Drowning The Light
An Alignment of Dead Stars

1. Distant Autumn Rain

2. The Cult Of Shadows

A shadow is cast across the cracks of the aging stone wall
an engulfing darkness unfurling its tendrils as the sun sets
the birth of a new night... The birth of a new dark
Those who stalk the night
those who still know the call
those who stay and fight
they shall never fall
The right hand of our master
spewing his words and feeding him souls
The cult of shadows & ghosts if the south congregate on these darkest nights
As slithers of moonlight glimmer through the shattered windows of this ruined church the ritual takes place.
The flies swarm and all matter of nature turns black
A millenia of bloodshed under the crippled yoke of the white light faith
as the stars burn out in our eyes and the smoke of the final candle dies
as the chanting fades in the distance, this pact is with us for life.
The absolution of the darkest Power.

3. An Alignment Of Dead Stars

In the woods of despair
sits the devil's heir
at the crossroads of death
taking his final breath
his pact with the master
an otherworldly disaster
as he seals his own fate
his crushed spirit can relate

To the horrors this modern world holds
this time of morality and sanctimonious mold

For his soul now belongs to HIM
For his essence is pure blackness
For his being is now ROT

A black eclipse in his heart
an alignment of dead stars
and the blood spilt at the crossroads
has brought him to this place
he no longer lives in torment and depression
his essence with emotion severed
he is truly free...

4. The Flame

5. Sound The Battle Horn

Blood covered rust
on my blade
comrades at arms
by my side
awaiting the call...
The sound of battle horn flows throughout the land..
The sound of the battle horn strikes the heart of our enemy...
Clash of steel, splintering shields
severing flesh, cutting through mesh
ending ones life, into the night.
The battle rages for days and the weak ones fall
the passion that drives us will make them crawl
Clash of steel
splintering shields
severing flesh
cutting through mesh
ending ones life
into the night
We break through their front line
screams of victory as the cowards retreat

6. Drinking The Sacrament Of Eternity (Revenge Of The Impaler)

From the depths of the Carpathians
a tyrant whose family was tortured and bled
by foreign invaders
In 1453 when the final christian stronghold fell
their presence was obliterated by the wolf of carpathia
Come 1456 his tyranny reigned
those who disobeyed him got no mercy
infants impaled through there own mother's chests
the rotting forests of impaled corpses
decaying for months as a warning

As the turkish dogs attacked his keep
his ivory goddess flung herself landing deep
into the river where her body slowly sunk to the bottom
her last breath taken in beautiful suicide
condemned to purgatory for eternity

The impaler takes his revenge
renouncing the cross and drinking the sacrament of eternity
burning these muslim rats alive
taking their life force
immortal and proud
drowning the white light

7. A Call To Arms

Our united dark lands sound the battle call
brothers it is time to take up arms and make the enemy fall!!!
Arms to the sky as our banners fly high
this is our calling, this is our pact
we cannot - turn back!
This war may never be won, but we will fight until the bitter end!
This war may never be won, but we will fight on
We will meet again
Stories will echo of those few who stood strong
those few who fought on
Our united dark lands gather for attack
brothers it is time to take up arms and make the enemy fall!!!
Arms to the sky as our banners fly high
this is our calling, this is out pact
we cannot - turn back!
This war may never be won, but we will fight on
until the bitter end
we will meet again my friend..
We answered out call to arms!!

8. Dragged To An Ocean Grave

Touched by darkness and abandoned by light
lost at sea.
A vessel of damnation, a cursed voyage
the broken mast torn free.
Sent by the church to bury the evidence
manuscripts in blood.
Taken from the souls struck down by the inquisitors
alive on burning poles.
Pulled by black currents below, the dark one has a hold.
This ship will not reach it's final port it will be dragged to the depths
Struggling crusaders scurry like rats
to their life boats.
The ocean bed covered in black oil
covering all that remains above

One by one the survivors fade
slowly being dragged to their ocean grave
There unholy shipment washing away
back into the unknown where they shall stay
and in their final resting place
deep below the darkness they will face
our dark lords secrets fade
until the final judgement day

9. Crippled Lies And A Fallen Prophet

Black putrid and frail
this modern shell of a world
hollowed out by greed
filled with materialism and hedonism
you have forgotten your way!

Candles light the path of truth
and the journey to salvation
is not one through your god
but through what you might call damnation
we are the spear of black destiny
and the nails in the cross
we are the crown of thorns
and all that you lost

Crippled lies and a fallen prophet
your false idol
cries, whimpers, and bleeds

10. Gone...

As the structured decay
as the reign of modern man falls by his own hand
there is nothing left but rubble
black burnt buildings
and a dead silence.
Walk with your head held high
to the end of time
the final chapter of our existence is night
and as the black snow of fallout remains flutter down
embrace that which you are.
The hand held out by god is a lie
this hell we created for ourselves.
I remember a time when I still cared
now it's all gone!
I remember a time when I still feared
now it's all gone!
I remember a time when I still cared
now it's all gone!
I remember a time when I still feared
now it's all gone!
Floating away in flakes of black human remains

11. Drifting Away In A Sea Of Sorrow

12. In A Time Of Honour

As the leaved turn to rust in the crimson decay of autumn
after the summer rot the chill starts to set in
the storms start to brew and the rolling thunder in the distance echos through my soul...
These times I feel at peace and at one with all
away from the insects, worms and societal sheep
alone and lost in time
The night falls and the sound of the rain mesmerizes my being
I close my eyes and get taken back into another era
the fire burns through the night and as the sun rises
I awaken to the sounds of battle

The ravens circle the fallen
the dead cannot be mourned
as the blood is still slowing
the stench of death intoxicates my nostrils
steel against steel in a time of honour
this is where my heart belongs
this is where I want to be.

13. Vampyre (The Broken Dirge Of Aristocracy)

Amongst the frozen stars
the desolate winds of death merge
and those of ancient blood awaken.
The soil and ground are pushed aside from within the crypt
rotten fingers with talon like nails lift the spectre out of his hole
Those who chant for the holocaust of man
whose eyes are lifeless and hollow
teeth rotted into jagged tips
from years of praying on the weak
hidden from the world
A world which will now be taken back!
To long in the shadows has this foul apparition been forgotten
To long in the shadows this rancid soul has been haunting

A disjointed stride in torn noble attire
to an aristocratic broken dirge
the hideous visage of that which was cursed from god
the melancholic aura of injustice
and the hunger for the wine of life
snakes, bats, rats & flies his familiar
this night is yours again

14. Nocturne Batracien

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