Dusk Usa
Dusk (demo)

1. Envision The Terror

Follow me, into obscurity...
I'll lead you to a domain of painful existence
One where the tortured spirits deplore

Cries from beyond ar heard
At one with fire, our lord
Welcome to the afterlife

Too late to cry for compassion now
Have chosen non-repentance
Blistering winds consume your flesh

Ghouls all to see, unholy beaconing
Searing tides, deplete your soul

2. Element Of Symmetry

Woeful times now awakening, Black rain fall
Hated minds from the other side engaged in writhe
Shadows of the deep have spoken. Fortune unclean
Entity entrancing. Substance energy.
The elemental plane on balance dismantled
Benign fantasies are present
Lament the loss of comprehension
Darkened body lies frail. Look beyond the veil

3. Begotten Interlude

The grace of thy lands elaborate regression
Our sacred momento, a failed trail
An indication of feeble intellect

Seize the day
Pitiful dismay
Impending decay

A vision: He's come

The petals of ecstasy, intense delight
This foresight is now real
Anticipate with great fear the second advent

Seize the day
Truth divine
He's come

Biblical prophecy, embalmed reality

4. Dreamscape

Buried inside my brain lies many complications
I am exploring a world of illusion
Mind deteriorates
Inscriptions of malfeasance inbetted
Growing apparition commands
Casting depravement upon creation
Obliteration rendered
The phantom again returns through the image I commence fortification
Vivid hallucinations sojourn
Subconscious plagued. Epoch recedes
Momentary lapse of reason. Quest for tranquility
Subliminal mutation. Dwindle away. Vanish

5. Consigned To Oblivion

Bestowed hatred unveiled at last
Leviathan unleashed from the ancient past

Gaze into the light, it's glowing dim
Renounce the dread reign in sin
Detriment to society
Your departure downcast to me

Comatose state final abode
Dystipira exposed, destiny unfolds

Requiems of disgust prevail
Entrance to the world of betrayal
Modern youth, self destructive
Hurtling toward a senseless dungeon

Come feel the pain

Consigned to oblivion, eradication of man
Chaotic prevalence, affliction, tolerance
Consigned to oblivion, race slowly unwinds
Chaotic prevalence, affliction, tolerance

Subjective mind, life destroyed
Feeling contempt not resolved
Witchery, mass deception

Live to forget humanity
Emptiness deep inside
Nightmare, torment at last
Isolated world, shriveled pas...

6. Mourning Shadow

Walking through my kingdom of desolation
I look ahead to a vast emptiness

Under me, the earth lies decayed
The specter summons me
Deep inside the gates of sorrow
Sadness shall follow

Burning hate now grows within
I question my meaning, my reason

Messenger for the dark
Christianic prelude
Converted to impiety

I acknowledge myself as a god
A Lord of false reality
Continual link to another dimension
Gates unclosed - confused motion

Agony, my infite companion... Eternal

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