Aeternum Vale

1. The Light That Would Fade

I'm plagued
By the silence you brought upon me
In the desolate laps of time
Tearing the flesh from my bones

Endless eternity awaits

The tears embrace me
Life, erases me
The failure within becomes now clear
The light will forever fade
As my life, forever fail

I'm nailed to the cross of my own creation
Torn...divided within
Reaching an end to it all

I'm lost with despair
No one's left to care
Alone... abandoned
To die by myself

Endless eternity awaits

The light that would fade appears now clear
So cold. the sudden breeze of death
Cleansing the soul, from my pain


Smothered by life
Emptiness takes hold
Eternity shines brighter
Than ever before

2. Empire Of The Fallen

Lost through motions of time
Yesterday has vanished and died

Everything dies within

Grey skies
Barren land
My empire... turns into sand

Broken down
Beyond repair
My empire... lost with despair

Dreams I thought were mine
Crushed by the wheel of time

Everything dies within


3. The Faded Earth

Break me, I failed to be the one
Grey sun, fading in my mind

The desolate withered tree
The faded earth, swallows me
My sorrow, she's here with me
As beautiful as only she can be

Among ruins of guilt
Earth fading still
We despair, we die
In rapture

Don't you know it has gone too far
The place we loved, been torn apart
I feel disgust of what we have become
Motherless children in the eclipse of the sun

The faded earth, the heavy sky
Looks down on me, at least I try
In agony I realize
These hopeful tears, about to die

We make ourselves a world apart
Behind light words that tease and flout
'til someone find us really out


4. Oblivion Upon Us

I've tried so hard to become human
But all I feel is regret
Inside this empty shell we're all so afraid
Of what we've become

I myself have built the cross I wear
Every passing day is filled with despair

I see no end to all this pain
This human plague that I pity
The love I feel is shallow and weak
The world is dead through my eyes

I myself have built the cross I wear
Every passing day is filled with despair
I spit upon humanity, I see the world as dust
I feel no compassion neither love or lust

Oblivion upon us

I sink into the coldest of waters
To drown my tears of shame
For nothing but the pain of suffering
I continue to breath


5. The Crawling Inserts

Crawling within
Worms of the subconscious
Festering on humanity
Like a sick disease
A cancer of thoughts
Bleeding through to you

Not showing anything
I remain the same
Failing once again

Feeding the stillborn dreams forlorn
Insance creation, I foretold
The plague of mankind
The dawning end
The age of suffering
Death's eternal friend


The bleeding scar
That shows within
Eternal suffering
A lovers sin

Watching them crawl
Watching the insects crawl
Towards me, towards us
The plague of man
The age of suffering
The end of everything

6. Aeternus

Empty, so empty
Barren and cold
Distant, so distant
Too far to reach

Time slips away, I fall
All I fell is pain, nothing more
I cry in shame of knowing my faults
And nothing seems to help me anymore

I fall

Bitter, so bitter
Life so sweet

I break, I see, I suffer
I grope, I fall, I die
For you

I leave today, my life
I slowly wither away

For you; I broke with tears
For you; I loved for you years
Draining myself from everything

For you; I opened the door
For you; I gave it all up
My life, my dream...everything

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