Drowning The Light
From The Abyss

1. From Old Mountains To Lost Seas


2. Drink The Blood Of The Sun (Varcolaci Awakens)

As a thread is spun in the darkness by a forgotten witch
a bridge between planes and a portal through the cosmos unfolds!

In the skin of a wolf
On the wings of a ghost
Drain the essence of the moon
Drink the blood of the sun

As the heavenly bodies drip from the crimson thirst
and through the severed astral veil the Varcolaci returns!

Light a red candle before they close
Inhale the jasmine smoke
Let it all melt away and take flight, to their dismay
Absorb the feeling of pride inside, before leaving your earthly side
Whether in the form of a beautiful flowing phantom
or a ghastly wraith
Open your wolvish maw and drain the world of it's cursed soul!

3. Below The Horizon He Stalks

Injecting venom into the stream
where the well thinking pigs drink

As a serpent coiled around its prey
Filling the blood stream with deathly toxin
Tightening, restricting as the veins blacken
Yet entranced by Apeps eyes

To swallow the river of life
and to bring chaos and strife

Just below the horizon he stalks
Waiting at dusk his whispers forked
Then come dawn to strike the sun again
Encircling the world in an eternal flame

And in the end, our destiny like scales to be shed

As the tail is released and we fall towards oblivion
The light dies as worlds collide enraptured by the forbidden

As the tale is told the strong crawl out from the darkest hole
The serpent once again locks its jaws regeneration to behold.

4. From The Abyss

A swirling tempest above
tearing asunder the clouds

The fabric of existence
torn and ripped yet immortal

As i stood at the edge of time
I watched a world in decline
Creating light through Lucifers eye
and to escape from deaths reaping scythe

And from the abyss we emerge
Heavy hearted and yearning
For that dawn that will never come
We are the nocturnal children, nights unholy sons

A new uprising of dark power
For we have tasted the end
But a Promethean flame
is lit in the heart and mind
To embrace the new tide.

5. Secrets Of The Darkest Spells

A starry endless night of grief
An eternal sea of mindless sheep
A void in life one can't deny
Longing for the heavens to cry

A spirit corroded and corrupted
Not bound to your morals and codes
Sleepless nights studying the dark arts

To forge a path in hate and death
To know the secrets of the darkest spells
To master the knowledge of the ancient ones
To embrace the curse of endless nights

To spit in the face of god
and to set the heavens ablaze
Turning their light to ashes
The only phoenix from these ruins - death!

A now reborn world free and unfettered
A once lost beauty returns and flourishes
Religious heads on pikes
Their fall will not be mourned.

6. Cursed Voyage

Through the morning fog
leaving the port behind
A cursed voyage sets sail

Across the seven seas she goes
towards the unknown
Through mist and tidal fury
A watery tomb enthroned

Those on deck
yearn for promised shores
In gallows below
Exhausted to the core

And from the rocks a melody mocks as they hear the sirens call
Luring sailors to their deaths are these angelic whores
The captain screams as the harpies gleam proud of their devilish work
A dozen men, drowned and submerged, and then a dozen more

Escaping one peril only leads to another
and soon they became one with the fog
Lost, forgotten,and cursed for eternity.

7. Apparitions In The Distant Woodlands


8. Rise! Under Satans Mighty Horns

And from a ruined kingdom we RISE!

As disciples of the shadows - we rise
Storming the gates of religious filth - their demise
Like an epidemic of utter darkness - we rise
Being swept away by holocaust winds - their holy lies

And through darkness we find enlightenment

Like an epidemic of utter darkness - we rise
Being swept away in black smoke - their holy lies

A plague of blackness

In desert sands
filth of the land
and nailed to the cross
The king of lies
whom we despise
his end is not a loss
For its never to late
to change our fate
and rise above the rest
For on this hour
this empires ours
to pass our final test
In the darkest night
we see true light
Under Satans mighty horns
the power of our plight.

9. The Return Of Medieval Sorrow

In a crumbled city
of forgotten dreams and lost hope
Overgrown ruins
gilded in shadow and cloaked
This decaying glory
A once prosperous land
To the dead hearted
They were never my clan

The return of medieval sorrow

Fortify your own soul
Know the power of the flesh
Expand your deepest thoughts
and drown the weakness

We bleed our own path - unto glory
We cut the ley lines of the new millennium

Fill them from your veins
and let the sanguine
feed the earth
It is now ours! And they will lament!

The return of medieval sorrow.

10. Despoiler Of The World We Know

I am the spear in the side of christ
I am all you fear and spite
The flame that ignites your feeble church
The crushing defeat that you makes you hurt

I am the black smoke in the air
I am death and despair
The immortal spirit of the past
The one who makes you the last

Heresy! Bringer of the old cold
Heresy! Despoiler of the world we know.

11. Sic Itur Ad Astra

Cloaked in the shadows of the dead
and robed in the skin of damnation
Black sun and black moon
The power of will, the power of flesh

Ordo ater anguis
Luceat lux vestra
Sine metu
Sic itur ad astra
Lux ex tenebris
Mors omnibus

The standard bearer of plague and lust
The illuminated eye opens

Luciferi Lux Mea Est
Sic itur ad astra

12. The Inverted Ascension

The absolute absence of light
is not to be found above but below.
In a world hidden from our sight
beneath the calm surface of the sea.

With awe does man look upward
to the myriad of stars in the sky.
While he trembles in silent fear
of the horrors lurking under his feet.

Maelstroms in the bottomless depths
echo with murmurs of the Ancient Ones.
From deep down they call your name
tempting you to join them in their realm.

Be baptized with the primordial waters
let them wash off the stench of humanity.
Ascend deeper, and rise farther down,
until the darkness and you become One.

13. Sinking Into The Void


Balam: Guitars, Vocals
Azgorh: All instruments, Vocals

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