Drowning the Light / Vampyric Blood
Drowning in the Vampyric Sacrament of the Immortals

1. Drowning the Light - The Stone of Apathy

A bullet to my brain I saved
For a rainy day of depression for many years
Now it has meaning
For the enemies forgotten there is always one who I don't forget
One that will walk without fear
Now the Bullet is a symbol for vendetta

And the Skull shall split wide open
I will bathe in the blood and see the grand maneuver
Of Azrael's Descent as my enemies die
One must wait down stream
And watch their enemies float by
This is when the beauty of time and vengeance conjoin
Surreal to let unfold as an art-form

2. Drowning the Light - The Hunt (Sustenance)

By law, standard and remorse
Trained away from instinct
the more upright species walk
There is one source of the life sustenance

Survival is recycling the life
The beast shall strive again
Once gifted of all life form
abandoned by the aliens of hybrid experimentation.

Perfection beyond nature has been tries
Never has it been surpassed
Upon the Earth, in heaven and within hell
The cosmos have yet to be explored

A glimpse into the milky way
Still altered by poor vision
Science of democracy
Approved by the consensus of the blind

There is a time to hold your breath
There is a time to move silently
There is a time to cover one's own stench
There is a time to aim and strike for the heart.

Blessed are the reptiles, the ageless, the oldest ones
Simple yet most advanced
Cursed are the living who desecrate the land from which gave birth
Common are the parasites

As a splinter in the flesh the wound shall heal itself
To live requires death
To overpopulate requires redemption
The infestation of parasites, or the abundance of human beings

The importance is nil
Eyes (of silence).

There was once one rite
that we seal the sores of the mother of wounds
(black) sun steals their life and filters the filth from that
There is only one cycle that revolves around and cycles around us
Yes millions of cycles revolve around us and pain
The Cycle of Oblivion.

Importance is great
there is no Surface to Pain.

3. Drowning the Light - The Reflex of Shadows

(A splitting of the mind a tearing of the flesh
Such as one's very own world ripped to shreds
There exists a fork in the road)
at the path's end of lividity
one towards eternal rest
and one of a circle to the beginning

As great as the tests of illusion
greater are the floggings of time
As sturdy as the fist of physical laws
the astral experience works as fluid

Bending around matter
Torn but healing instantly
Blood which never coagulates
One drop or one thousand liters

The essence remains immaculate
In sudden breath, the last breath is exhaled
Fast as the slight of hand ties the noose of the hangman
The Reflex of Shadows
(tightens in an imminent knot)

There is but one exit
From the everlasting cycle
the tail to the mouth
Of the orouborus spiral
The hourglass opens the portal
The scythe clears the path

4. Drowning the Light - Their Will Diminished

A plague is born Upon a new era
That which grows in the minds incapacitated of will
As a virus wide spread

One falls and infects the flock
Contaminating the masses
The ego no longer within But stained in mass hysteria
Belief no longer founded by trial

Their will be of survival diminished
Their struggle for life yields nothing
All to succumb to the point of Zero
From useless to used

As slavery can produce Mighty goals of one mind
Immune to the infection Are those who instigate Rebellion from the herd
And testing the limits of one's self
The limit's of one self Must be fought with aggression

5. Vampyric Blood - Grim Tyranny

Forests of old
The forests so cold
They witness in silence
the grim tyranny

Mountains of snow
where black wolves howl
They proclamate in anger
the grim tyranny

In the night blood runs black
spilled on the roots of the trees
Infidels and opposes slain
by the tyrant of these lands

His eyes see no mercy
His fist crushes all weakness
His heart fears no one
His soul is immortal

6. Vampyric Blood - Burned by Sunlight

Lurking in the shadows of Satan's mysteries
Fearing the new dawn as it glimmers between the trees

Burned by sunlight
Shadowed skin in flames
Burned by sunlight
scorching fire of god
I return to the dark
to the catacombs of blood

Realm of thousand deaths caused by my endless hunger
Burned by sunlight
Shadowed skin in flames
Burned by sunlight
Scorching fire of god

Waiting for the night
for I am His child
Bless me Satan
for my thirst knows no end

7. Vampyric Blood - In Sorrow & Misery

The wails of despair echo in the woods of desolation
I wander in my solitude melancholy
As the winter breeze greets me with coldness
I will find my peace in sorrow and misery

Tears for the moon
The ancient pale mother of the nightsky
She soothes my restless soul
Dwelling in sorrow and misery

The longing, the yearning
A lonely spirit in the embrace of a dying desire
The last painful flickerings of mortality
Towards the majesty of eternal night

The silent calmness of sorrow and misery
Guardians of this tormented spirit now free

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