Drowning The Light
The Serpents Reign

1. The Mark That Lies Beneath

[Lyrics by Azgorh]

Here Under is the mark that lies beneath
the ocean floor riddled with mysteries
Black then any night
The light of hope and their god
not penetrating this deep
Preserved in a stone cavern
Surrounded by weed and bone
This symbol of forgotten aeons
this relic of black light
Centuries have past since it was lost
since the old ways died
Forgotten by all but a few
and now found again
To resurrect this past and haunt the land
with malevolence and tyranny
Pulled from the water
Touching the living which then turns to rot
The secret no longer lost
Cloaked bearers wield this mark of pain
they are of the serpents reign
The predator of the lamb
Those of the damned
who stalk the weak
They haunt your sleep
The ocean tide
is that of blood
The mysteries of the deep
brought this misery

2. White Tomb Of A Whispering Forest

[Lyrics by Azgorh]

Footprints entrenched deep in the snow
The winds howl and the forest whispers
Dark shadows dance across the white ground
as the bitter winter takes its tole
Echoes through the trees from the night dwellers
The silence of death approaches
Clawing at the bark...Falling to his knees
Nothing to hear his pain but the forest itself
The night air filled with sweet agony
Bloodshot eyes darting rapidly for any threat or foe
None to be seen, but he felt the presence
Back to his feet...His heart pounding...
In his weakened state he still fights
The further he goes the thicker the snow
Glaring yellow eyes from the dark cracks in the woods
Howls in the distance...Howls of hunger
They can smell the fatigue. They can sense the loss
His feet collapse from beneath
Sense starts to fade in this white tomb
Slowly his eyes close as the cold takes over
Eternal life through death
With no regrets
he was not a god fearing man
nor a fake idol worshipping man
he lived in the same way manner he died...
bitter, cold and nurelenting
and now he is no more

3. Winter Rain & Tides Of Change


4. The Nostaliga Of The Old That Runs Through Our Veins

[Lyrics by Azgorh]

Of another time we stood with pride
And honour in our hearts
and blood that flowed with nobility..
That blood still runs in our veins
The unrecognisable nostalgia of the past
A past we didn't live in.. A past we never knew..
Yet somehow we are attached
It calls to us and emotes us
Feelings that only few can feel
This nostalgia is also one of tragedy
Loss that the world is how it is
That we can never return to times of glory
Greed has suffocated this feeling for some
Others are surrounded by paranoia
or dreams of false grandeur
The few who remain strong, honourable and true
to themselves continue this fight
The past echoes throughout the future
Without it we are nothing...
To the glory of the old and the dark pull in nature
We must stand strong, for our numbers are few
and this art cannot die
The flame burns on in our blood and in our minds
And our hearts filled with pride
For the nostalgia of the old
that runs through our veins

5. The Birth Of A New Age

[Lyrics by Azgorh]

Lightning strikes upon the mountain
Where dark old rituals take place
Sermons of unholy filth
and depraved acts in his name
for the coming of a new age
and his new empire
Candles burning through the soft rain
Contorted faces surrounding the altar
as the witching hour strikes
The last candle burns out
an unearthly scream
with the birth of a new ago
Godless cries
from the lord of all flies
Dark chants continue till dawn
he is unearthly spawn
The child...baptised in lamb's blood
and sigils carved into his body
Soon to lead both man and beast...

6. Fields Of Forgotten Melancholy


7. Unforgotten Treachery

[Lyrics by Azgorh]

Pain and agony from our wrath
Suffering is not enough
writhe in torment
Your betrayal has not been forgotten
Your false ideals and attitudes are not worthy
You claim to serve under the master's name
You serve for your own selfish game
You dog of god
Our dedication
Our hatred
Our intolerance
For Satan
It reaches to you
Look down and see the blood
See your end and know why
Your support the sub humans
we crush
You tolerate the degenerates
Heil Victory as we will not lose
In his honour!

8. Embraced By A Tragic End

[Lyrics by Azgorh]

I watch the pale winter sky darken
Hughes of pale crimson outline the clouds
The swell of the ocean and the tide
tells the tale of centuries
and laying deeply withing the soil
the roots of the trees which have seen
time come and time go,
empires rise and fall
The moon and stars light a path across
the now black ocean
A horizon so distant yet beckoning
and a gate to oblivion below
Through the desolate baron void
I know the tragedy that awaits me...

I smile at the thought that one day
I will be at one with all this
Eternal grief, eternal life and
to be in the kingdom of HIS domain
The dark pull in nature takes over
and I'm taken away
The darkness of the night my steed
death my companion
Embraced by a tragic end
No tears for me my friend

9. Wandering Alone And Forgotten Forever

[Lyrics by Tortured Soul]

The soaring peaks, forgotten by time
Alone and desolate in the cold forever
The soaring cliffs of suicide
Calling me, embracing me
Wandering alone and forgotten forever
Bitterness brought upon by the ages
Following footprints in snow
made by warriors long ago
Along the frozen path of time
into the bitter winds of eternity
Across icy seas of sorrow
the end is calling me
the birds fly south
from the freezing shadows
Behold the wondrous gift
to end ones life

10. Ghosts Of The South


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