1. Blackout

attaining mental stability in a rapid decline
see the souls, they fall in league with mine

liquid words adhere, to weakness in this spirit
leading into imprisoning sight, in judgement

and i still feel, i still feel
the same lament with you

and i'm not talking lies fuelled by this bottle
you let me believe
you intrude my conscience
only to tell me you're what i need

paralysed, i can't socialise, i'm bleeding within
when it rains, oh god when it pours
get it done and just take me away

there is no truth in my eyes
a deceiving spinning discuise
another plain, the ultimate high

tainted in expression, release the inhibition
undermining insecure understanding

but i still feel
i still feel
i still feel the same with you

in memories blackened out you release to live again
through your eyes i'm reminded
what i try to escape from

just another believer
easy to lead by their fears
cannot yet see
their destiny

2. Release

you couldn't run from what you became
from one who would vent his revenge
through the time you were young
to look up to the put downs he gave instead

in all your darkest questions
you could never find the answers

this chance with death overcasting the way
tempted to try the peace you could give

you would wear your torment on the inside
you'd hide it so well
until you released it again
i thought i could help you

and you would weep to me
reveal this withered spirit
pour out your soul
let me share your misery

and sometimes i saw myself in you
recognised the colourless feelings
we shared relief in knowing we were not alone

i couldn't convince you to believe
the hope had already gone
you'd suffered alienation for far too long

you'd resigned to the description
when you took your own life
your past would never leave
you had already died

the night you chose the ending
i can see those sbtle warnings
pass like it was meant to be
but i am just as quilty

bet you don't miss it here

3. Covet

a portrait which carries the story
which is always the same
compare this cross to the next man
to be someone else instead

weighted with this burden
you believe you're alone
everyone has something
life will leave you to learn

where you see a perfection
belies a different restraint
another source of disillusions
got you fooled in envy

what do you see
what do you think you see
do you know what you're wishing
do you know

hard to find contentment
you can't see
past your own self hatred
while your...

time wasters
you don't notice
if you let this beat you

everyone is equal
if you look a little closer

and wnen you learn to see
that nothing is that serious
you will grasp something to live for
these feeting moments
will end

to then see this gift
and underline the truth
what we take for life
how we misunderstood

4. Distortion

i see through me, inside the outside of you
can things seem so close
so near, yet too far out of reach
distorted veils from behind which only i see
the clear perception of what life rally should be

take my hand, dependent to feel
insanity for what is real
in twisted redemption, release the confines
reality seems to restrict with

one side say it's a sin, indulgence, let it suck you in
at peace when out of you mind
to kill another day in my life

seems so feint, can't find my way out of this maze
drowning deeper, the soul believer
taking my life is the only way

lost inside mental feeling
how different i percieve this life
of unseen madness
in a state of awareness, i cling to revelations
inverted to make the most sense

just a fool who's lost his way
when each night blurs into day
not willing to count the cost
i'm just adicted, my life is lost
can't you see, fuck i'm in pain
no life to lead, nothing to gain

5. Ill Effect

mistaken identity, fooled us all
and didn't you know
took betrayal in your stride
used to biding time

manipulated her - now on you she must rely
yet she chose to look away
lood away - from too many lies

and whwn you come face to face
you will become what you created

from these souls that you sold
life's avenger will reap the rewards
through a justice unseen

and what you gave will return
through these ruins fate will follow

in submisssion - no escape
you will abide to the work of your own hands
reformed destiny

taken this life, not to lay it to rest
when you've taken this life
then you'll move onto the next

willing victim to fall to this appeal
when you play a part
carefully chosen in line to survive

as you live out your promises
forged promises

where does your conscience reside
when you have carved
this same future in other lives
realisation falls silently over
but you know they have come
too far, too far to look back

your hour is gaining quickly
not too soon for those who wait
to see now death becomes you
how death becones you

and when you've taken this life
your time will come around

6. Today's Tomorrow

tied, conniving control
the faith deceived for the sake of today
we have sold tomorrow

i hate this, i hate you
who accepts this lie in silence

i hate this, our false values
why don't we all see through this

unheard, fixed in your own world
lost in society, too far gone
is it too fucking late?

i hate this
i hate a veiled invert frustration
turned in, onto, your own
from the hand that rocks the cradle
ashes will unfold

release ourselves from these actions
how you keep us distracted

what do you really wish
to understand exactly what's behind
your real desire here
inside, nothing holds freedom silent

and we will die in our own ignorance
awaiting blindly
and i'll be without tears

7. Down

descent in line from innocence
from blood this love defiles me
unchosen - yet it holds our restraint
through this child you will live again

i breathe life through you
i breathe life through
what you believe - through me

dependant in my helpless state
you work on my emotional fate
take out this part of me
which turns me into you

imprint your words in mentality
pass on your own self righteous faith
explain reason in your own wisdom
your failures will live again

imprisoned under fate's own hereditory leader
can i overcome what this dependance fractured
or will you stay here?

fight through this bloodline of distorted pictures
subtract from the mind this broken experience
not to live again

8. Prism

commercial crucifixion
why bow to those in charge
no questions follow aimlessly
time to give away your mind

collide with accepted opinion
you're making it hard
for yourself - in this so called choice
and are we permitted to have imagination
recognise this dormant attitude

don't listen to those who destroy
this instintive direction
who is anyone to lay judgement and
judge you if you don't follow on passively

you're fucking with destiny
down to your own inferior declne

we can't beat them but won't join them
we won't rise up to their ideals
lies, destructive lies
we criticise you in the public eyes

down but not out
they criticise us in the public eye

lies, destructive lies
we criticise you in the public eye

dare to differ and do you fear
being the outcat
afraid of what they might say
turn your back
and let prejudice criticise you
who's the real loser

9. Threshold

and life it's hard
struggling from day to day
while the powers that be
feed us shit they want us to believe
and life it's hard
we're getting fucked from day to day
working as slaves to fulfill
their corruptable greed

i'm not gonna take this anymore
offered a chance to equal the score
we're all covered in blood, yeah
we're all covered in our own blood
to you it's an impoverished few
it's about time you looked at the full scope
we'll be covered in blood, yeah
covered in your blood again

rise up, rise up, rise up and take control
replace mistakes from history
a chance to call the world our own
yeah, we're not backing down
we shall be forever
when the shit hits the fan
you'll be the one who's left here screaming

and life it's hard
it's getting easier day by day
making fools of the few
who just wish they knew

and life it's hard
it's about time we opened a new scope
you'll be covered in blood
covered in your own blood again

rise up, rise up, rise up and take control
replace mistakes from history
a chance to call the world our own

10. Unseen

afraid to feel in seclusion we hide away
this face, unseen, instinct denies true liberty

and thy soul, signifies the true self
denied the role destined to be alone

sever the weakened
sever inside
will i forever live
in deceit of myself?

trust my imptression
and i've sold you the lies
that hide as they reflect
the same disguise

betrayal beneath this, confusion weeps inner tears
untold in fear, afraid to lose the dignity

and i don't understand why hate should rise
above to hold as reliance to survive

11. Fuelling Nothing

trivial to your allure to this growth
through technology
you place, our worth under efficiency

stand our common ground
we've got our own lives to lead
a posture in time, resulting human demise

indignant to our value as expendabe energy
withdraw our life
from reason to exist here

and when you
take this defenceless last life in
which greed blatantly guided
you will discover you cannot
survive on worth here

look at what you have taken
and devoured, devoured
always a price to be placed

which is priority?
wasted development
no morality to progression
it collides witin your greed

what it gains doesn't justify
reasonless production - fuelling nothing

as we suceed we bleed

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