Drowning The Light
Tenth Region of the Night (digital)

1. Sailing Into The Tenth Region Of The Night


2. Apophian Triumph Over Ra

Neter-kua Apep
Dejd-Hkna Ak-hkna!
Apophian majesty flays the skin of those before us
Into the Tuat our infection shall be planted
To grow and with disorder overthrow the old gods
No Order shall be the lawless spirit of Un-Creation
Bring Osiris before me, I shall strike and devour his Ka!
Ra shall enter my Black Sun of the chaos-sickened cosmos
None shall halt our shadowy mortifications of black fire
Your life is meaningless, yet the blood and flesh is but a taste
Become Apep in this circle, time is reversed and darkness consumes light!
My rites whispered to Unas to be practiced in great peril
Those who become gods shall enter my fiery gaze before me
No effigies except the broken symbols of order, your temples are nothing!
Let Sekhmet bathe in blood with us
Apophian triumph over Ra! Seth stands beside us now!
Apep conquers the light, all flesh will wither before our jaws of death
The Sun is devoured, creation un-made by rites of darkness
This world is consumed by the emptiness of the Void
Neteru become my feast and fiery transmutation, throats cut into my chalice!
Anet hra neter hen Apep, shape-shifting devils of darkness!
No gods before me, I devour them!
Hating the Sun, all must become darkness the primal ecstasy
Consuming the Sun, the other side of the mirror is wreathed in blackened fire
Apophis triumphs over Ra!
Neter-kua Apep
Dejd-Hkna Ak-hkna!
Apophian majesty fills the flesh until our time has come!
Into the Tuat we rule a crumbling vision of Order, Chaos remains!

3. The Chaos-Worn Pylon Of Apophis Unem-Snef (Drinker Of Blood)

They sleep, dreaming the birth of shadows and un-creation
They writhe in primal darkness as their limbs retract and transform
Transcendence into the throat of Chaos, bathed in crimson
Let the cultic drums of the Mesu Betshet stir the ancient ones to undeath
Awakening with a memory of the screaming visage of long-forgotten prey
The stench of slowly mummified remains and the taste of dried blood
The mask of earthly Seth be taken off, in this abyss we are one of many coils
Apep stir and let your circle tighten to strangle and crush the living world
Darkener of the Earth, Saatet-ta, the names are many
Against the rites of Osiris the abyssic waters again storm against creation
Unem-Snef, I am protean in shape and form
Darkness my essence, a blazing flame to devour all life
No pylon is sacred, no deity untouchable
I smell all of their fear and shrinking terror, I will drink the blood of this world
Apep triumphs over Ra, let us drink the life of Ra
I am fiend and shadowy darkness, we devour to satisfy primal desire
Neha-hau, rotting awake in the cold, storming waters of chaos
Creation shall be un-made as we enter reverse into the mirrors of this world
Nothing shall halt our desire for primal chaos, immortal in our fire-shaped pylons
Ra is flayed and the essence of the Sun is un-made in darkness
We wake now in nightmares, even shadows shall be eaten
We thirst for the light, even the moon shall die in our strangling coils
Mesu Betshet under the Mask of Set-Typhon, our mastery shall remove order
Over the dead we shall feast and bathe in blood rather than water
Unem-Snef, I am the apex of the soul-eaters!

4. Apep And The River Of Stars


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