Drowning the Light
Dead Soul Requiem

1. Dead Soul Requiem

Through my lifetime I wrote the words
for my Requiem.
Was I hated? Was I loved?
What's my legacy?

Was the burden of my lies
a daemons charm?
I'll stay abandoned, from his grace,
in my woe and harm.

And the pikes rages endlessly
through my dead veins.
Hunting down my mortal soul

2. I Sing You to Me

Baptized in Serpent's blood, I wait for thee.
Bloodstained rituals carves names into me.
Visions mesmerized whispers obscure
of long forgotten Sins, Salvation insecure.

I have read of Stones that wept wounded.
I have seen old Trees that once cried.
I live the Curse of the meaning forever
and all I have left is to sing you to me.

I sing you to me!

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