Tears from the Stars

In the aura of time, ripped out of the blazing skies
Genesis of a new strain, the mother feeds her child

Silence broken, the birth of mankind, but the shadows conceal fears unspoken
Like tears from the stars

And the questions went unanswered among all it's people
Creation of a false belief he had to give his reasons
Like whispers in the ocean the words went unheard
Like tears from the stars the warnings went ignored

Like tears from the stars the mother feeds her child
Our search in life for our destiny, behold the grains that slowly drift away
Unforeseen fate will pale reality, in fears eclipse we'll hear the world while it weeps

Turn around and walk away, kiss the rose and let it die
But how many times have I fallen over waiting for my soul to feel the light

And the cup was taken from the hands of greed and misery
Evolution in time will bring forth the new breed


In the new age we see the combinations of human consciousness and science
Dominated by the element, our imagination having turned towards the sky
New frontiers cause the reformation of the human race
Celebration of ourselves and our sanctity of the earth
Our civilization has entered the millennium of peace and wisdom
We have begun to live our lives as part of the galactic community
Our world has no boundaries, but have we now become a selfish race?
Obsessed by our power and freedom we are becoming insane

People are now spawning our future generations, they will hold the power to create life

Possessing the ability to travel through out the cosmos
Free from all the boundaries the only sin is to forget...

No more leaders of injustice

We have begun to realise potential far beyond our lies
To release the energy we have ignored for our own selfish greed
Ignorance inside the mind will be eradicated finally
Opening the doors to the rise towards impossibility


Unknown to me the sun deceives, storms from the east, crimson now is the sea
Black shapes unknown that resemble human form
In the rains they came to free us from this mortal coil

Shall we see in the fullness of time if the prophecies can shine through
The silhouettes against the sun

The promises of a brave new world slipped straight through our weary eyes
Behind the blue sky horizon remains only truth

The beginning is the end, we are twisted never to be reborn
Just as a soft breeze carries dead leaves, the rains shall never cease


I'm going to drain you now to the very threshold of death
The flow of blood through your veins and that same blood through mine
It is your consciousness, your will which must keep you alive

A shock of sensation not unlike the pleasure of passion
I felt his teeth withdraw with such a keenness, I felt no more

Drink on my gaping wound and feel our heart beat become one
Release all of your human grief and sleep off your death

And I drank for the first time since infancy
The special pleasure of sucking nourishment

To focus on one vital source, I lay there waiting to die

Neglecting my thirst made it grow
Torn apart to take no action to starve the burning of need to drink

Don't fall so madly in love with the night that you lose your way
I saw the moon on the water, I stared for what seemed eternity...

Weaving Fear

To still cling to the shadows of doubt, to hinder growth into the soul of finding yourself
I hear your pain

The fears of my life stand before me...
Do I end it now for God my children, just close my eyes

To feel the distance getting further, but there is light on the horizon
Just don't look down

And the cold will rise up and try to break the will again inside
Watch the fallen leaves and follow, it will pass like the change of season

To banish fear, want more to pass her along the road
How many tears, polluting freedom, there's more to go

The constant fight deludes the point, the burning pastures will destroy
The time you have to make your own and stand the ground of which yourself created

Finding a sign of truth to follow, holding a memory for tomorrow
A hope to reach inside the heart and take the hand to never be afraid

Never to walk the shores unknown, never to seek the depths untold
Never to picture blinding hopes and taste the lips of a dream ignored
Never to know what could have been, never to feel the breath of freedom
Never to hear the song of reward, to weave the fear in the depths of remorse

The Voyage

I brace myself but to no avail, numbness crept over me, overpowering oppression deepening
Every muscle paralysed
Laying under a veil of righteousness, finally everything became blank
Projecting my spirit from within, leaving the body behind

Gazing down at my face, pale and as still as death
The flowers withered and life wept, but my body remained sleepless

The blinding light reveals your purity, this voyage here seems so tangible

I will hear them, I will hear the songs that were played from the birth of the first
Foolish embrace of a false esteem, the wind will turn
Call, I keep calling... Same hostility lies
In the depths of all our existence
Encapture time to find the other side, but it's all the same

And like the word your life unfolds, upon the tears for which you burn
Come seek the life from which you hide
Let go the guilt that dwells within, from which the torch was lit in sin
Come walk the road to find your true paradise

Spread forth your wings and fly away...

Deep into Me

Stay away from the future, but do not live in the past
The concept of never being is the false truth that speaks its mind
Do I control your visions, those that create your dreams?
Enshrouded by twilight mists, the lust of the final graven kiss

Just like ashes to ash, your flesh will be touched once again, a kiss by the wreath

The soil separates you from me, but our love is soon to return
As sure as the sun brings the dawn, and the meadows blood from the earth
Just like the first time you kissed me, and the blood rained forth from the sky
The crimson tears of heaven drain deep into me

The fallen leaves that hide your face, the erotic sensation of dead embrace
The taste of your cold sweet tongue, we have yet to finish what I begun

Kiss by the wreath, cold heat as our flesh meets


Yearning for the dawn of the golden age, a new beginning, when will things change

The bleak winter is over and the ice starts to melt
A changing of the seasons, I have lost what I once felt

A pain that eats me inside, so far away from the outside
Redemption of our rapport, dissension continues to hinder

Let me be free. I wish to ride the storm, let the winds blow and the rain pour
Crimson sea take me, away from all the pain

Elapsing impulse of sentiment, bearing heart felt emotion tears

Conspire to Be

Can't we see their games to which we are pawns? Drawn to conform, restrained

Is it the blind lead the blind? Or are we the fools who follow?

Listening to minds bent on power for their needed elation
To place your trust in the eye's of the blind to real life
Stand by the water all you see is just a reflection
Yet the water is deep like your instincts don't place your beliefs in another mans hands

Brainwashed to believe their obvious lies, censored from the truth, denied

Stagnant lands lie victim, losing conscious wisdom
The beast will ride into all his awaited creations, suffering will prevail

No one can hear societies lifeless cries, suffering in silence as part of your game
We do not question what is taken for granted, democracy a facade, lets open our eyes

Bleeding us dry of what is ours, dependent on us to survive
Living this absurd masquerade, conformity, oh so dear

And what they prophecise, dormant in the dust of ones demise
The clouds of pity rain down from the heavens


This window to our so called lives, the worst drug known to mankind
Can't you see through the hollow vision that's right before your eyes?
Brainwashed by the fucking media, out of sight, out of mind

There is no truth, deceiving words, controlling vision, distorted perception

Is there a reason to survive, the monuments of instilled lies, the cage they have us all inside
The power of thought, they have the force, destroyed beliefs and altered course
Of life your mind has led you on

Do you not see through this charade
Your rightful judgment is to fade into the eyes of biased minds
Control the mass, unseen weapon, concealed deceit, subtract aggression
To conform and hold you down

We pay the price to suffer in this world, technologies domination has evolved up through time
Can't you see through the hollow vision that's right before our eyes?
Brainwashed by the fucking media, out of sight, out of mind

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